shocked, he reveals the reasons

Franck is a farmer who was able to make himself known throughout France during his appearance on the show Love is in the meadow. A show that highlights romance and joie de vivre. But even the latter seems to have problems with someone from his village!

Franck (Love is in the meadow), an extraordinary look!

Some participants manage to make themselves known to viewers thanks to their personality and sensitivity.

In fact, you should know that the show Love is in the meadow it is a show that you never stop talking about. The latter is unique in its kind, since it allows to highlight an aspect that we all know.

It is obviously about love and this program, in which Franck participated, allows us to highlight this aspect among farmers.

A program that highlights the rigor and difficulty of this very restrictive profession. And viewers don’t seem to tire of this show, since auditions never dwindle.

Several people have made themselves known in this show, just like Franck, who participated in the latter in 2021. But while the latter has known popularity, he appears to have a conflict with a man from his village.

Franck (Love is in the meadow) in conflict!

It was in 2021 that viewers got to know Franck, who works as a forester and gardener.

46 years old, this one the latter was particularly the subject of various criticisms due to his difficult choice during the show. In fact, you should know that attendees can sometimes have a hard time choosing between different people.

This does not prevent it from creating anger and annoyance towards viewers and Internet users. For this, you should know that Franck (Love is in the meadow) hesitated between his two contenders who were Anne-Laure and Cécile.

Many Internet users have strongly criticized the latter on social networks, calling it several names. But he was never called lazy.

However, he has recently been the victim of this type of insult, which greatly provoked his anger. In fact, Franck (Love is in the meadow) shared a video on Instagram stating the following: ” On Sunday I am about to go to work, as usual, and I am insulted by a newcomer from the village. I am lazy, according to him, because my land is not maintained … I try to explain to him that the mowing will be delayed to preserve the vegetable cycle of the flowers that currently feed pollinating insects. Nothing to do, I am called lazy again …“.

In the video it could be seen that some corners of his land had taller grass than elsewhere. An aspect that suggests to this individual that the farmer is lazy.

He found that there was: more and more problems of this type in the countryside. It has become increasingly difficult to enforce our practices“.

A difficult life?

Faced with this insult and this lack of respect towards their darling of the show Love is in the meadow, Internet users have thus given their support.

Valentino Moricet, candidate of his season who still shoots perfect love with his contender Charley, also brought the ruling and the following support: ” We all have our share of losers, that’s crazy“.

Previously, Franck (Love is in the meadow) shared an Instagram post, allowing her to share her melancholy.

In the text of this very captivating and touching post, he stated the following: ” There are days when I am like this tree, fallen to the ground and I try to get up … The blackbird will whistle as loud as it can, but my ears will be deaf. Anything that usually makes me smile will be invisible. I take refuge in my solitude to drown my sadness there. Like a spring shoot, I will wait for the winter to pass. But sometimes it seems so long …“.

A text that had aroused great concern among his fans and subscribers.

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