Would Booba sleep with a transgender woman, the rapper involved in his past?

Victoria Dorval, a transgender woman, says she has evidence of her relationship with rapper Booba, a new scandal for the rapper.

The performer of the song “My Definition” Booba allegedly had an affair with Victoria Dorval, a transgender woman. In any case, this is what he says in several Instagram videos he posted on his personal account.

The information was transmitted by the influencer and blogger Marc Blata. The latter would also have recovered several pieces of evidence from these intimate interviews, starting with the photos of Booba’s identity card attached to that of Victoria Dorval, as she explains in her video testimony of her.

Booba in a relationship with a transgender woman?

So Booba, you had a one night stand with me and then you asked me again one night and I refused. We have to assume. Suppose you have fun with transgender people, she told her phone camera about her.

These words were again shared by the blogger in his Instagram stories. However, the evidence provided by Victoria Dorval may be wrong. The identity document is actually a pure montage, as Booba states in the messages sent to Marc Blata’s contact.

Marc Blata at war with Booba

Another story also reached the one nicknamed the Duke. Indeed, Marc Blata’s partner Nadé Blata revealed that Booba allegedly claimed to be a fake couple with Marseille star Maeva Ghennam against a large sum of money. He posted an audio in which we hear the rapper declare: I said to Akramovitch, in front of her (Maeva Ghennam): We will make a power couple, we will earn 50,000 per pub, Ton Mag recalls.

Faced with this accusation, Booba counterattacks. On Tuesday, April 26, he shared an old conversation in which the blogger encouraged him to post a sextape of Jazz Correia from the JLC family, with Hicham, his suitor in The Princes of Love 9. Marc Blata, is so bad he wanted me to pass on the Jazz sextape (I don’t know) and Hicham from the Banlieue sale. I don’t know what to say, but I won’t say it. A war between the two best enemies that doesn’t seem to be over.

Was Booba Banned From Instagram Again? He takes the initiative by creating a new account


Since the advent of social networks, Booba has become an informed user. The 45-year-old rapper never misses an opportunity to react to current events or provoke his enemies with his usual verve. However, some of his stories or posts about him banned him from Instagram for the first time.

Deprived of his official account, Booba continued talking on the @oklm account. But the moderators of the popular photo-sharing social network just warned him that this account could also disappear due to a story that broke the rules.

It is therefore in a tragic tone that the Duke of Boulogne warned his followers in the caption of a post:

Booba nft

I won’t be there much longer, I think you’re right. Don’t forget the truth! Stay dignified and strong. Don’t bend over. May the force be with you. The sound is coming anyway … They can’t take it away from us.

Booba takes the lead

But the rapper’s fans can rest assured. The rapper let them know on Twitter, another network where he is also very active, that he had already taken the situation in hand. His more than 5 million followers have all been invited to subscribe to @ ifp92i, his new Instagram account. They will be able to keep up with the music of their idol and his label.

clash of booba

With the success of his latest album, ULTRA, which has sold over 400,000 copies, Booba is expected to quickly find the million followers he has on the @oklm account. According to some rumors, the former half of the Lunatic duo would not have been against the idea of ​​exploiting his notoriety to become an influencer.

A fake couple with Maeva Ghennam?

According to voice notes posted by blogger @vaarruecos, Booba was considering forming a power couple with Maeva Ghennam so he could offer them profitable product placements. A proposal that the Marseillaise would have preferred to refuse:


If you listen to the rumor, Booba wanted to fake a couple with Maeva and do 50,000 product placements. Basically, since he would have caused a sensation, he could have made two placings with Maeva. And he would have made noise if they were a couple. Except that Maeva didn’t accept.

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