Fencing: individually or in teams, three races for the challenge of the city of Lisieux

The best under 20 swordsmen will be in Lisieux this weekend. © Lisieux Fencing

Fencing will once again be the protagonist this weekend in the multi-activity hall of Lisieux (Calvados). After the challenge of Leclerc, the first round of the U20 national circuit of the season in October 2021, then the Foussard Memorial in January 2022, the lexovian club is organizing the 4th edition of the challenge of the city of Lisieux.

“The two facets of our sport”

The best French under 20 swordsmen are expected. Since 2016 this challenge is “traditionally the semifinal of the French under 20 team championships”, explains Alexandre Motte, member of Lisieux Fencing: “But this year is a bit different. It still does, but only for the boys. For the girls it becomes a stop on the national circuit. ”

There are therefore three races that will take place this weekend in Lisieux: the girls will run individually on Saturday – there will be 84 -, then in teams on Sunday. While 24 teams of four boys will compete in the two days.

“People will be able to see both sides of our sport. The individual with his share of emotions, and in teams where there is more tension, is a bit of a boiling cauldron. It is not the same atmosphere. “

Alexandre Motte

The weekend challenge is huge for the competitors, as it is the last chance to collect the points needed to participate in the French Championships scheduled for 28 and 29 May in Limoges. “As a team, it will be the only event for the boys to hope to see Limoges,” adds the club.

The program

Saturday 9:00: women’s group matches 14:45: men’s group matches for teams 15:30: women’s semi-finals, followed by the final 17:15: women’s award ceremony Sunday 9:00 men’s group 16:10: women’s round of 16 1: 30: men’s team final 13:30: women’s team final

World medals …

The board will then be rich. There will be the eight selected at the last U20 World Cup in Dubai with the French team. Paul Fortin, Alban Diane, Lino Heurlin-Vazquez and Julien Maury won the team bronze medal. Lino Heurlin-Vasquez did not settle for this and also brought back the individual bronze!

He was already the one to win the challenge of Leclerc de Lisieux in October. With his team from the university club of Paris, they are obviously the favorites, but “the men’s competition will be very tough,” warns Nathan Fougy, a lexovian fencer.

… and local occasions

As for local occasions, the Epée Normandie Excellence, the agreement between the clubs of Caen and Lisieux, will feature eight shooters, four girls and four boys.

Video: currently on Actu

The girls will tour for the first time individually on Saturday: Thaïs Naucelle-Jardel (national 8th), Mirana Liorzou (21st), Emma Falconnet-Biziou (39th) and Ninon Hartvick (40th). The latter two have a lot to play for, as you have to be among the 36 best French women to automatically qualify for the French leagues. So on Sunday they will unite and have “a chance for a podium”, says Nathan Fougy.

The men’s team will be composed of Junès Lechevalier-Boissel (7th national), Maxence Lemoisson (26th), Lexovian Arthur Douet (28th) and Raphaël Derrien (49th):

“They can have quite high goals. All four are highly ranked nationally. They don’t necessarily have team experience after two years of Covid, but there is something on paper. ”

Nathan Fougy

Finals in streaming

For Escrime Lisieux and its volunteers, this competition will be much less complicated to organize than the last Foussard Memorial, where the regulations related to the health emergency were very strict.

In spite of everything, “there are improvements that we will try to keep”, Alexandre Motte announces, such as “the entry of the shooters via a reserved airlock, the bracelet system to identify everyone …” And once again the final stages will be be streamed on the club’s social networks.

Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May in the Lisieux multi-activity room. Open to public. Free.

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