“Make sure it goes better next year”

Even if there are still three games left to play, with a very limited stake given that Amiens SC can at most aim for a place of honor in the first part of the standings, the time has already come for the balance and the projection on the next season for Philippe Hinschberger. Maintenance.

Philippe, what positive things will you take away from this first season at Amiens SC?

There have been some negative things with our start to the season and the first three months. The good thing was our transfer window in August, it was good and we certainly couldn’t have it in June. There is also the fact of repositioning. When your name is Amiens, you’re in your twenties, you don’t play smart, you aren’t formatted for that. The whole club, the fans, the press, the members, the managers, nobody expects it. You have to reposition yourself on low goals, get points, climb the rankings. You are happy when you find yourself fourteenth! Then hold on. When you’ve been sick like us, you don’t do a 100m sprint the next day. We lived a period in the heart of winter in the house where people were served. It was impressive and it was really cool.

Were you surprised by what you experienced here?

I was amazed at the plethora of players that were there when I arrived. In the first tests we did at the beginning of the season, seventeen players have started since then. We test the players who leave! Apart from shooting the results in their new club, I don’t see the point. I hope this is not the case this summer. We know we put our feet up in a club that just went down, it’s very cool. You have to understand it, accept it and make sure it goes better next year, that it matches what I want to work well with.

What gives hope for good recruiting in early summer?

We have to make the effort because when you start with an inexperienced or too young team, it’s not good. Mathis played his first seven games as a starter and took set pieces. Imagine the sum of the questions asked of a twenty-year-old boy who has played ten games in Ligue 2. he did the same job as van den Boomen, you compare the two players and it shows that it is very difficult. It must serve as a lesson to us, that we start our season with the maximum picture of what we can keep this year to have benchmarks, references and graft onto it. It is certain that if you lose 75% of your standard squad, you will be back in the rebuilding. Among the people at the end of the contract who do not want to stay, those who do not want to keep, there will still be the change but we should have some key pieces that we will be able to keep.

When it comes to commitment, for Amiens SC it is above all a financial effort …

Yes, because a guy likes it Mateo Pavlovic Angers is very expensive because of Ligue 1, which is expensive for a Ligue 2 club. Here there were already big salaries due to the lineage and profiles of the guys you went looking for in previous years. The company has thought about it, we know that we need fewer players, that we lower our paychecks. It is necessary that on the three or four positions that we will miss, have people ready and who know the division, without being in the training of the boys who arrive and that we have a job that takes too long.

Do you have any guarantees that things will be really different next season?

Fortunately, yes. We started on certain things because we thought we would move forward, we started meetings with John some time ago to fine-tune the squad, find out what we are doing with certain players, what we do on loan. These are things that need to be decided today. We started doing it well but we need to refine a bit. After that, there are players that you are balanced on at first or not, but it doesn’t have to be in the middle of your squad.

You mentioned the difficulty of having some players in June …

Look at Jessy Benet. I called him in June, but she was expecting Germany or Spain. After, for certain reasons, a boy who doesn’t sign is a boy who is healed but it was the beginning of September and we were on the eighth or ninth day and it took him a month to get in. It is a waste of time.

It could happen again this year …

All clubs have it in mind that you will be your team until August 31st. Agents multiply, contacts multiply, make you dream. Football is the mirror of the larks! Here we had a young player who didn’t play much. During the winter break, I asked his agent to loan it to Ligue 2 and his agent laughed in my face. He was talking about lending it to Ligue 1! We loaned eight players and only one player, Florian Bianchini. They don’t play for the national team.

Could free players be an alternative to allowing Amiens SC to recruit earlier?

Above all, we need people who come for a real project over the span of two or three years, whether they are identified with the club and with the project. Amiens has the means to put in paychecks which may be attractive to a few players. There is no need for full backs who are paid in the tens of thousands of euros. On the other hand, if you want strikers scoring goals, it’s not 2000 a month! Between those you can work on, the young people you can integrate and those who lower the average salary, the calculation is quick for me.

Interview by Romain PECHON

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