Beautiful, mental, physical, Guilavogui David Guion replies – Girondins

At a press conference, Girondins de Bordeaux coach David Guion answered questions from reporters. Bordeaux receive Nice in a “life or death” match on Sunday.

On the good start of the team

David Guion: “Today all the teams try to make good starts. We quickly lead 2-0. Are we the only team in Ligue 1 in the last 2 days to have a 2-0 lead after 25 minutes of play? This means that the preparation is good and the content interesting. We know our topic. Against Nantes we are very close to 3-0. Then comes the inexplicable. We have a team that is struggling to manage the score.

We saw it against Saint-Étienne and Nantes. We lack generosity and a sense of sacrifice. Let’s get out of the disciplinary and tactical framework. At 10/15 minutes the boys go out of frame. My players have resources and are back at 3-2. We know how to defend, we know how to attack, we know how to start games. I tell the players “.

On the catastrophic second half

“We must have a sense of sacrifice to the team and collective performance. I am with my players and I suffer with them. I tell them things and I tell the truth. I do not protect them. I tell them that things are moving forward That’s why I strongly believe in maintenance.

During the training we worked on different scoring scenarios. Guys know they need to be quieter at certain times when dating. The elderly play a major role in this situation.

We couldn’t win. We earn too little. We have the impression of keeping something in the last two games, but we are not able to keep the score to win. “

Persistent defensive problems

“We have been working on defensive solidity since my arrival. Lately we have conceded too many goals. We have the impression that the opponent does not need to create many opportunities to put us in difficulty.
We now have tactical and technical stability that has been in place for a few games to allow players who join the team to grow to be decisive. Today we lack decisive players in attack and defense. From Ui-jo in front of Benoît behind I would like the boys to be more determined “.

It justifies the use of Guilavogui in defense

“When we see that Josuha has his position during the first half of Nantes, he has no problems, we can see that. All the boys are working in training on a specific position. At the half-time against Nantes, we explain that we have to be aggressive on the goalkeeper. of ball, especially on the pistons. We are on the individual where you need to be most present “.

Nice play in quick transition

“Nice are a team that is reorganizing well with a lot of density around the ball and ability to throw themselves. It will be up to us to maintain this balance and be attentive to preventive scoring so as not to destabilize in transitions. Nice, we have to do everything to get the three points, it’s fundamental in our situation. The better it goes, the fewer games there are. We have to do it in two halves. The goal is. If it has to pass the game-off, we will play the play-offs. Nice have this final in 7 days to Paris. Obviously they have to think about it. But they have high-level players who know they can’t lose the championship. They have a European place to look for. “

About his desire to stay

“I have to be very focused on my team, I am with my players. I am in this maintenance project and I have to have the right attitude. It is one of the essential things to supervise my players. It is my personality. I am determined and oriented. to the goals.

It is exciting to look for the details, to find the tools. This is a situation that I want to face and be successful with my players. I worked a lot. Compared to my players, I’m cool. And if I have to work day and night to keep it, I’ll do it. “

No physical problems

“Mental freshness is also important. With 4 weeks left in the championship, you can imagine that we will not improve the boys physically. We have beaten the record for the volume of games against Nantes. We are better than our opponents in terms of high intensity competitions. . Physically the boys are fine. I can ask them to challenge themselves physically. They are capable of doing it. Double your training today … you need mental freshness at this time of the season. “

Klidjé joker, Hwang on the bench?

“Klidjé brings qualities of speed and nervousness. He comes back during the match, he is mentally fresh. His enthusiasm can be interesting. He is a real option for me. Hwang is not successful against Nantes. C is the first unlucky but he has a lot of experience. He has the ability to be feared by his opponents. He reflects on the other strikers. He had a good week physically and scored goals. I feel that the boys are focused on ourselves to solve our problems together. We didn’t. We didn’t. We didn’t. I know how to exploit the results of our opponents, I don’t think this puts further pressure on my players. “

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