The Spanish clothing brand reveals that these 3 gorgeous dresses are perfect for special occasions!

Will you attend many great occasions in the times to come? Discover 3 must-have models of the Mango brand!

Mango will stop at nothing to please fashionistas. And what’s better than the spring season to change your wardrobe?

As big events unfold in Cannes and elsewhere, it’s time to get ready for the chicest outings. These outfit ideas presented by the ” Edited by of the prêt-à-porter brand Mango will surprise you!

Mango: A look for the evenings!

The evenings will now be warmer. The opportunity for you to take off your dresses or even take some. And for that, what’s better than digging into the new Mango collection? The ready-to-wear brand now offers you an emerald green dress that could make you look more beautiful than ever. Especially since the latter can be worn for your evenings between girls or for a more transvestite moment.

With its thin straps, this creation by Mango will please you above all for its simplicity. He has no frills yet he is very chic. You will then find pleats at the bust which will give even more volume to your chest. Don’t worry, it’s an asset that will add femininity to your look without going overboard. You’ll also appreciate knowing it’s perfectly tuned to give you even more style.

Below, this dress from the new collection of Mango is snug without being too tight. It will then let you move as you wish. Ideal for going dancing, right? Also for this reason it is one of the best dresses of this new collection. Note that the latter is indented enough on the bust to give you even more style. And since it will come down to your knees, it will be perfect for stretching your legs and giving you length.

To talk about price, know that this Mango dress is quite affordable. You’ll just have to count in the 39.99 euros to buy it. A small wonder that will be worn both in this spring period and in the rest of the year. It’s also a nice perk you’ll get by acquiring it to get noticed on each of your outings!

A dress for special occasions!

The arrival of spring is also the beginning of the wedding season. And whether you are a guest or a bride, finding the perfect dress to wear is never an easy task. Fortunately, Mango has thought of everything for this type of occasion. You can also count on her to help you find something to show off without overshadowing who it’s the big day for. One outfit in particular will have caught the attention of fashionistas!

On the occasion of her “curated by”, Marem Ladson opted for a long and flowing dress that perfectly highlights the shapes. Adjusted at the level of the bust, the latter will be ideal for those whose morphology is rather thin. However, it can be laced to give your look a better style. The fairly flared bust will also be a plus for this type of clothing style. A real advantage that you can only appreciate if you want to stand out from the other guests at the reception!

In its cut, this Mango dress looks split in two. On the one hand, the bust is quite enough high cut to get you a nice top. It is then adapted to the hips and flared at the height of the feet. Even taller women will appreciate the fact that it reaches down to the ankles to give you a more chic look.

The price of this dress from the new Mango collection is € 79.99. A purchase that will therefore be considered an investment for those who regularly attend special occasions. And with its yellow color, you can only be the most beautiful!

Magician: A pink dress for all occasions!

Pink is always very popular during the spring season. And this new collection of Mango is not lacking in ideas for those who appreciate this color. We find in particular a short and very elegant model that will have caught the attention of more than one.

The latter presents hip cuts. Something to reveal your shapes without overdoing it or falling into the vulgar. At the navel level, a small ring connects the bust to the skirt.

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