Nicolas de L’amour is in the meadow at his worst since his accident according to Ludivine!

Agriculture can be dangerous. In fact, we are talking to you about Nicolas’s accident. He has since been abandoned by insurance companies, who don’t want to help him financially! Scandal!

Nicolas from L’amour est dans le pré had a serious accident at work on 22 September 2021 and lost most of his front teeth.

After this mishap, the couple struggled with insurance for compensation. Indeed, the farmer needs money to be able to repair his teeth. But, for the moment, he is not defeated, because no solution is proposed to him. Scandal! This Monday, April 25, Nicolas’s girlfriend shared unpleasant news.

A very serious accident at work for Nicolas

Many Internet users have questioned the state of health of the farmer d’Amore is in the meadow and how the accident happened. Indeed, the Morbihan farmer was kicked in the jaw by a cow.

Following this brutal shock, he was unconscious for a few minutes and his lip was falling apart. Ludivine immediately took her three children: Abriel (6 years old), Maël (4 years old) and Ninon (3 years old). Indeed, they may be traumatized to see their father in this bleeding state.

He contacted his in-laws and the farmer from L’amour est dans le pré was taken to the emergency room. Nicolas lost 7 teeth, there were 2 on the disc. Fractures, hematomas. He’s missing a piece of his lip. Today there is not much chewing gum anymore, you have to understand that you cannot put all the teeth you want, not even ceramic. It lacks roots and bones. The estimate is very high, it is the consequence of the accident at work, he recognized.

A delicate situation for Nicolas de L’amour est dans le pré

The couple contacted various insurance companies and the MSA (Mutualité sociale agricultural) to obtain financial help. Unfortunately, last March, none of the insurance companies took a stand. Today the situation is still not resolved for Nicolas, who lives without teeth. So far, we haven’t received much feedback from the MSA and the consulting dentist.

We are still waiting for a quote for a dental prosthesis. We saw the social worker who told us that no one wanted to make an effort. For everything to be taken care of, Nicolas should have no more head, no more mouth, no more nothing. He should have had his whole face broken. He’s already missing a piece of his lip and teeth. But that can’t be enough.

He also added: otherwise he would have had cancer of the mouth, teeth or tongue. This is agriculture, we do not take care of anything, rebelled the companion of the candidate of Love is in the meadow.

A solution that does not satisfy the farmer

The lovers also went to a hospital stomatologist who specializes in this area. The latter offered him a solution to remake his teeth, but Nicolas de L’amour est dans le pré refused. He told us it was a bone and a human graft that needed to be done. So Nicolas’s skull bone to put back in his gums.

So to redirect to Nantes. So this means that we still have to do consultations and estimates at the polyclinic. But Nicolas absolutely does not want to suffer, to have a bone graft that may not work. It would mean months and months of waiting. The bone graft option is not an option, he explains.


The farmer from L’amour est dans le pré appears to be in a stalemate. He would rather be treated by a dentist to make a bar and attach implants to it. But, without help, this represents a significant cost. We have been asked for a new quote for a dental prosthesis. Knowing not to support the provisional prostheses, Ludivine concludes.

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