“Baguette beurrée”, 2 grown-up guys, Drugs and Alcohol, “Heels for her husband” …

Happy birthday Anne-Sophie Lapix! The journalist who shakes politicians celebrates her 50th birthday on April 29. The opportunity to look back at her career, Chazal and Denisot, her men in her life, but also at her funny little whims …

With her steely gaze and strong temper, Anne-Sophie Lapix has it all, from the PAF bombshell, the one that goes off when you least expect it with her persistent jokes. Give her journalistic creeps about her as she wrote a fanzine with his own friendsat its price of iInterviewer of the year 2012, Anne-Sophie Lapix was able to make herself indispensable for the French audiovisual panorama, a queen of the news capable of dealing with politicians, with a sense of justice and truth. Return to her story, and more intimate and light anecdotes.

Anne-Sophie Lapix, Luzienne and daughter of Claude and Claudine

Anne-Sophie was born on April 29, 1972 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. His father Claude is a construction contractor, while his mother Claudine is a psychologist. The youngest of the brothers, her older sister Gaëlle is one year older than her. A quiet childhood facing the sweet Atlantic Ocean, even though her parents separated when she was 9 years old.

Passion for rugby for Anne-Sophie Lapix

Son of the ball, or rather of the oval ball, Anne-Sophie Lapix, who grew up in the Basque Country, soon discovered the fervor of rugby in her native region. “Very soon I immersed myself in the atmosphere of rugby matches, she confides Her. I was watching the V Nations Tournament with my dad. Later, in high school, many friends played rugby. It has kept my interest in sport alive.. “

He writes a diary with his CM2 friends

In the columns of The student, the journalist shares her passion born very early. “JI was curious, I liked to write, I wanted to meet people and ask them questions … In CM2 we had a small diary with friends. It was lame but fun!«A first newspaper in embryo which, however, will bring it a few years later, presented the France2 news program.

Anne-Sophie Lapix, easy teenager: “I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke”

With her very nice parents, “real parents of the 70s”, as she points out The student, “who did not take care of our duties”, the girl blossoms with a certain freedom of tone and choice of life. If her sister, passionate about music, has become a piano teacher, little Anne-Sophie knows very soon that she will be a journalist. Her adolescence unfolds with the same serenity: “I had a pretty easy adolescence, confides in the site Brackets. My mother let me out quite easily, but I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t take drugs … She trusted me from the start and I didn’t betray her trust.. “

Dance, tennis and yoga for an established athlete

From these years of ballet, Anne-Sophie Lapix has maintained the rigor of a regular practice. Very sporty, she follows a busy schedule: “Tennis twice a week and yoga with a coach at my house on Saturdays.” A healthy mind in a healthy body for the PAF punchline.

Anne-Sophie Lapix swallows a buttered baguette in the morning

His morning routine? Bread to start the day well. “I eat a small buttered baguette every morning, but after that I don’t touch the bread of the day anymore.says a Her. Frankly, it’s effective. Just like limiting the consumption of my favorite cakes on the weekend. “

Very present at home, her kids thought she was a stay-at-home mom

Despite her commitments, the journalist has always applied herself to being a mother “very present“, as he confided Télé 7 Jours: “So much so that a year ago my children thought I was a stay-at-home mother”. Mother of two boys, Esteban who will turn 20 in June 2022, and another boy born in 2006he has always known how to reconcile family life and professional commitments.

Anne-Sophie Lapix raised her 2 children alone

If we know she married her now husband, publicist Arthur Sadoun, in 2008, much less is known of his past loves. An irrefutable proof instead, the two children of Anne-Sophie Lapix, whom she evokes with great tenderness: “I feel like I have my period at the same time, because they are two boys and I am raising them alone, she confides Site in brackets. You have to keep them. And at the same time, it is very beautiful, very cuddly “.

Anne-Sophie Lapix in front of Marine Le Pen: “I see there is a calculation problem”

After the presentation Reserved areaor It’s up to youthe journalist who readily admits that he is more comfortable dealing with politicians than artists is at the helm of the political magazine Sunday +. One of her highlights is still her candid interview with Marine Le Pen, in which she mistreats the president of the RN with very technical questions. Asked about funding for her program in 2012, the candidate is struggling with Anne-Sophie Lapix’s fighting spirit. “I see there is a calculation problem!”, the stoic and determined journalist will repeat it several times. A real TV moment, which will undoubtedly earn her the title of Interviewer of the Year in 2012.

Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​not a fashionista

The reporter could expose herself in front of the camera, she frankly admits she doesn’t have a sense of style. Interviewed by Madame Figarohe then explained: “Fashion is a phenomenon that surprises me, that I don’t always understand and that destabilizes me.Finally, like all women, her eye is shaped by her encounters. “But sometimes I can get involved after noticing two or three people on the street with the clothes I like.. “

Her casual chic look: jeans and a white shirt

So no problem for this, who only opts for a style that reflects his image, simple and elegant. “I like tight dresses and chic basics: white or black shirt, black or white jacket, jeans, heels “. It can face the gaze of millions of French people, but it’s not about opting for crazy fashion proposals. “I hate to stand out although I appreciate beautiful clothesfurther clarifies Miss Figaro. Being dressed does not mean dressing up. I like to feel beautiful and comfortable in what I wear.

Anne-Sophie Lapix (1M68), forced to wear heels for her husband

Even if she doesn’t like to get noticed, there is one fashion accessory that is essential in her wardrobe: heels. But more for a practical reason than an aesthetic one, as she once again points out to our colleagues from Miss Figaro.My husband is 1.97m tall! I love wearing heels and I could even dance for hours with heels on.

Anne-Sophie Lapix does not expose herself to the sun

As revealed in the columns of the magazine SheAnne-Sophie Lapix has a whispered beauty tip from the makeup artists on set. “The people who have treated me have always told me not to sunbathe. I go there anyway, but protect me with a tall screen.” Difficult to resist the call of the UV rays of the Basque Country …

His idols: Claire Chazal and Michel Denisot

When it comes to sharing her favorites with these fashionable colleagues, journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix answers bluntly: “Claire Chazal and Michel Denisot whose costumes are always perfectly adapted “. Personalities who shine more for their sense of information … than for their following of trends!

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