A poor man who lives in an abandoned car collects broken dolls, one day a girl approaches him: story of the day

A little girl named Tina decided to approach a poor old man, then discovered some broken dolls in the back of her car. Frightened, she ran home to tell her mother about her, only to find that she really knew the man.

Tina was a 10-year-old girl who often wandered around the neighborhood with her friends. One morning they decided to go to a street they had never played before. A place near Tina’s house.

As they walked down the street, the girls saw a homeless old man getting out of an abandoned car. One of them suddenly whispered, “My mom warned me about him. She said he was a bad man who lived in this abandoned car. Nobody likes him and everyone stays away because they know he’s bad.”

As the man approached them, all the children decided to escape, except Tina. She waited for the man to approach to see what he was about to do. When he approached her, he gave her an apple. “Thanks,” she said shyly.

Tina wanted to meet the homeless man everyone thought was bad. | Source: Shutterstock

“Wait here,” the old man said as he walked back to his car. Tina she walked over to where he was until she saw the curtain come down from the back door. The back of her car was actually full of broken old dolls.

Frightened, she ran away. The man tried to run after her, but she rushed into her and closed the door. “What’s wrong, Tina?” her mother asked her as soon as she slammed the door.

“The homeless man across the street was chasing me,” he said, still trying to catch his breath.

His mother, Patricia, was furious. She walked out of the house and yelled at the man across the street. “Stop scaring my daughter. Stay away from her!” She told him.

Patricia yelled at the homeless for scaring her daughter. | Source: Pexel

The next day, Tina went for a walk with her friends. Before leaving, she noticed a cute doll on the doorstep. She was painted and wore beautiful hand-sewn clothes.

“Where did you find him?” Patricia asked, surprised.

“I just found it on our door,” Tina told her mother, who rushed upstairs to get something. A few minutes later, she returned downstairs with a similar doll.

“Come on,” Patricia said to her daughter, taking her hand before leading her out. Tina was surprised by her when her mother took her to the abandoned car where the homeless man lived. “You did, right?” Patricia asked, showing her her dolls.

The homeless man nodded. “Yes, I made them,” he admitted.

The man admitted that he made Patricia and Tina’s dolls. | Source: Pexel

Patricia smiled apologetically. “Please have dinner with us at home,” she said, inviting the man. She almost refused, but Tina’s mom insisted.

“I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you right away,” Patricia apologized after putting the food on their table. “It was you who brought the dolls to the orphanage I grew up in,” she told the man.

“I still carry dolls there to this day. I still find old broken dolls to repair and paint and give them to orphanages. Sometimes the toy shops that have damaged dolls tell me to take the dolls they are about to throw away,” she shared. man, who introduced himself as Patrick. He then took the doll that Tina’s mother kept on the counter.

“I remember this doll. It’s one of the best I’ve ever made. You were the little girl who gave me a sandwich by the orphanage fence, right? And then I gave this doll away,” she recalled.

Patricia cooked dinner for her family and Patrick. | Source: Pexel

“It’s the only doll I’ve ever owned, and obviously it’s my favorite toy. I couldn’t part with it, so I’ve always kept it with me,” said Patricia, tearful. “He’s been my partner ever since.”

When Adam, Tina’s father, arrived, his wife told him the story of the homeless. He was immediately struck by Patrick’s kindness and his desire to make children happy in orphanages. So he offered to start a small business.

“Do you want to start a toy repair shop? I’d be happy to help you set it up and give you the capital to start it,” Adam offered.

Patrizio was delighted. It was the first time anyone had offered to help her start over. Although he was ashamed, he accepted the offer and promised to continue giving to orphanages.

Patrick opened his own toy workshop with the help of Patricia and Adam. | Source: Pexel

Adam rented a small workshop for Patrick nearby and gave him the money to buy tools and materials. He lived in the laboratory until he managed to earn enough money to rent a small room.

Parents from all over the city came to his workshop to have their children’s toys repaired. She also sold dolls that she repaired and the girls loved them. Eventually, he was able to rent the studio himself and live a more comfortable life.

Patrick was very grateful to Patricia, Adam and Tina. They remained close over the years and the family would invite her on special occasions.

Tina also taught her friends not to be quick to judge, as Patrick turned out to be a kind and generous man. Eventually, they all went to see Patrick in his shop and told him about toys and his passion for design and repair.

What can we learn from this story?

  • We shouldn’t be quick to judge. The children of the city were quick to deem the man homeless because of what they had heard about him. But he turned out to be a kind and generous man who liked to spread happiness to children in orphanages.
  • Your kindness will always come back to you in unexpected ways. After realizing that Patrick was the one who gave her the doll that she was very dear to her, Patricia wanted to return her favor and her husband helped her to achieve this.

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