7 easy and effective abdominal sheath exercises to (finally) say goodbye to brioche!

How to lose weight and have a flat stomach? Knowing how to dress is not enough to say goodbye to croissants. You also need to know the right exercises! So, for those who want to take up sport to refine their body, these abdominal lining exercises are worth mentioning. Deeply strengthened abs and more rounded glutes in a few weeks, it works for you! Well, do the plank and work on your plank! Easy, effective and achievable anywhere, our plank exercises aim not only to work the belly, but also the whole body and in particular the posterior chain. In short, they are perfect for refining and sculpting your silhouette! Ready?

7 easy and effective abs exercises for a flat stomach and slim waist

At first glance, the belly plank may seem a little corny to some. However, it does offer some invigorating and easy variations that you can try at home. Furthermore, the virtues and benefits associated with this type of exercise are manifold. The plank works almost every muscle in your body deeply: the abdominal group, glutes, back and lower back. Its regular practice can also relieve back pain. Practiced for 30 days, it promises solid abs and better posture, not to mention that it contributes greatly to improving balance. So, how do you start and do this exercise correctly? Explanations below!

Stable (or straight) sheath to get used to

Static Abdominal Back Cover Exercise for Beginners

How to get started? As a general rule, the most common plank is the straight plank, also called a stable plank. Effective and easy to perform, it is ideal for beginners. To make a perfect straight sheath, get on the ground, resting on your palms and on your toes. Place your wrists under your shoulders. The ankles, pelvis and shoulders must be perfectly aligned while the hips and knees must remain tense. The neck, on the other hand, should be relaxed. The head is in the axis of the column and the gaze is turned to the ground. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

Tips from our coaches: the same exercise you can do on your forearms.

Lateral or lateral sheath to refine the size

side plank abdominal lining exercises to sharpen size

In general, the plank is an isometric exercise. In other words, the contraction does not involve any joint movement. You therefore remain practically static. As for the lateral plank, it induces the oblique abdominal muscles (located on each side of the belly) and pulls the waist. To maintain this posture, we place ourselves on the ground, in profile, the right forearm in support and the elbow under the shoulder. The right knee should remain on the ground while the left leg is extended. Put your left hand on your waist and lift your hips as high as possible. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then switch sides. Straighten your chest and keep your shoulders down. For reassured results, perform three sets of 15 seconds per side. To push the exercise further, lift your knees and place your feet on the ground (one on top of the other or facing each other).

Lose belly fat with the spider plank exercise

lining exercises for belly lining exercise for abdominal work

Losing your belly, nothing like the spider board. How to prove it? The name speaks for itself. It is enough to imitate the spider to succeed in this coating exercise. So start on your knees, then get on your hands and feet, spreading them apart. Keep your hands pointing inward and your arms slightly bent. The goal: to try to get close to the ground while staying in the sheathing position. Keep your tummy sheathed, your hips back and your abs and buttocks tight! Don’t forget to breathe! For satisfying results, hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise four times. Be careful not to put your hands out.

command board for the whole body

basic exercises like doing a command plank

Another essential exercise to try at home, the commando plank works both the shoulders and the abs. To be successful, get on the ground, on your forearms, elbows aligned under your shoulders and back straight. Keep your stomach and buttocks tight too. Remove your forearms to enter the plank with your arms straight, then return to your forearms. He continues the exercise by going up and down, without arching his back. He does three sets of 15 seconds with correct breathing. To make commando plank more complex, try doing it on tiptoe.

Plank Superman to strengthen the lower back and buttocks

man woman abdominal lining exercise superman plank abdominal lining exercise

In addition to strengthening the glutes, the Superman plank is perfect for strengthening the lower back. It is therefore the ideal solution against back pain. Get in a lying position, on your stomach, legs and arms stretched out over your head. To contract your abs and protect your back, draw the navel. Squeeze your buttocks and lift your arms, legs, and chest off the floor. Your feet should lift a few inches. Breathe and try to hold this position for 15 seconds. In the meantime, he remembers to keep the buttocks taut and stretch as much as possible. Do three sets of 15 seconds. For the more experienced, perform the same exercise by quickly kicking legs and arms while keeping the chest elevated.

Abdominal sheath exercises with the arm raised to work on balance

muscle sheath exercises with raised arms

In addition to working your arms and abs in depth, this variation improves balance. The buttocks and thighs are also used. Then, face the floor with your arms straight, knees on the floor, and hands placed under your shoulders. Tighten the abs and engage the perineum. The shoulders must remain low and the buttocks contracted. Lift one arm off the ground and hold this position for 15 seconds. Keep your back flat and your neck long. The hips and shoulders should be well aligned. After 15 seconds, switch arms. Do three sets, breathing slowly during each. To make the exercise more complicated and even more effective, perform it on your toes, lifting your knees.

Climbing sheath to work on your cardio

mountaineer exos hypopressive abdominal lining sheath like plank

This version of the board is ideal for warming up the abdominal belt and working on cardio. Next, lie down on the ground, keeping your arms straight, legs straight, and hands in line with your shoulders. The back should be very flat, the abdominals contracted and the buttocks tight. After getting into the correct position, bring one of the knees towards your chest, then the other. Repeat the movement without lifting the buttocks towards the ceiling. Make sure your shoulders and hips are aligned. Do three sets of 15 seconds. Experienced people can pick up the pace.

Our abdominal lining exercises for whom?

weight loss sheath exercises back belly abs legs arms man woman

Generally, the abdominal plank is for everyone. It is suitable for both non-athletic people and sportspeople. The sheath strengthens the abdominal belt for beginners and improves strength and balance for experienced cyclists. The latter can also try to widen the space between the arms and feet to put more stress on the muscles. For beginners, from the starting position, they can rest their knees on the ground to facilitate the exercise.

Abdominal Sheath Exercises: Some Mistakes to Avoid

Abdominal belt lining exercises Mistakes to avoid

What are the mistakes to avoid for a perfect coating? First, it’s important to clarify that it’s not about how long you can hold a board, but how long you can keep a board perfectly aligned. Once well positioned, you should only remain static until you feel the burn. Easy to explain, hard to imagine? In short, to reduce the risk of back and spine injuries, avoid:

  • hips and buttocks too low
  • too much lifting of the hips and buttocks
  • Bend your knees
  • around the shoulders
  • spread your arms too far
  • lower your head and neck
  • raise your head and neck
  • forgetting to contract the abdominal muscles

Are you already a drug addict? So dare the abdominal plank challenge! The principle? For 30 days, from 15 seconds of the beginning to 3 minutes of the last day, we do the plank and say goodbye to the little round belly. A progressive program that strengthens your core and tones your cardio. Ideal for beginners who want to get started.

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