At the sight of the newborn, the man’s parents secretly perform a DNA test

When a man fell in love with a maid and married her, his parents disagreed with the decision. However, when their stepdaughter became pregnant two years later, they ended up contacting her, with an idea in mind.

A Reddit user under the alias PaperBackWriter00 shared his story in the “AITA” subgroup. He explained to the other members what his parents did to him behind his back. The man explained that he began his story of him by saying that from the day they learned of his relationship, his parents never liked his partner.

But over time, he was happy to see that they ended up accepting it. However, he had an idea of ​​their intentions, because they certainly had something in mind. He had observed that his parents often came to visit them. It was only after some time that he discovered the purpose of their regular visits.

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The story began when the man went to a restaurant, where a beautiful waitress worked. He liked her about her, so he tried to get to know her. After a few regular visits, he became friends with Sonya and they soon started dating.

However, things took a different turn when he introduced Sonya to her parents. “My parents thought Sonya was just using me to make her ‘American dream’ come true,” she revealed.

Despite his parents’ disapproval, the man proposed to Sonya and she said yes. Quickly, the couple informed their families of their decision.

Sonya worked as a waitress in a restaurant. | Source: Unsplash

Sonya’s parents were thrilled with the news and were ready to welcome the man into their family. However, the man’s parents did not want him to marry Sonya.

Everything was going well, until one day the man heard his mother say something strange to her son.

Since AP’s (Post Author) parents were not interested in her marriage, she decided to secretly escape with Sonya, to get married. He invited his brother to the private event and on her part Sonya did the same with her best friends.

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Two years later, Sonya gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. When AP’s parents heard the news of the birth, they called their son and told him they wanted to see the grandson.

They hadn’t spoken to AP or Sonya since their wedding, and that must have been the first time they’d come to visit their home. Due to this turn of events, Sonya did not tell them no. She allowed them to see the baby two days after she was released from the hospital.

From then on, AP’s parents began visiting the couple regularly, presumably to see their grandson. Everything was going well, until one day the man heard his mother say something strange to her son.

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He hadn’t heard very well, but his words were suspicious. When she asked her what she meant, she quickly changed the subject. But she AP knew something was wrong. So she decided to insist that she tell him what she was implying.

Then, after the apology, she told him that she had a DNA test on the baby, to confirm that he belonged to her. At first, AP didn’t understand what his mother was explaining to him.

However, when he realized that he had performed a DNA test on his back, he took his son from his father and immediately asked them to leave.

Her mother tried to explain why she took this test. | Source: Pexel

Her mother apologized again and explained that she took the DNA test because she thought her son didn’t look like her. However, she said the results showed that she was indeed her father. But this confirmation of the results did not calm the heart of AP, who no longer wanted to hear anything.

He asked them to leave while his wife was preparing lunch in the kitchen and told her that they had left because they had to go somewhere else. She feared she would be hurt if she knew the truth.

Two weeks after the accident, his wife asked him why his parents had stopped visiting them. Since she could no longer keep her secret, he told her what had happened that day.

His wife asked him why his parents had stopped visiting him. | Source: Unsplash

Sonya broke down in tears after learning that her in-laws doubted her loyalty. She had done her best to gain their trust, but they still thought she had betrayed him.

That night, Sonya told AP that she would no longer allow her parents to get close to their son. When her mother called him to ask when they could visit him, she told her of her wife’s decision.

“You are no longer welcome here!” he said, when his father called him to ask him the same thing. His father accused him of being ungrateful and criticized his wife.

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AP switched to Reddit after hanging up on his dad. He asked other users if he overreacted. However, Redditor DW_Wishmaster assured him that he was not at fault.

According to him, AP made the right decision in keeping his parents away from his child because they could make the child feel guilty about himself in the future.

“Your parents are inherently racist and your child is better off without them,” Redditor 8daysAweek143 said. junimocats agreed with this comment and said AP didn’t need her parents in her life.

Most Redditors agree that AP did the right thing, protecting his wife and child from his parents. They felt that her parents were “toxic” and in danger of hurting the baby’s feelings in the future.

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people if she was at fault. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to ponder:

What would you advise AP to go on?

In light of the events that have taken place, would you advise AP to reconsider his decision to keep his parents away from his family? Or do you think he should stick to his decision to protect his wife?

Do you think he should have told his wife about the DNA test sooner or not at all?

AP hid the DNA test from his wife for two weeks, until she asked him why his parents were no longer visiting. Do you think it was wise not to immediately share this incident with his wife, or that he shouldn’t have told her at all?

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