An “unsuitable outlet”: two years in prison for burning a car in Vierzon

“I will appeal! “At the announcement of his sentence, this Friday, April 29, to 4 years in prison, including two with probation for three years, Tony Lerche did not hide his anger. Judged following a dismissal by immediate appearance on 21 March, he was found guilty of setting fire to a car, in the night between 17 and 18 March, in Vierzon, which spread to a second car parked in the vicinity.

An “SOS”

In his defense, the accused invoked an “SOS” sent to justice in Poitiers (Vienne), where he resides. “I filed a complaint on January 21 for attempted murder of me, my wife and my daughter! They beat me at five and stabbed me! These people are always out, I can’t sleep at night […] Where is justice for me? “

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While in police custody following the facts of which he is accused (Tony Lerche was on the spot when the Vierzon police officers arrived at the fire), the accused had rather evoked an anger born of an argument with the companion, who had come to see in Vierzon. “There is no procedure registered today for the attempted murder of which he speaks”, assured Lydie Samour, deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Bourges who, however, indicated that the fire of the vehicles “cannot be justified by some sort of feeling of injustice “.

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If the man acknowledged the facts, the court was still awaiting a required psychiatric report on March 21, when the defendant appeared immediately. Pending the postponement of the hearing to this Friday, the suspect had been hospitalized in pre-trial detention at the Orléans-Saran (Loiret) prison center where psychiatric assistance to inmates is possible in a specially equipped hospital unit.

“I am bipolar, I am not well minded”, said the accused from the first minutes of the hearing on this Friday, April 29th. The psychiatric report, read by the president of the court, in fact highlighted “bipolar disorders”, “characteristic and addictive problems” or even a “denial of his difficulties” by the accused, speaking of the alleged crime as a ” not suitable socket “. Clearly, Sylvie Barucco summarizes, “instead of thinking of a suitable solution, you will set the cars on fire”. Finally, the psychiatric report denounced a man “accessible to a criminal response” despite “altered criminal responsibility”.

“She was working in the restaurant next door when her boss told her that the vehicle she bought just two months ago was on fire. This vehicle, she needed it. “

Mrs. Beatrice Bouillaguet (empty)

The criminal record of the accused, weighted with 20 mentions, was sifted. Since 2001 he has been convicted of numerous thefts and destruction or damage to other people’s property. “I was young, I don’t do that shit anymore, I’m no longer a criminal! “Strongly defended by Tony Lerche by the rather skeptical president. “It is questionable, given the elements of today’s dossier…”, replied Sylvie Barucco.

Representing one of the two plaintiffs, owner of the vehicles, Me Béatrice Bouillaguet recalled that his client had nothing to do with the potential problems the defendant indicates to have with Poitiers. She “she was working in the restaurant next door to her when her boss told her that the vehicle she bought just two months ago was on fire. This vehicle, she needed it. The lawyer asked for 325 euros for the settlement of the deductible paid by her client, 800 euros for non-pecuniary damage and 500 euros on the basis of article 475-1 of the criminal code.

Five years are required, of which eight months with suspension of the sentence

Relying among other things on the criminal record of the accused, Lydie Samour asked for five years in prison, of which eight months suspended on probation for three years as the main sentence. “Since the gentleman has difficulty in controlling his impulses and is intolerant to any frustration, he decides to set fire to”, denounced the deputy prosecutor, underlining the “clear propensity to trivialize” the accused. On the basis of the psychiatric report, you also spoke of “a certain criminological danger”. As a further sanction, Lydie Samour called for an obligation to care, to compensate the victims, to pay the sums owed to the public treasury, a ban on Cher during the trial period and a ban on possessing a weapon for five years. .

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Believing a five-year prison sentence to be a bit “strong”, Me Hicham Al Khouja, the defendant’s lawyer, asked the court to take into account the psychological state of his client, asking for hospitalization and not imprisonment.

Tony Lerche is finally back in prison to serve a four-year sentence, two of which were suspended on probation for three years. The court also pronounced the obligation of diligence, to compensate the victims and to pay the sums due to the public treasury. There was also a ban on appearing in the Cher for three years and a permanent ban on carrying a weapon. Finally, Me Bouillaguet’s requests were all heeded.

Tony Lerche has ten days to challenge this decision.

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