attracted to women, she falls in love with a man!

Who Said Dating Sites Don’t Work? Definitely not Coline and Samuel! the podcast The big hit tell you everything!

Yet another twist in Le Grand Swipe!

Dear Objeko loyal reader, have you ever installed a dating app? Do not blush. Today, particularly due to the pandemic and health protocol, it is becoming the best way to meet new faces. Friendship, love and sometimes even marriage, we hear it all! Therefore, creating The big hit, Lucile Bellan sheds light on some carefully selected anecdotes. Here is one that deserves a look. Come on, get the popcorn out and make yourself comfortable. The protagonists Coline and Samuel have decided to tell us everything in detail.

Cupid at the forefront of this story told at Le Grand Swipe

A year ago, France was in the midst of a health nightmare. How to meet a soul mate in her condition? Like millions of people, Coline suffers from loneliness. After weighing the pros and cons, she installs Tinder on his smartphone. She is disappointed in the male sex, she now wants to start a love affair with a woman. And this detail, she points out on her profile. Alas, mayonnaise does not take. ” After days of research “, revise his copy. Indeed, she begins to open up to boys. It is precisely at this moment that the beautiful Samuel arrives in his life! Once it is not customary, it is he who will confide in readers of The big hit !

Thanks to the funny details she had included in her bio, Coline ended up starting the conversation with Samuel. Right in his boots, she explains his approach. Do not be under any illusions, it is not with a “bearded man” that she intends to start a love story. So it isHe agreed to talk to me “in the meantime”. For 21 days, the exchanges multiply. Curious by nature, Samuel wants to know if the search for him is evolving. However, with his legendary frankness, Coline regrets that this is not the case. Worse, she teases him saying ” she was stuck with [lui]. »How to translate it? This is precisely the purpose of The big shot!

This crush that Coline didn’t expect

Reading this revelation, Samuel hallucinates and confides in the reporter from the The big hit. “JI thought very naively that I was part of a group of men with whom he spent his free time in the bathroom or during work breaks. ” This is not the case at all! Months later, the young woman spits out the piece. ” She confessed that in fact nobody liked her as much as I did and that she didn’t talk to anyone else. ” Well, of course, it doesn’t go with the back of the spoon. Scared of her ex of hers, she just tells him that her competitors are “All boring. ”

Over time, has Samuel managed to tame Coline? Armed with the previous information, he throws himself into the water. ” I thought to myself that I had my chance. I really enjoyed our conversations. ” On the other hand, without frightening her with an insistent seduction that could turn her on, she wants to go from virtual to reality for a reason that may seem strange to you.. “I wanted to see if she was that cute in real life, even though I didn’t really doubt it.

Finally the meeting!

As always dear reader of The big hit, Coline imposes his terms. ” He wanted it to be as little as possible like a date, more like a moment of friendship between friends. ” Instead of fighting, Samuel accepts the deal. Also, the decision is made to have a beer together. Looking back, Samuel feels that he ” I behaved exactly as I would have behaved with a friend. We had a great evening. “

Finally, Cupid finally reacts and collects the pieces of his broken soul from a painful past. However, Samuel is lucid on one point. ” I would never stop her from having an affair with a woman if one day she meets one she has a crush on. It was clear between us from the start. ” After this famous hybrid encounter, “We live our life together and we are very happy. ” Stars in his eyes, he declares of his darling. “He makes me laugh, he’s the funniest person I know. And the most creative. ” Everyone estimates the ” fortune ” that the current flows so well in them! In conclusion, to those who agree to open their hearts The big hit it is quite peaceful.I still don’t know what we’ll do together next, go on a trip, adopt a cat, have a child (…) It’s sure, it’ll be fine. It is already too good.

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