the new strongman of the Club House, the network to enhance FC 93

“When I am called, I answer present.” Passionate about football and always ready to give strength to the department where he grew up (Seine-Saint-Denis), Sefyu just inaugurated Clubhouse. club houseis a network that welcomes all those of good will to bring the Football Club 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny (equivalent N2 of the 4th division), more commonly known as FC 93, as high as possible and make it even more place integration in the everyday life.

If they had been Montfermeil, Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Blanc-Mesnil, Drancy for the same idea I would have answered too, I am above all an actor in my department.

For the inauguration of this Club House, Sefyu invited Alou Diarra, class 93 and which made its debut in CSL Aulnay. The 2006 world runner-up made the return trip between Lens (he is the assistant coach of RC Lens) and Bobigny. I have known Yusef since my childhood, I have only friends here, I am interested in all the clubs in the Paris region, we want to see as a former professional player of the Seine-Saint-Denis, a growing club.

Luis Fernández, The former PSG coach and current BeIn Sports advisor also responded as he did Jammeh Diana aka Soulaymaan in the excellent “Commuters” on Netflix. We all know where we come from, no matter what art you do and what field you are in, the goal is that we all succeed, the goal is that the periphery is at the top of the rankings! “ releases the actor from Nanterre (92) with a smile. Abdel Sadi, mayor of the PCF of Bobigny present, also welcomed a “serious” project. “

Football fan Sefyu gives strength to FC 93 © Radio France

The opening of the Club House takes place on the sidelines of the match between FC 93 and FC Fleury 91 (1-1). One eye on the game, the other on the guests, throughout the game, Sefyu goes from guest to guest: “you have to talk to him” “I have to introduce him to you”

It is a department that has given me a lot, I have received a lot from this department, these people have listened to me, they have come to my concerts, they have given me a push, for me it is normal, it is important to give them visibility.

Other guests already involved in the Seine-Saint-Denis have joined the project such as Ahmed Bouzouaid (BPI France) who leads projects for the young people of the neighborhoods and rural areas to be undertaken or Youness Bourimech, entrepreneur in construction and restoration, or Moussa Kebe entrepreneur and captain of the Val-d’Oise departmental fire and rescue service (95).

Sefyu white mask on the face, suit jacket projects: “I would really like the young people who come to play football to think they can have access to solutions in the world of work, entrepreneurship, the world of culture and that they know that there will always be someone to guide them.”

No elite soccer team in 93? An anomaly for the president of FC 93!

FC 93 is an agreement between (for now) 3 clubs: Bobigny, Bagnolet and Gagny. Mahamadou Niakaté, president for more than 10 years, he hopes other clubs will join him. Discussions are ongoing with Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Pantin, Drancy and other clubs. “We are one of the largest player suppliers in Europe. There are more elite clubs in the north or in Corsica, even if they have fewer players than in 93. This is not normal**complains the president.** Ultimately, we want to become a professional club. A Seine-Saint-Denis club in Ligue 1 is the minimum wage.

Mahamadou Niakaté has a lot of hope in the project club house worn by his strongman Sefyu. We will invite all the presidents we want to work with. Some are here today, football is an excuse to work together, with all those who want a great club in 93 and create projects to allow our young people to evolve. “

A great sports project but also an educational one. “We already do 60% of social networks, Siné Danioko, the sporting director of FC 93, is disbanded. The presence of Sefyu shows the seriousness of the project, he wants to give us credibility and visibility “. The project is also an integration project. FC 93 is already training educators, organizing cultural trips to Paris or mentoring. “We need to prepare the kids for the world of tomorrowadds the sports director. The aim is also to involve start-ups to help young people “.

Sefyu knows that the road will be long to cover the 3 divisions between National 2 and Ligue 1, as well as to further concretize the social and inclusive project, but the rapper assures him: “* T ****As long as we have energy, as long as we have strength, let’s go! “***

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