After the death of her grandparents, a woman inherits more money than other grandchildren and causes discord in the family

A 24-year-old girl switched to Reddit after learning that her grandparents had left her a great legacy. Her cousins ​​asked her to share her part with them, as they didn’t get much of her.

A woman revealed she was devastated when her grandparents died because they meant so much to her. According to her, she has always done the best of her to take care of them.

However, his cousins ​​could not accept that he received much more money than they did after his grandparents died. Indeed, a family feud broke out when everyone found out how much money she had received.

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Reddit user named exiled cousin published her story after her cousins ​​asked her to share the money from her grandparents’ inheritance with them.

His grandparents were very wealthy and owned various businesses. They had five children, thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, but they left a significant legacy to the woman, as she was very attached to them. She explained:

“I am ‘the youngest’ of the grandchildren and have always been very close to them.”

OP spent a lot of time with his grandparents | Source: Pexel

OP (Original Poster) used to help her grandparents wrap Christmas presents and decorate their home every year. A few years ago they asked their grandchildren to help them with their business, but no one came forward except the youngest granddaughter who worked for them for free.

She felt she deserved the money they had left her.

In addition to this, he often visited their equestrian center with his father to look after the horses and clean the stables.

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When OP’s grandmother died, the family discovered her will, which outlines how her hard-earned income will be shared. She stipulates that her children will receive $ 85,000 each, while the grandchildren will receive $ 2,000 each, with the exception of the little ones who will receive much more. OP revealed:

“What I didn’t expect was that they would leave me just over $ 45,000 plus other valuables.”

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OP confessed that she was shocked to see how much money her grandparents left her. On the other hand, her cousins ​​were furious with her and asked her to split the money equally between them. However, she disagreed with them.

Unlike her cousins, she thought her grandparents left her more money because she cared for them and was always ready to help. She feels she deserved it.

She also believed she didn’t have to share her inheritance with her cousins, but seeing them fight over money made her feel bad. She had never thought that “money could put them in conflict”.

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OP knows her grandparents’ money could change her life: with that money she could pay off her $ 10,000 student loan and save the rest for future expenses, but part of her wants to split the money equally among her cousins. to keep the peace.

However, she also realizes that her grandparents left her this money for a specific reason. Anyway, she confessed:

“I feel like I’m breaking up the family.”

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In fact, the OP’s aunts and uncles refused to talk to his father until he split the money with their children. She in particular she felt guilty about it and asked her boyfriend for advice who told her not to split the money. She explained:

“I don’t want to split the money (it could really help me) but I feel it could help me choose between them and him.”

Confused, she decided to post her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice.

Panic_panic on the contrary, he replied saying that he should have kept all the money because his cousins ​​did not deserve it.

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice | Source: Unsplash

The redditor felt that OP’s cousins ​​were wrong in thinking that the money belonged to them because of the lineage. He also said OP should honor his grandparents’ wishes and keep the money for himself, adding:

“Also, as you said, this money can change your life in a positive way and give you the edge you need.”

Meanwhile, the suomeagainjohn replied: “Money really brings out the worst in some people,” referring to OP’s cousins.

Other Redditors Told Him Not To Share Any Money | Source: Unsplash

Also, other users shared what they inherited from their grandparents. One Redditor said that his grandfather gave him the watch before he died, and it is “one of his most precious possessions of him” than him. While addywoot shared that he received the Walmart Timex from his grandfather.

Eventually, most of the redditors told OP to keep the money for themselves.

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