Here is your horoscope for this Sunday 1 May 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day should you expect emotionally, financially, or healthy? Take a look below with our full horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: your home, your roots are at the center of your worries. You will need to feel surrounded and reassured thanks to your family cocoon. Your loved ones will be especially attentive.

Work-money: you will have negotiations to conduct, organizational problems to solve, with the worry of getting things done smoothly. Your professional future will flow from your initiatives today.

Health: Good vitality despite some tiredness.

Mood: Small problems to solve.

A tip: a little evening with friends would do the best for you. You have to have fun.


Love: family, children will be at the center of your concerns today. You can count on your partner’s support. You will face the problems of family life together, you will be on the same wavelength. Life for singles will be very routine and dating opportunities will be low. You have to think about thinking outside the box to have a chance to find love.

Work-Money: Don’t follow the pace of some of your colleagues who are more agitated than efficient at all costs. Do not get caught up in their little game and follow the path you have chosen, you will more surely reach your goals. Take some time to check your accounts to avoid throwing your budget out of balance with unnecessary expenses or purchases that can wait for a better period.

Health: you need rest. In fact, you’ve been pulling the rope for some time and your body will end up rebelling or letting you go. Don’t wait until you’ve run out of energy to rest and relax.

Mood: Energetic day.

Tip: Treat yourself to a little relaxing massage, unless your partner is up to it.


Love: Moments of great complicity for indigenous couples. If you are alone, you may want to delve into a budding or long-distance relationship.

Work-money: You will be able to establish very interesting contacts, successfully present ideas. You will have nothing to fear, contrary to what you think.

Health: eat healthy. Don’t abuse starchy foods.

Mood: Fascinating day.

Advice: Take care to put yourself in value, choose your outfit well even if there is no particular occasion.


Love: You will be criticized for your time management and lack of availability. Be careful not to offend your loved ones and not to neglect them. Review your priorities.

Work-money: You will be eager to participate in a project. You should consider training in a new area. You will need more skills to carry out your initiatives.

Health: eliminates toxins. They are the cause of all your ailments and general fatigue.

Mood: This day will be busy.

Tip: If you have a sedentary job you need physical activity to avoid gaining weight.


Love: you risk complicating your life and compromising your sentimental stability. Pay more attention to your couple.

Work-money: you must carefully avoid any initiative or impulsive approach. Take a step back and learn to manage your emotions.

Health: good endurance.

Mood: vigilance is key.

Tip: you have the art of complicating the simplest situations! Make an effort to make your life easier!


Love: Your feelings of love will transport you to a little cloud. You will have the art of putting your partner on hot coals! This tactic will keep you from falling into a routine. Single, you will be determined to take full advantage of your freedom!

Work-money: The work you will have to do will require a good dose of concentration and tenacity. This will be the time to nudge. Your initiatives will be very welcome. You will need to remain vigilant in the area of ​​finance.

Health: You will not lack tone despite the possibility of ailments related to stress and nervous tension.

Mood: Not just any day!

Tip: you have energy but try not to spread too much so as not to waste it.


Love: Single, right now you are experiencing the vertigo of love and this new sensation seems both intoxicating and a little unsettling to you. You have a hard time accepting that you are not in full control of your emotions. The routine of married life could be upset by the unexpected arrival of a relative or friend.

Work-money: you will need others to carry out an ambitious project within your work. Agree to delegate certain tasks. You will have to work as a team if you want to achieve your goals. Don’t lend money today, you’ll never see it again!

Health: You will be in excellent physical and mental shape, which will propel you forward without taking the time to take breaks.

Mood: Contacts are preferred.

Tip: you will not notice the time passing! Watch from time to time so as not to have a sleepless night.


Love: Whether you are single or in a couple, dare to talk about love, the stars support you and you will be heard.

Work-Money: You will have the opportunity to be recognized for your merits. Don’t doubt yourself. Your results will be excellent.

Health: Your good hygiene of life avoids you small transient disturbances.

Mood: You have the wind in the sails.

Tip: take care of your appearance, show off, don’t just rely on your natural charm.


Love: Family relationships improve dramatically. Your relationship with your partner will be much more harmonious and each will support the other. Single, you have to know what you really want and that’s the hardest thing.

Work-money – you will enter a period of success, material achievements and even greater prestige. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in the spotlight. Your career industry will be subject to very powerful celestial influences, which can translate into major opportunities.

Health: Your tone will be excellent, you just need to avoid overdoing it or overstepping your limits.

Mood: Everything is getting better and better!

Tip: don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm, be realistic!


Love: be careful, your partner’s love is not yours. Knowing how to keep the fire of passion by being attentive and capable of surprises!

Work-Money: You will not support certain behaviors and you will not hesitate to make it known! While it is always advisable to take, you should still be more tolerant of certain people.

Health: good physical stamina.

Mood: Attention, nothing is certain!

Tip: You’ve gained confidence, but that shouldn’t push you to authoritarian.


Love: you will follow your instincts and you will be full of energy. You will reconcile with the people who are important to you and you will swear not to cause more conflict. All you have to do is keep it.

Work-money: the announced changes become clearer. Financially, you’d do well to be a little more forward-thinking. You cannot deny that you are aware of the situation to come.

Health: take care of your body.

Mood: Pretty nice day.

Tip: The ideal would be to establish a real budget, which prevents you from spending without thinking!


Love: flowers, going out, surprises … Spend treasures of imagination to please your partner and he will appreciate it even more if he doesn’t expect it. If you are looking for a soul mate, you will not meet THE person today.

Labor Money: An unforeseen event could unlock a situation that you have not been able to change. You will have to exercise authority if you want this to end well.

Health: Exercise to stay fit, but don’t try to push your limits.

Mood: Possibility of a good surprise.

Tip: Don’t wait for your next swimming vacation. You probably have a swimming pool near your home.

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