his daughter Sasha is having an affair with the son of a movie star

Recall that Sasha Obama did not have a childhood like any other. In fact, she is a child who lived eight extraordinary years in the White House when her father was president of the United States. Now that political life is behind her and she can live like any young woman her age. At just 20 years old, Michelle and Barack Obama’s daughter has been in love with the son of a well-known American actor for several months. We explain who she is.

Sasha Obama: What about Barack Obama’s youngest daughter?

Although the father was highly publicized during his years in the White House, he was always careful to preserve his two daughters. Indeed, Malia and Sasha Obama are accessible and straightforward people. During an interview with the former American president by our colleagues from the magazine People, this explains that his daughters had not retained any consequences of this political life and he was very proud of it. ” There have been great joys in the White House. There has never been a time when we didn’t recognize what an extraordinary privilege it was to be there. Above all, our girls came out unscathed and are wonderful, kind, caring, creative“, He confessed loud and clear. He does not hide that he is a fulfilled and proud father of his offspring! Recall that when Malia and Sasha was elected they were very young as they were only 10 and 7 years old.

Michelle Obama’s moving statements about her daughters

Today they are no longer children, but experienced young women who feel good about themselves. In fact, they’ve grown well from their years in the White House. Michelle Obama had even stated on the Ellen DeGeneres show that they have beautiful love stories. ” They loved the Jonas Brothers and now they bring men home“, Swung the former First Lady with humor.

He then added: Before, he only liked pop bands. Now they have boyfriends, real lives. They have grown up before our eyes and are doing well“. According to American journalists, the youngest Sasha lives a fairy tale with a young man … Who is the lucky one? This is Powell Jr, the son of American actor Clifton Powell. He starred in the feature film Ray.

How is Sasha Obama’s love story going?

The young woman is 20 years old and like all girls of her age she is in love. In fact, she’s been in heaven ever since she dated her boyfriend Clifton Powell Jr. Several pictures of the lovebirds have been circulating and we can read the happiness on their faces … But, so what does the dear and tender lei do about her in her life? ? The young man first started by investing completely in sports, especially basketball. Now he has a pretty important place. In fact, he is commercial director and produces content for sports brands Nike And Platoon.

According to the sources of the journalists of the Daily mail, the couple met over the summer period last year. Sasha Obama left the University of Michigan to continue her studies in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California. One thing is for sure, we wish them the same happiness and longevity as their parents… In fact, Barack and Michelle Obama recently celebrated their 29 years of marriage!

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