The best ideas for a name that starts with an L

A name starting with an L is often full of originality. Here is the list of the best L name ideas for girls and boys.

The choice of a name for a future child: the alphabet of possibilities

Choosing a name for your child is not an easy task. It must be perfect, right? Fortunately, choosing a baby’s name is one of the most exciting and fun tasks on your list as you prepare to welcome your little one. The naming process makes the experience a little more real, but it can be stressful due to the huge number of options available. To get started, try picking a letter and see if inspiration strikes, like this list of baby names that start with an L.

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While it is obviously difficult to decide on a name for someone you haven’t met, discussing names with your partner or friends is a great way to imagine your future baby and what it will look like. Everyone tends to have very specific preferences when it comes to baby names, and that’s okay. Some like simple and classic names, while others prefer something more unique or trendy. Your partner may be more interested in the meaning of the name, while you may focus more on how the name sounds along with your last name.

Chances are there will be some back and forth between you and your partner during this process. Finding a name that suits both of you can take a lot of patience, but it’s worth looking at a ton of options – even ones you never thought you’d like – and taking your time with each candidate. Practice hearing them no matter what, whether it’s tucking your child in at night or being punished for breaking the curfew. If there are name ideas that are particularly close to your heart but you can’t get your partner to accept, hold on and give them time.

A name that starts with an L, a nice choice for your future baby

Are you tired of the people around you always giving you the same names? Have you decided never to call your future child Jean, Marie, Joseph or Pierre? This list will help you in your search, offering you only more original names. In fact, all of the following proposals are names starting with an L!

Lucia, Luna, Leo, Lucas, Louis: Many female, masculine, or mixed names starting with an L are as old as the Bible, or even older than Jesus Christ, and they’re not just classic but modern and trendy at the same time. Discover the list of the most beautiful names starting with L, for girls or boys, and choose your favorites while waiting for the arrival of a baby in the family.

We love that L names can be sweet, surprising, unique, familiar, and so many other things. There are names starting with L from all corners of the earth, some that you know and love, and many more rare names that we are about to introduce to you.

The most beautiful names for girls, for boys or mixed-up starting with the letter L

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Names starting with an L are quite common in France. The following list crosses names of Latin origin with English, Gemanic or even Greek names. Here are in our opinion the most beautiful ideas that start with an L. Baby names that begin with L are inherently charming, succulent, singing and among the most elegant of our time.


Origin: Latin

It means: “moon”

Description: The name of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna, comes directly from the Latin word luna, luna. The divine complement of the Moon is Sol, the god of the Sun. In Roman art, Luna is often depicted driving a chariot. Luna knows the variant of Luna. The name Moon also exists as a derivative of Luna.


Origin: Latin

It means: “lion”

Léonie is a female first name derived from the Latin leo, which means “lion”. The female version of Léo or Léon, Léonie, is very soft and melodic and is suitable for girls with a strong character.


Origin: English

It means: light

Lucy is the English form of the Roman Lucia, which comes from the Latin word “lux” which means “light” in French. Lucy, or her variant Lucie or Lucia, were once names given to girls born at dawn.


Origin: Germanic

Means: glory and struggle

The first name Lou comes from the German name Hlowodig, which also gave rise to the male names Louis and Ludwig. The Germanic roots hlod- and -wig mean “glory” and “combat” in French.


Origin: Hebrew

It means: “united, attached”

In the Old Testament, Levi was the third son of Leah and Jacob, from whom the priestly tribe of the Levites descended; in the New Testament, Levi was Matthew’s first name before he became an apostle. Levi is suspected of deriving from the Hebrew word yillaweh, which means “will unite”.


Origin: Greek

It means: “lira”

Lyra is a constellation name taken from the lyre of Orpheus. Lyra is the ideal choice for a parent interested in music, astronomy or mythology. It is a name that has not yet been given to a little girl in France. However, Lyra has been one of the most popular first names in the United States since 2015.


Origin: Latin

It means: “lion”

Leo comes from the Latin leo, which means “lion”. Léo is more modern and fashionable than Louis, but remains very classic in his heritage and origins. Plus, three letter names are very trendy! In fact, thirteen popes bore the name of Leo or Leon, including St. Leo the Great. In the Germanic languages, Leo has always been used as a nickname for names like Leon and Leopold. In Latin languages, Leonardo is considered a complete form for Leo.

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Origin: Latin

It means: laurel

The first name Loris finds its origin in the Latin term Laurus which means “laurel”. The Loris are honored on August 10 on the occasion of Saint Laurent. It is said of Saint Laurent that he showed courage and humor even on the grid where he was martyred.


Origin: Irish short form of William

Meaning: “resolute protection”

Liam is originally a nickname for Uilliam, the Irish variant of William. William is an English name of Germanic origin introduced to Ireland when the British fled England after the Norman conquest. The Irish began to use English names, including William, which led to the development of Uilliam and its short form, Liam.


Origin: German and French

It means: “famous warrior”

Heir to the kings of France, Louis is a timeless classic name, just like its female equivalent, Louise.


Origin: Assyrian, Sumerian

Meaning: “ghost, monster of the night”

Lilith comes from the Akkadian word lilitu which means “of the night”. In Jewish folklore, she is described as Adam’s rejected first wife, who was turned into a night demon for refusing to obey him. Lilith is unrelated to most other Lil names except Lilita which is the Latvian variant.


Origin: Latin

It means: “light”

Lucien is a more elegant and sophisticated version of Lucius.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Lydia’s woman”

Lidia is a very ancient toponym, that of a region of Asia Minor whose inhabitants are attributed the invention of the coin and a strong musical talent, as well as a great wealth.


Origin: American

Meaning: lily flower

Lily means fleur-de-lys in English. Lily is therefore a name full of majesty for a girl. We know the derivative Lili, in France.

Pink lily

Origin: American

Means: lily and rose

Lily Rose is a very noble compound name, further ennobled by one of the celebrities who wear it: Lily Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, who has become a bubbly actress.


Origin: Hebrew

It means: “lioness of wisdom”

For many years, the name Léa was very rare in France. Since the late 19th century, its popularity has increased to this day, where it is one of the top 20 most popular female names in France since the 1990s.


Origin: Latin

It means: laurel

The first name Laura derives from the Latin term Laurus which means “laurel”. The Laura are celebrated on August 10 on the occasion of Saint Laurent. It was said of Saint Laurent that he showed courage and humor even on the grid where he was martyred.


Origin: Latin form of Luke

Meaning: “Lucanian man”

Lucas is the Latin derivation of the Greek name Loukas. The meaning of the name refers to Lucania, an ancient region of southern Italy.

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