Macron Prime Minister? Because the hypothesis is evoked

NICOLE NOTAT. A figure of trade unionism, Nicole Notat is in the running to be nominated in Matignon. The profile and experience of the woman at the head of the CFDT for 10 years could seduce the electorate of the center-left.

Who is Nicole Notat? The question arises when this name is regularly mentioned behind the scenes of power. The 74-year-old woman is one of the candidates approached to succeed Jean Castex and become Prime Minister. Heading the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFGDT), the founder and former CEO of Vigeo-Eiris, a social and environmental assessment agency, has some nice lines on her CV but none mentions a government experience. Faced with Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne and European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, other alleged candidates for the post of head of government, Nicole Notat’s appointment seems unlikely. Yet Emmanuel Macron is used to appointing personalities little known to the general public to assist him.

Nicole Notat, soon Prime Minister?

This is not an expected profile in Matignon, but Nicole Notat could very well be named Prime Minister for the start of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term. If she has never been part of the government, the trade unionist has frequented some spheres of power, even at the top of the hierarchy. In addition to her trade union experience, Nicole Notat has carried out several missions at the request or under the supervision of ministers or the European Council, most notably in 2010 when she was named part of the think tank on the future of Europe. And it is not the first time that Nicole Notat has been imagined as a future minister, already in 2017 Le Figaro was wondering about the parachuting of the former CFDT boss in the government. This time it is at the head of the government that her name is mentioned. However, five years later, the 74-year-old woman still suffers from the same weaknesses, most notably the absence of parliamentary mandates.

But if her name is mentioned above it is because Nicole Notat has assets. First, Clément Beaune expressed on April 25 the “wish [d’Emmanuel Macron] of a female date in Matignon “, a criterion that satisfies Nicole Notat. She too seems to have mastered the wheels of politics, as the above experiences suggest, and want to show discretion like Edouard Philippe and Jean Castex upon their arrival in Matignon. , showed his support for Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and renewed it in 2022 despite a more left course.

Nicole Notat a candidate speaking on the left?

While Emmanuel Macron slipped to the center-right during his five-year term to start his second term, he would be looking for a prime minister with a political sensibility on the left of the political spectrum. The decade spent by Nicole Notat at the helm of the CFDT reflects the desire to defend the workers and by extension the French, but above all it shows that the trade unionist manages social consultations wonderfully. A quality capable of speaking to the left and which proves to be a remarkable ability to have reforms adopted, in particular that of pensions. Emmanuel Macron has promised to use the consultation to adjust the contours of the unpopular reform, who better than Nicole Notat among the names mentioned to carry out this mission? In the program of the President of the Republic, other reforms have also been announced: the renewal of the health system and education. On these points the former teacher in charge of coordinating the Ségur de la Santé in 2020 does not lack legitimacy and can seduce the electorate of the center-left.

Nicole Notat, creator of Ségur de la Santé?

Among the missions for which Nicole Notat was nominated are the Ségur de la Santé and in particular the coordination between the actors involved in the event. During this consultation organized for the hospital and medical world during the Covid-19 pandemic and under the aegis of Olivier Véran, health workers and health workers raised their requests and the government promised a response. Nicole Notat, among other things, had a role in organizing the dialogue between workers and the government in a context of tensions in which the medical sector was on the verge of collapse. An experience that will be useful if it is led to implement other reforms as France appears divided into three blocs: the radical left, the nebulous center-right and the extreme right.

Short biography of Nicole Notat

Born in 1947 in Marne to peasant parents, Nicole Notat studied to become a teacher at the normal school for teachers of Bar-le-Duc, but immediately embarked on the path of unionism. She began by participating in the May 68 movement and the following year she joined the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT). She was the first secretary of the General Union of National Education Sgen-CFDT in the Meuse, she rose through the ranks until in 1992 she became the first woman to lead the CFDT. She will remain general secretary of the union until 2002, when she decides not to renew her mandate.

After leaving the CFDT, Nicole Notat founded and became CEO of Vigeo, a European company for evaluating the social and environmental performance of companies. In 2015 the company merged with the British agency Eiris and Nicole Notat became CEO of Vigeo-Eiris until 2020, when she was replaced by Sabine Lochmann. She still remains the head of the board of directors.

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