Canadian End of Season Report | Petry “does not close the door” in comeback

True reconciliation or a simple push for its CEO to hide appearances? Hard to say, but Jeff Petry changed his tone on Saturday at Brossard.

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois
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The Canadian defender took advantage of his last pass of the season in front of the microphones to indicate that he had not closed the doors on his return to Montreal. From the arrival of Martin St-Louis behind the bench to Joel Edmundson’s return to the field, passing – perhaps – through the launch of a series of interviews with Serge Fiori, there are all the elements to remind number 26 that life in Montreal can be good.

Since Martin arrived, I’ve found my game. What he implanted helped me find my game. I will take a step back to reflect, go back to my loved ones and discuss with them.

Jeff Petry

Let’s take one item at a time. First, the head coach. Many of them complimented St-Louis on this day of emptying the locker rooms. But no one put as much love into it as Petry, who seemed genuinely grateful. The fluid skater cited the efforts St-Louis made to allow him to see his three children and his wife, who is pregnant with their fourth child, again. The four remained in Michigan after the holidays.

At the end of March, for example, the Canadian was due to play games in Sunrise, Raleigh and Tampa. The small family had planned to join him there, but Petry was injured on March 24, just days before the start.

“Martin told me to come and stay in Fort Lauderdale while the team went to Carolina and to join the group in Tampa. He went out of his way to give me options. I couldn’t go in the end, but his effort really moved me. He also allowed me to go home at Easter for a short stay. I appreciate what he has done. He understood my situation. ”

That said, his performance was still mixed up, a trend that seemed to ease with Edmundson’s return in mid-March. We remember that Petry had spent a good part of last season with him, as well as almost the entire crazy series of 2021.

The two accomplices reunited as soon as Edmundson returned. For Petry it was day and night.

  • Petry without Edmundson: 4 goals, 9 assists and 13 points in 51 games, -9 records
  • Petry with Edmundson: 2 goals, 12 assists and 14 points in 17 games, -2 records

“It was a big loss for the team and for me. Last year things were going well between us and I’m really comfortable with him. Our styles are different, but we play well together. After the match [de vendredi], he hugged me and said, “I wish we’d played together longer this year.” He is a guy who really helps me. ”

The disadvantages

That said, despite this wave of enthusiasm, Petry also didn’t say with conviction that she wanted to end her career in Montreal. “I don’t want to close the door and say this is the last time I come here,” he repeated, then raised.

We understand it will be a family decision. “We love this city [Montréal]. We have loved it for eight years. We love children’s schools. But see our videos, it’s kind of crazy with us! We need all the help we can get, and with the schools closed and the uncertainty of the closures, we have decided that they will stay at home, to get all the help they need. ”

Whatever the Petries think, there is another person involved in the decision, named Kent Hughes. First, it should be noted that Hughes spoke to the media earlier in the day, prior to his end-of-season meetings with players.

Hughes wasn’t overly moved by Petry’s performances in tandem with Edmundson.

We knew Jeff was better than the player we saw in February. The question was quite familiar. We said if we could trade it, we would. But it had to work for the Canadian too, because he’s a good player.

Kent Hughes, general manager of the Canadiens

In short, Hughes has not changed his position, and it is also a way to protect himself from his counterparts who would like to have Petry on a discount simply because the player wants to change his environment.

One thing is certain: the GM has a plan B if he were to trade Petry. Most likely he should be replaced by “a veteran who has the leadership,” Hughes immediately replied, when asked what would happen in the event of a transaction. On two other occasions during his 30-minute press conference, he raised scenarios involving Petry’s departure.

Either way, it’s a coincidence that it’s more likely to move as the draft approaches, in early July. Jeff Petry will then have had time to think about his future, while Hughes will know more about what’s available on the market. If he’s looking for a veteran who has the leadership to replace Petry, he can always try his luck on the free agent market, where his former client Kris Letang is especially expected, an offensive right back who needs to exert some leadership as he wears an “A” in Pittsburgh for five years.

However, Hughes has to find a buyer for Petry, though. At 34, with a contract valid for another 3 years, at 6.25 million per season, Petry doesn’t even have the most attractive profile.

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