OPS could greatly benefit from the experience of Florence Duperval Guillaume

Dynamic, very experienced in the governance of health institutions and trained in the most prestigious national and international institutions, Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume has all the resources to succeed the current representative of Dominica, Dr. Carissa F. Étienne, whose mandate expires.

Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume is known for her medical education working in the public health field and health management specialist, with outstanding contributions, proven and recognized over the past three decades.

By a stone, the promotion of Dr. Florence Duperval’s candidacy followed by her election as the next director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) not only stands as a challenge for Haiti, but also represents an opportunity for all others. senior executives of Haitian descent who wish to serve and lead regional and international institutions.

From Thursday 7 April 2022 a virtual meeting was organized between Florence Duperval Guillaume, candidate for the position of Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the CARICOM Ambassadorial Caucus at the OAS, in order to launch an appeal in support of the Haitian candidacy.

Doctors and diplomats, among other specialists, are already accompanying and supporting this more than qualified candidacy for the position. We retain Dr. Jean Patrick Alfred and Dr. Claude Suréna among the expertise mobilized to promote this long-awaited bid for Haiti, which will be a grand first in PAHO history.

Behind her 34 years of most relevant experience, Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume is, for the moment, one of the Haitian doctors with an appreciable background to apply for this position. Her career is reminiscent in some places of the profile of the famous Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, three times Prime Minister and Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), from 1998 to 2003, and who had benefited from this mandate to visit Haiti in 2002, twenty years ago.

In the biography of Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume, it is noted that she has already collaborated with the main and most important health institutions in the country, including: the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH), UNICEF, GHESKIO, USAID, HS2004 and HS2007 projects, WHO, among others.

In 2003 she was in Afghanistan, immediately after the war, to participate in a health system evaluation survey, the results of which served as a basis for development with all international partners and donors of the Afghan Ministry of Health. She also remembers attending the donor conference, the performance-based financing model in health, of which Haiti is known as one of the pioneers.

Behind his career as a politician, he is today one of the professionals to ensure stability in the political governance of the national health system, as former Minister of Public Health and Population, between 2011 and 2016. which has been very beneficial in terms stability for cooperation partners.

From this political and technical experience, he is part of the political history of the Executive, holding the position of interim Prime Minister, while maintaining the health portfolio, within his government, in a critical and unstable moment between the end of 2015. and the beginning of 2016. This can only confirm the sense of leadership of this statesman.

Dr. Florence Duperval received her medical degree from Haiti State University in 1987, with social work done in experiential community settings.

Years later, he benefited from other courses in operations and financial management, essential drug management, HIV / AIDS quantification using Quantimed with the support of Management Sciences for Health and finally in care and treatment Aids Health Foundation (AHF) HIV Clinic in Florida and JCRC in Uganda by Professor Peter Mugyenyi.

Determined to perfect herself to best serve and update her internationally proven knowledge and skills, Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume attended a postgraduate course in Global Health Supply Chain Management and graduated with honors from the Empower School of Health and Kent University in Geneva in June 2020.

Recognition received from here and elsewhere, Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume is delighted to have received numerous local and international awards during her tenure as Minister of Health and, for example, we keep: Recognition Health leader 2013, from the Harvard School of Governors, the certificate of excellence in recognition of its leadership in public health, received by the assistant administrator of USAID in Washington, in addition to the recognition given by the World Health Organization (WHO), among many others, for its leadership in elimination of polio, rubella and measles in Haiti.

Other more relevant experiences are added to her quite substantial curriculum vitae, as a woman doctor, state woman and woman of excellence.

Now, Haiti has a candidate sufficiently prepared and highly qualified to represent him in the next election for the position of Director of PAHO, which will take place in September 2022. We encourage the Haitian candidacy brought forward by Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume, for the PAHO leadership in smart and strategic way to encourage the largest number of Haitian senior executives, former ministers, ambassadors, professors and other professionals who have many experiences and experts to serve and lead at the highest levels of institutional governance, at regional and international level.

Diplomatically, Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume’s candidacy could serve as a lever for the entire Haitian medical sector and other highly competent and qualified professionals seeking new opportunities. More than just a job search, it is up to Haiti to offer a profile that meets the needs of relevant skills and leadership excellence, to serve to ensure follow-up of practices and achievement of PAHO’s objectives in the region.

Domenico Domercant

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