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It is the story of a 30-year-old man who left Pézenas to go to work at Le Creusot, he says, and who often visits a couple of friends in Saint-Berain-sous-Sanvignes. The other night he made the gendarmes gallop.

Lean against the back of your armchair or chair. Don’t close your eyes! But open your mind and try to imagine the scenes as if you were watching a movie. Also try to hear what gendarmes can feel when they intervene at night and that a drunk man under the influence of narcotics makes life difficult for them. The gendarmes are armed, of course, but in the end they shouldn’t shoot at everything that moves and besides they don’t. The man could be armed, potentially dangerous. Ready for everything? Nobody knows at the moment. So he tries to put you in a cop’s shoes for a few minutes.

Cannabis, whiskey, vodka. One hell of a night

The point is not to pity them. The subject is rather becoming aware of how much perfectly private and gratuitous behavior costs, in time, money, stress, etc. The story begins on April 27, around 4 in the morning. The future defendant spent the evening with his friends in Saint-Berain-sous-Sanvignes. Cannabis, whiskey, vodka. One hell of a night. To the point that the wife provided a mattress for her boyfriend. There is no doubt that he takes the wheel again. But the two friends are burned to the point of arguing. Who is calling the woman? The cops, of course. Then she opens the door of the house to go out for a breath of air, the two boys take the opportunity to sneak out and get away. Arriving from Creusot, the soldiers cross their vehicle upon arrival and follow them to check them out.

“We have a picture of you, sir, on the roof, with the sun rising”

The future defendant begins to slip away: he wasn’t driving. Except it was him. On the spot, the breathalyzer is positive. We want to do a saliva screening for narcotics, and there, but then there! The man refuses, gets angry, insults the police and runs away into the dark. It is between 4:30 and 5 in the morning, the gendarmes have no choice, they chase him. Drunk with alcohol and nervousness, the man returns to the couple’s property. We find it perched on the roof. President Catala, this Thursday 28 April, at the hearing of the immediate apparitions, does not retain a hint of irony: «We have a photo of him, sir, on the roof, with the sun rising. We see the painting, at dawn. The arrest does not reassure him. Insults, threats of physical reprisals, etc. The future defendant “is virulent for hours”.

Festive relationship with alcohol? “Festive my c …!” Zazie would say *

He refuses to have his blood alcohol level measured. She refuses to see the doctor at 7 am and takes the opportunity to insult and threaten the medical profession. The boy sprays for free, as you can see. At 11:20 am, impossible to redo a breathalyser, he is still an opponent. At 2 pm he calmed down a little. The breathalyzer is still positive. At 3:40 pm the test is finally negative. The interviewee must have been very drenched.
Asked about his behavior from before dawn until snack time, he said: “I apologized. I said hurtful things. The gendarmes told him. He doesn’t remember anything. What is his relationship with alcohol? “It’s a holiday! Ah, this word on the lips of people who have just been handcuffed and who will be handcuffed again after the hearing, this word, “holiday”, is frankly unusual, yet it seems consecrated to say that without alcohol the party is less enjoyable. The president goes there with a grain of salt: «If every week is a holiday, it is problematic. “

“When I do anything, there is always alcohol”

The defendant is a drug addict, it is very clear on this point. Single, childless, never incarcerated, he says he has a provisional CDI, and works, as we said, in Le Creusot, “within a perimeter of 50 km”. He is staying with a friend. One conviction for drunk driving, two for drunk driving, breach of trust (tried and sanctioned in Switzerland, where he lived for a certain period), has 9 mentions in his CV, and that … “I hear my locker and I tell myself it’s not me! “… Marie-Lucie Hooker, Deputy Prosecutor, believes he was” lucky “,” sentenced to several fines, but no change in his conduct. She says that these are errors of youth but today he appears for identical facts. “You request 9 months in prison, of which 6 months with a warrant.

“When I do anything, there is always alcohol, but I’m not addicted,” explained the defendant. Maître Duquennoy argues in favor of a duty of care. “The deposit warrant is useless. The accused adds: “I am someone who goes to work. In the end, I fucked up, I admit it, I accept it, but a deposit warrant is not… ”Isn’t it a holiday?

6 months convertible firm if … and 2 years probation

The court found him guilty (driving under the influence of alcohol as a repeat offender, refusal of analysis, as a repeat offender and lack of vehicle insurance) and sentenced him to 12 months of imprisonment, including 6 months. years, compulsory treatment in drug addiction. The court places the company under house arrest for 6 months under electronic surveillance, provided that its host in Creusot accepts this situation. His license is canceled, this sanction is fair, he has to wait 6 months to get it back.

The gendarmes kept neither the outrages nor the threats, but suffered them. They rushed to arrest a drunkard like a pig that had climbed onto a roof. How much time and stress in the night, to prevent what? That the two kill each other behind the wheel, kill a worker who hires at 5, for example.


* Zazie on the metro, Raymond Queneau

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