Marc Payan, the man behind the Porsche Club Auvergne

Porsche is one of the two themes selected for the first 2022 meeting of the traditional Sunday and monthly Charade Classic gathering. There are many fans of the Stuttgart brand in Auvergne and the Porsche Club Auvergne is particularly dynamic. This meeting was a good opportunity to meet Marc Payan, its president.

Marc Payan loves big American V8 engines and rides the streets of Clermont on a Harley-Davisdon every day. This passion for overseas production does not prevent him from loving another mechanical philosophy, the one developed in Germany by the Porsche brand. It was in 2004, when he was preparing to acquire a kind of dragster of which only the Americans have the secret, that it was pointed out that if he had bought a “small” Porsche Boxster S, he would probably have more fun driving. . Just tried, just adopted, it has reached the fourth. Because he loves to talk about mechanics, Marc Payan entered the office of the Porsche Club of Auvergne very quickly, passing over the years from member to treasurer, vice president and finally president. He was also recently a member of the national circuit committee and now heads the coordination section of the Porsche club federation, which has around 22 clubs spread across France.

“What I like is the organization”

“A Porsche is a Porsche whatever the model,” explains Marc Payan. “Our club has 250 members, mainly 911 owners of Boxster and Cayman. There are also a few other models, even the Cayenne, but an SUV is not necessarily suitable for the proposed events ”. The club’s annual calendar has 40 dates, which is very consistent. “What I like is the organization of the meetings … Every month we offer a concentrate, among others in Charade Classique but not only, a tourist meeting lasting one or more days, circuit driving and a convivial evening. of our members take part in all the meetings, others only do the rallies, still others swear by the track. What unites all, however, is the passion for cars “.

A human adventure

“What I remember of my 18 years with the club is above all the human adventure. In total, more than 1000 people have been members of the club since its inception. We meet for fun because our activities are recreational activities. The priority is above all social interaction, not business. »When asked how much this leisure activity, which some would consider luxurious, could cost, the president replied« A second-hand Porsche can cost less than a new minivan… one is for 20,000 euros. But a sports model is still a toy that is not very suitable for everyday use. What is certain is that these cars hardly lose value. The older ones also tend to earn some, but club members aren’t here to speculate. They just want to have fun with the fans “. There’s no need to ask Marc Payan for advice on buying a Porsche, he won’t give any. On the other hand, he will propose to come to an exchange event with the mechanics lovers who have taken the plunge. There is no particular profile within the club. Members are aged between 40 and 80 and there are more and more women.

This Sunday in charade

We can trust Marc Payan to help the team refereeing on the circuit in organizing the Charade Classic. Thanks to his address book and his contacts, about 200 Porsches are expected to hit the track this Sunday. In the Paddock an exhibition, set up in collaboration with the Porsche Center of Clermont, will give the opportunity to take a nice journey through time with a “doyenne” type 356 from 1963, all the different 911 models for a period of almost 60 years old and a recent electric Taycan, a nod to the Lohner Porsche Semper Vivus, The hybrid prototype of Ferdinand Porsche which, in 1900, worked with electric motors in the wheels and a petrol engine. The club will hold its usual stand, a visit will be an opportunity to discuss the brand and to see that the Auvergne porschisti are, above all, friendly and open to others.

Charade Classic: Porsche theme and all motorcycle brands.
Sunday 1 May 2022, from 9:00 to 12:30, free admission. Information

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