Carrefour recalls a product widely consumed by children

Another product recall to be deplored! And, once again, it is a very widespread consumer product, adored by children … The Carrefour brand is thus in turmoil, and is obliged to recall this extremely dangerous product to the territory in mass. The Objeko editorial team tells you everything in this article.

Product recall: the black series …

It is a true black series that affects large French surfaces. Indeed, in recent times, there has been no shortage of health scandals that have caused the recall of products! The biggest, and the biggest to date, is obviously the one related to Kinder eggs. The latter were then contaminated with salmonella. Many children became seriously ill in France, but also in the UK, Ireland and many other countries. Worse still, this product recall took place a few days before Easter …

If Ferrero, the producer of Kinder eggs, has announced that everything is back to normal, consumers are more than suspicious …

Another very important health scandal, that of the Buitoni pizzas. However, an employee of the production plant had already raised the alarm a long time ago. Factory conditions are just awful. Food piles up on the ground, production lines are not clean, in short, a real disaster. Some of his pizzas have also sent several people to the hospital. The manufacturing plant has since been closed.

Unfortunately, this black series continues again and again. More products are added to the product recall list every day, including this one that is very popular with children….

Carrefour cordon bleu recalled in the shop

Children love cordon bleu. Adults too, after all. However, if you have purchased those of the Carrefour brand, be careful! In fact, large retailers are launching a massive product recall for these chicken cordons bleus. The alert was launched, as always, by the government platform Rappel Conso. The offending chicken cordon-bleus are sold in pairs in boxes of 200 grams under the Carrefour brand. They are the subject of a recall throughout France. The lot affected by the recall is 29022095B with expiry date 30/04/2022. The cordon-bleus in question were marketed between 6 and 26 April.

So, you may have bought them in the last few days! Objeko’s team recommends checking refrigerators and freezers. These blue lanyards have been withdrawn because they pose a risk of plastic contamination. It can be extremely dangerous, especially if children ingest this plastic. Don’t eat them at all! You can return your chicken cordon bleu to a Carrefour store for an immediate refund. Otherwise, throw them in the trash. Next time cook them yourself, you’ll see, it’s not very complicated!

The other product recall affecting Carrefour

This isn’t the first time the Carrefour brand has been hit with a product recall this week. The Objeko team thus recently recounted the massive appeal of an emblematic product of our territory. We are obviously talking about the famous sausage. However, Carrefour is forced to call them back to the store. And the reason shivers down your spine! In fact, it could be that it contains traces of foreign products such as paper, fabrics, metal, glass or even plastic.

The offending product is the “Veritable Jesus of Lyon” sausage, sold by the French group Carrefour in sachets of 600 grams. The lot affected by the recall is numbered 205080. It has a durability date of April 29, 2022 and a marketing date of March 14, 2022 to April 21, 2022.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the sausage has had to be urgently recalled in recent times. On 1 April, Intermarché also had to recall batches that could contain transparent plastic. Meat products sold in the Tarn and Haute-Garonne in April were also withdrawn because they were contaminated with listeria.

If you bought this sausage from Carrefour, immediately bring it back to the store. And above all, do not consume it! It will be refunded to you. Otherwise you can just throw it in the trash …

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