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Duo formed by Quebecer Catherine Coutu and French-Canadian Bertrand Pouyet, Bronswick returns with a new melancholy pop album, between my insomnia. The newspaper they questioned the two nice musicians who each experienced a separation within a few months.

When did you start working on this new album?

Catherine Coutu : “We started before the pandemic. Maybe it was a premonition, but we had just written a song about lonely love! We were both in relationships then and not at all in a pandemic. In a way it predicted what would happen. [rires] After that, there are songs we composed on Zoom. It’s the worst thing for making music! Because you can’t sing together. Someone has a deadline. It is really terrible. After that, we started seeing each other again in the parks. “

You both separated from their respective relationships a few months apart. What impact did it have on the album?

Bertrand Pouyet “It became the theme of the album, even if it wasn’t what we were looking for at the beginning. But when we started composing, it was the topic that came up a lot, about separation, about heartbreak. And everything that turns. How can we get out of it? “

Are you a couple today?

Catherine : “Oh no! We were never a couple. We never even spoke French! And that’s why we are still together. [rires] “

How did you meet?

Bertrand “Eight years ago I was composing music. I had few beats interesting and I was looking for someone to sing about. I met Catherine at a friend’s party. We started chatting. There was one squash friendly. She made us want to make music together. “

Catherine “At the time, I had just been expelled from a band new wave that I really liked. I also had a popular duet with a friend who had stopped. The funny thing is that Bertrand was looking for an R&B singer for him beats, and me, that’s not the case at all! [rires] But we started working on a song and it all happened naturally. “

Where does the name Bronswick come from?

Catherine “First of all it comes from an NFB movie, The Bronswick Affair, which I had seen in high school. It was like a mockumentary. “

Bertrand “It’s an obscure reference, but we liked the sound of the name. It worked with our sound. Also, on the night of Catherine’s birthday, we went bowling. There is a brand of bowling called Brunswick! At the time, we were still hesitating between three names and thought it was a sign. “

What sound aesthetics did you want for the band?

Bertrand : “At first it was a bit of an R&B vibe with a very electronic side. What I had in mind for Bronswick was like Drake’s producer making a movie hit, which Gainsbourg wrote the lyrics for Blonde Redhead to sing. It was the latest fantasy! Since then the project has evolved, but there is still this idea of ​​mixing lyrics that would be closer to French songs with a mix of electronic music. ”

What does the album title mean between my insomnia ?

Catherine “We are both great sleepless. I can’t fall asleep, it’s terrible! “

Bertrand “The past two years have been tough for us. We have added our separations to the pandemic. It just strengthened that sleepless side. Also, our first album was called Nights in the plural. We wanted to keep this nocturnal image. We find that we have music that works well with the night. Not at the party level, but more because it is calm and enveloping. “

The cover of the new Bronswick album, Entre mes insomnies.

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The cover of the new Bronswick album, Entre mes insomnies.

♦ The new Bronswick album, between my insomnia, it’s available. The group will perform tonight at the Fairmount Theater as the opening act of Friday at Sea. They will also do a launch show on May 12 at Ausgang Plaza.

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