this woman he was supposed to marry when he met Françoise Hardy

It is not easy to understand how Jacques Dutronc works, especially with the fairer sex. Without Françoise Hardy, he would be the husband of …

Jacques Dutronc is a legend!

Jacques Dutronc fans can’t help but constantly link him to Françoise Hardy. And viceversa. Despite their separation, the two tube makers are still married in the newspapers. Plus, the fruit of their love, Thomas, has something to hold on to. This guitar prodigy starts a tour with his parents. We’ve been waiting for this for so long, so we’re really happy this project is finally coming to fruition! It certainly wasn’t won with the pandemic. And even though the woman in their life couldn’t be physically present in the room, she was on everyone’s mind. In fact, did you know that Cupid had absolutely no plans for this scenario? For once, he will crash to the bottom!

Originally, Jacques Dutronc had started a career in industrial design. Unfortunately, serious back problems ruin his hopes of entering this branch. Forced to stand still, he thinks too much. So, to kill time, he takes the opportunity to improve his guitar skills. It is a revelation. Yet, at school, a certain Ghislaine only has eyes for him. By supporting him in her efforts to become an artist, it seems obvious that she sees her days with him ending. Also, behind the scenes, everything was ready for these two to commit to each other in front of the mayor. However, at the last minute, and breaking his bride’s heart in the process, he questions everything. The divine silhouette of Françoise Hardy makes her head spin! What a turn!

Jacques Dutronc cancels everything …

Jacques Dutronc has several hits in his repertoire that evoke his seductive side. I love girls or the playboy sums up his reputation as a womanizer. As soon as he met Françoise Hardy’s gaze, he broke his engagement with her girlfriend at that moment. If you want to know more, Frédéric Quinonero reveals the crisp details in his recent bio.

Is the beautiful Françoise Hardy aware of this cataclysm? Of course yes! Decades later, she is still baffled by the way she works her don Juan of hers. ” Three days before the wedding, when everything was arranged [il] decided to cancel everything! ” Modest, leave room for doubt. “I think he already had his eyes on me … ! For her part, she has just separated from her great love, the yéyés photographer, Jean-Marie Périer. There are no more obstacles on the horizon for this love story to fail. The rest we know!

… And it starts again, but this time with Françoise Hardy!

Fifteen years after this love at first sight with multiple consequences, Jacques Dutronc has an appointment with his destiny. On March 30, 1981 he finally married the woman he considered to be the woman in his life. What we didn’t know is that Thomas Dutronc’s mother just found out she had a lump under her arm. Even if he tries to deceive her, he ends up consulting a specialist. The verdict is final. It’s cancer. And before starting the heavy protocol, his lawyer advises him to join his favorite singer.

This argument cannot leave anyone indifferent. “SIf something had happened to me, Jacques Dutronc would no longer be at home in this house where we lived in the 16th century. “D-Day looks like a masquerade. Looking back, he believes this ” marriage was a reflection of the relationship we had. ” Exclusively for you dear friend‘Oggekohere are the details of the behind the scenes. “He arrived in Corsica with his friends on one plane, I with my witnesses on another. And we haven’t seen each other all night. I was tired from the small operation I had undergone. He arrived at 3am and obviously I wasn’t sleeping. And it was very moving. He just said in my ear: ‘Are you happy?’ (Laughs.) Sacred him … If he did not exist, he would have to be invented!

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