FC Nantes. After the draw in Lens, Antoine Kombouaré retains “many positive elements”

What is your analysis of this meeting?

“I asked my players at the end of the game if they were disappointed. They answered yes, unanimously. I told them: disappointed with what? When you hit a second half like that, you have to consider yourself lucky to get a point. That’s a good point taken, let’s keep moving forward and that’s what you need to remember. “

Yet you were up 2-0 and played over an hour in power play …

“Even if you are 2-0 ahead and have numerical superiority, if you don’t do what it takes in the 2nd half to kill the game (you had to defend well and try to score 3rd), well expose yourself. After, as we know, in a bustling stadium, and when you find yourself too often in your 16 meters, arbitration can sometimes be limited as soon as there is a foul in the penalty area. There is a penalty, whistle, there is nothing to say. But we didn’t do what it took to score the third goal. Especially since we have had situations! But when you step back, well, you’re exposing yourself. I am not disappointed today. Lens had an excellent second half, like the one we did last weekend (we were also 2-0 down). They failed to win, so much the better for us. “

In terms of intensity, this match felt like a dress rehearsal before the Coupe de France final …

“In the first half, yes, but in the second half we stopped playing a bit. Because we thought we had done the hardest part, that it was in the pocket because we were leading 2-0 and we had the numerical superiority. This is unconscious. Then, when you are eleven against ten and you do so many waves, when you suffer so many situations, it means that you no longer defend in the same way, that you no longer offer the game forward. It’s logic in football, when you don’t respect the fundamentals, you get punished. It’s a good lesson for the future, because you normally learn from your mistakes. “

What lessons can we learn from this match?

“I take away many positive aspects. This start is what we will have to do next Saturday against Nice. You will have to be efficient. In defense, be efficient too. And above all, finish the job. This is what we need to remember about this match. There are many lessons. And then there were also many absent. The interesting thing is that I managed to throw a lot of players, who scored points. It is a game that allows us to learn many lessons. “

Marcu Coco, in particular, was interesting …

“I said a lot of players, so now it’s your turn to find which ones. “

Pedro Chirivella and Nicolas Pallois, two injured players, were making their comeback …

For a boy like Pedro it was important to get back to playing. The plan was to have a great first half and above all that he could play. He was able to do training sessions and participate in this meeting. The interval is what was expected. We will now prepare him during the week so that he can play against Nice. “

Nicolas Pallois was able to play 90 minutes …

“That is why I say there are many positive lessons. That Pedro could play is important, it had been two weeks since we saw him. Nico is disappointed because we concede two goals and we don’t win. But I’m super happy to see him play 90 minutes and not complain. The suspended guys were able to work hard today (Saturday). Tomorrow they will rest like everyone else and on Monday we start an important week with this final that we want to win. “

FC Nantes. After the draw in Lens, Antoine Kombouaré retains “many positive elements”

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