Diam’s at the Cannes Film Festival: the former rapper ready to break the silence?

The information was whispered about France Inter, by Augustin Trapenard in his morning program “Boomerang”, a documentary by Diam’s could be scheduled in the official selection of the Cannes film festival. Info or dumpling? In any case, the former rapper was seen a few months ago with a film crew …

From the point of the Croisette made by Augustin Trapenard, on April 29, in his program on France Inter, these words had the effect of a scratch: “A crazy rumor electrifies the 7th art, it is rumored that new films could be added to the official selection, including an unreleased documentary signed by the queen of all queensthe diamond of all diamonds, the former rapper Diam himself!

Withdrawn from public life for many years, theThe last time he officially spoke via his Instagram, which is now content-free, was in November 2021. She was reacting to the words of rapper Le juiice, who claimed that if Diam’s had become the best rapper in France, it was because she was white. The latter reacted by publishing in Story: “You learn pride by contemplating your career. You learn humility by contemplating the universe. ” Economy of words, but no meaning.

Back in France, after a few years spent in Saudi ArabiaMélanie Georgiades, known as Mel – even if it will always remain of Diam for the generations it has marked – was seen last January in Calais , in the north of France. Accompanied by her best friend Vitaa, but also by a dozen people, he would make this trip as part of a video project, it was rumored. Could this video project be related to the Cannes rumors? Continues…

A big mouth with a big heart

In any case, during this step, if thethe former rapper refused to take a picture because the restaurateur where she stopped for lunch offered it to her, left a nice message, a generous tipand he made it a point to greet all the staff individually. At 41, Mélanie looked radiant to her and “accessible“. Faithful to whom she has always been in the end: an emblem for girls in doubt a generous and selfless woman whose success had not made her forget her years of hardship, a big mouth bordered by a big heartwho, from a very young age, used her fame and her money to help disadvantaged people.

Four years ago it is a happy mother that a reporter from JDD he had found in a small village of the Yvelines, in the Paris region, where he was renovating a house as he continued to build his life. She revealed to him that he was not at all in preparation for a new album, as the rumors said, who had not maintained any contact with the rap world and no longer listened to it . She told him: “Other things shine in my eyes today: living, having time for mine, for others, for new projects without pressure “.

At the time launched his sign Mel for Mel, stylized stationery and accessories with lettering on them, plus items and a line of children’s clothing. She admitted during this interview that she he never stopped writing and who often happened to jot down the rhymes that came to mind according to the news or observations she heard.

Away from the star system

When the reporter asked her about the Diam she had been, she let go: “Memories on which I meditate to ask myself: what is success? Glory? What does it mean to be someone? They will be a great food for thought to share with my children when they are grown up. I hope to be able to pass on the lessons I have learned to them. Teach them not to imagine that they are the center of the world, to be humble and to turn to others … Fame seems to have become a pursuit, even a profession, for so many people.

The very idea of ​​a star system she became so foreign to her that she said she didn’t even keep any of her trophies – his gold and platinum records are with his mother and friends. She believes that her fame is an illusion, a dangerous dream catcher in which, moreover, she herself, for a time, almost got lost. So if a documentary by Mélanie Georgiades is screened in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, a glamorous hotspot, will she be there?He will meet these French actresses he has confided he loves: “Marion Cotillard, Cecile of France, Sarah Forestiernormal, natural girls.“(comment reported by Studio magazine, in 2006)?

In any case if the one who made the figuration in Fatal woman Brian de Palma (follows a pedestrian there, witnesses an accident and shouts); who of hate from Kassovitz to films about Malcolm X, Ray Charles or Mohamed Ali, we move on to films that reflect a reality or retrace “episodes of history that we did not learn in school and which we do not talk about in the newspapers“, if this woman, “at peace with herself”comes out of its bubble, we will be in the front row.

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