Frédéric François opens up like never before about Monique, the love of his life!

Frédéric, today you are one of the rare artists who can claim to have celebrated his 50th career while being at the top. However, you went through a bad time, with the arrival of the disco in the 70s. What have you learned professionally from this most difficult period?

First, we live very badly. Because you sell millions of records and the whole generation is wiped out at once. Everyone talks only about the disco and everything else has no place on the radio. Then I fell into a disease that is spasmophilia, which reverberates over time. I was told that a show had been canceled, that there were no more concerts because the producer was gone… I didn’t understand. It took me a while to understand as a musician how romantic hits were achieved in other countries. The solution was very simple: it was enough to give up violins and everything that was worn in the 70s to update and use drum machines and samplers. And there I started making songs like “Aimer” or “Mon coeur te dit je t’aime”, without a musician … All the 80s, therefore, I used the sounds of the disco in the service of the romantic song. In that moment I realized that there was a way to renew myself.

Without getting distorted and without losing his fans …

Exactly. I know this red line that I must not cross in order not to distort myself. The public would not have met. The audience has an image of me, they like me because I’m not like the others.

No one has ever tried to copy Frédéric François …

In fact, it comes from childhood. I was rocked by my father who sang all those Neapolitan love songs out of nostalgia. As if Johnny had been lulled into rock. I mean that you don’t invent a romantic singer or a rocker. He has been following us since childhood, he marks us. And this happens in adulthood. At first, I was forced to make songs that had been hits in other countries. And when I slammed my fist on the table, to say that I wanted to make a Neapolitan song with love words that hit my heart, it was “I never loved as I love you and that’s where it all started!

And today you are one of the artists who still sell records, because your audience is very attached to the physical object …

I still have an audience that wants to offer the object and collect the photos, the words. I don’t have an audience that downloads, even if we are gradually getting there.

Your fans are very attached to you. Some have tattoos of you …

There are many ! One day, we listed all these tattoos in “Fredo Mag”. I remember a fan who had her calf tattooed “because at least we’ll see!” she told me.

There are fans and there is the woman of your life, Monique …

It is my base. I would never have written what I wrote and I would not be who I am if it weren’t for her. She was the first to encourage me.

Has he ever bothered her, all those fans, sometimes a little pushy, around you?

I’ve asked myself the question quite often. That’s why I say Monique is the one to applaud. Would many women have endured all of this? She was a captain on board when I was not there, she took care of everything, of the children. She has always told me that she is proud to have a female audience. Maybe she had to suffer, surely she too. But she never showed it. Even today she encourages me if she sees that I have a concern.

When you are at home with your family, do you, like many artists, lose the stage too?

She may have disappeared, but let’s be reasonable … Life goes by so fast. Do you spend your entire life running, leaving your wife and children to do your work? Well, it doesn’t suit me very well. I am happy when I am present at home. Savor the time at home. And my wife has no right to enjoy life, shouldn’t she have the time we have left, shouldn’t we enjoy it a little more? Don’t stop me, but organize myself so that I can devote more time to my wife. We want to live this time that is left to us to the full. But even this is no reason to neglect the public.

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