Long Covid in Caen: Nathalie, mother of 3, has been suffering from it for two years

“Sometimes my migraines can leave me in bed for two or three days,” notes Nathalie who suffers from a long Covid. © Arnaud HEROULT

A small house in Mondeville, next to Caen (Calvados), this is where Nathalie Demagnez has lived for some time. But since the beginning of 2020, her home is practically her only horizon. Diagnosed long covidthe 50-year-old medical secretary does not see the end of the tunnel.

the coronavirus, it was almost from the start of her first birth in the spring of 2020 that she became infected with it. Definitely at work. “We have to remember that in the beginning we didn’t have masks or we didn’t have enough. It was one for the week, the bosses were fighting for it, but there was none. “

“My heart goes too fast”

April 2, 2020. Nathalie cannot forget this date, the one on which she knows she has contracted the coronavirus.

I had the symptoms of a heart attack: severe chest pain, back pain, numb hands.

At the beginning of her illness “there were no more places in the hospital, my doctor called me every day and someone from the emergency room followed me too. I got home care, my neighbors came too. ”

The days that followed, the fever went up, but above all problems that never completely passed. Heart, lungs and kidneys are affected ”and more respiratory problems. The kidney has healed, but I’m still having trouble breathing. My heart goes too fast. Nathalie resumes her job, six months in part-time therapy, but she is arrested in October 2020.

Just crossing the street tires me, I am always exhausted, exhausted, I have no energy.

The Ouistrehamaise of birth sleeps a lot, “it may be 14:00 a day. I do something and go back to sleep. “

A regular sportswoman, she ran 30km a week and never missed her dance sessions at the rate of three or four a week. “She is demoralizing.”

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“For 10% it lasts a lot”

“A month ago I went to take exams at the University Hospital of Caen. I am hyperventilated, have too much oxygen in my blood. Doctors don’t know what to do if it continues. My doctor believes that 10% of long Covids last a very long time. ”

Today Nathalie is being treated for her depression and asthma symptoms.

His sunshine is his family, three children, two of whom are at home raising them alone. “And for two months a nephew gives me strength. Fortunately, the children help me, like my 72-year-old mother. “

Nathalie had a housekeeper. But because her arm was in a cast after falling down the stairs. “I also lost my balance, I also injured my knee when I fell again. ”

“I can’t stand being tired anymore”

To combat the loss of memory and concentration “I write what is important or I tell the children to remind me, it is painful, it has been going on for two years. “

Yet Nathalie believes that “it’s much better. At first, it took me 15 minutes to get from the sofa to the bathroom. Everything is relative, on Sunday 10 April for the presidential elections Nathalie went to her polling station. “I’m 200 meters away, it took me half an hour to recover. ”

He gets up, opens the French door to let his two cats in. She sits up and breathes even more heavily after walking only a few meters. “I can’t stand being tired anymore. ”

His hope is to integrate a follow-up care and rehabilitation institution that has a long Covid unit. There are nine of them in Calvados. Including that of the Korian Brocéliande clinic in Caen, opened in January 2022 and is already “full”, reports the clinic.

Meanwhile, Nathalie also went to see a magnetizer. “Believe it or not, she relieved me of my pain. This is not incompatible with traditional medicine: «I test the drugs, where I am and obviously I am vaccinated. To avoid doing it again and to protect others. “

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