Tribute to Néjib Khattab: the man who embodied modesty and talent

On April 24, 1998, the media lost one of its stars with the death of Néjib Khattab

On the occasion of 24And anniversary of his death, The print pays tribute to this character who has become a leading figure in the media.

Born on May 24, 1953 in Siciliana La Goulette, the young Nejib Khattab, after graduating from high school with the mention He continued his higher studies in history-geography quite well at the faculty of April 9 in Tunis then at the Higher Institute of Journalism and Communication Sciences.

In 1975 he he integrated the world of written press and TV which welcomed him from an early age to embrace a successful radio and television career.

“I don’t come from a wealthy family, our home was modest. I lived a difficult childhood that I will never forget and I am not ashamed to disclose it ”.

This solemn declaration by Nejib Khattab, taken from the book by Hassen Ben Ahmed entitled Nejib, secrets and untold truths, proves that this man was imbued with great moral qualities. Yes, from this modest environment is based the supremacy of a great man who knew with his seriousness, his talent and his self-denial in the service of the media, mainly radio and television, to reach the pinnacle of people’s glory and love. .

Its broadcasts were followed by all fellow citizens, at a time when satellite reception was taking its first steps, at a time when chains and private radios did not exist. We followed his relaxation and leisure programs with pleasure and joy and I can mention as a reminder of these pleasant moments:

“You said” (Good day), morning and daily radio broadcasts in the 80s and 90s of the last century.

“Alwene wa ajwa” : (Colors and moods), radio broadcast.

“Samhamtom Law” : (If you allow it), Sunday TV program.

“Bidoune estheedhane” : (Without Permit), Sunday TV program.

Eddonia Teghanni : (Life sings).

“Saha Chribtecom” : (Bon Appetite), Ramadan television program.

“A satellite evening” : Saturday night show.

“Khamsa ala khamsa” : (5 out of 5).

“Alech le” : (Why not)

and other…

In addition to the sporadic television broadcasts, special evenings on the eve of religious holidays and public holidays, without forgetting his talent as a sports commentator and his famous Friday evening program (Hadaf) “Goal”, he was also the happiness of our national team. football team that accompanied to Argentina in June 1978.

I will never forget his warm and sweet voice during live match broadcasts. Those were the good times of our football …

Parental love

When asked about the secret of his professional success, the late Néjib replied: “Sincerity nothing but sincerity, then self sacrifice at work and blessing from my parents, my father Omar and my mother Mabrouka! “ he who always started his broadcasts with the famous quote: “Ma Ridhaollahi ella bi Ridhaolwalidyni “.

“The satisfaction of God is gratified only through the satisfaction of the parents”. Nice introduction.

Courage and good will

According to the late Néjib Khattab, the road to success is full of pitfalls and obstacles. Anyone who wants to be successful in any field must arm himself with courage and goodwill to fulfill the challenges he aspires to and most of his ambitions.

As for his rivalry with his late colleague Salah Jegham, a rivalry that has made a lot of ink flow throughout their lifetime, Néjib nonetheless acknowledges that his colleague Jegham was considered both a great friend and a wonderful competitor: “Our competition is based on mutual respect for the profession and on loyalty”.

It was reported that this outstanding animator felt that Tunisia is a land of love, prosperity, ingenuity and that we must all be imbued with the love of the homeland. In a word, Néjib Khattab, at first, had become over the years a school, an example to follow for the young radio and television presenters, future protagonists of the media. Rest in peace.


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