Mathieu from L’amour est dans le pré puts a shocking confidence in Alexandre!

Mathieu revealed that he had many doubts at the beginning of his relationship with Alexandre. M6 broadcast a report on the great age differences in love.

Difficult beginnings for Mathieu and Alexandre. If you’ve been following Love is in the meadow for several years, it’s impossible to forget Mathieu and Alexandre. Since their meeting on the M6 ​​show, the two lovebirds have lived happily together.

Better still, on June 26, 2021, they said “yes” for their whole life, in the presence of their loved ones. But not only that, the ex peasants of the show were also present during the ceremony. Karine Le Marchand, the presenter, was the witness of one of the two men.

But if everything goes well today, it hasn’t always been this way. Indeed, at the beginning of their relationship, Mathieu was full of doubts when he imagined his future with the young man, now 26 years old. It must be said that the two men are more than 20 years apart and for the older of the two it was not easy: I didn’t want someone younger than me like that. It just wasn’t possible, he said.

Mathieu has almost left his partner

Before meeting Alexandre, Mathieu would never have imagined falling in love with such a young man. And even less to live with him later: I never imagined meeting someone 20 years younger. That’s why he was very worried at first: he’s scary. Frankly, he’s scary. For me the first two or three months were hell for him because every day I was in doubt.

Faced with Alexandre, Mathieu did not hesitate to share his daily fears with him. He specifically mentioned the future of their couple: in ten years, you realize that you will be 35, you will be in your prime. That was enough to make him lose faith in himself: I had almost left him, almost. Eventually, it took him a driving accident to realize there was nothing he could do about his feelings about him. Indeed, the former candidate of Love is in the meadow understood that he could not live without his partner.

Soon fathers thanks to the GPA?

Their love is stronger. So much so that Mathieu and Alexandre have mentioned their desire to become fathers. From now on, lovers are trying to start a family, more united than ever, breaking a bank to be able to realize their dream thanks to the GPA. Because yes, all of this has a cost. Also, with the war in Ukraine, they still don’t know how to make everything happen forever. On People Act Magazine, we wish them the best of luck.

Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the meadow): this difficult breakup that tears them apart

Mathieu and Alexandre, the emblematic couple of the fifteenth season of “Love is in the meadow” are more in love than ever. While their happiness seemed perfect, today they are going through a difficult time, their separation. Don’t worry, the editorial staff of People Act Magazine tells you everything. You are ready ?

Mathieu and Alexandre separate

Impossible for the viewers of Love is in the meadow to forget Mathieu and Alexandre. The two candidates had touched the hearts of the French in season 15 of the show. Since their meeting, the two lovebirds have never left. In fact, almost a year ago, they said yes all their lives, in the presence of their loved ones. But not only. For the occasion were also present the ex peasants of the show and Karine Le Marchand, who was the witness of one of the two men.

When they met, Alexandre and Mathieu thought they would never have to spend a minute without each other again. Unfortunately, they had to separate for a few weeks. Remember, a few days ago, Mathieu and Alexandre left for Martinique to carry out a mission for the KAP Caraïbes association: we will go to the West Indies, mainly Martinique, to help the KAP Caraïbes association. We will go around high school talking about love, homosexuality and integration.

Alessandro is nostalgic

For Mathieu and Alexandre it was about going to high school to talk openly about homosexuality. But in this region talking about this topic is not easy.

It must be said that 80% of the population of this island is homophobic: it is a great challenge. Going there as a gay couple is fine. But going there as a gay couple who exposes themselves through radio and television shows is much more risky. That’s why they separated.

As you can see, Mathieu stayed behind while Alexandre returned to France. And separation is not that simple. In fact, this is the first time the two lovebirds have separated in so long. Suddenly, nostalgia begins to settle on both sides. And a few days ago, the couple posted a souvenir photo. Through a photo that immortalizes their union, Alexandre recounts the separation.

A beautiful love message

It is therefore through particularly strong words that Alexandre wanted to once again declare his love for Alexandre: THE FAILURE OF YOU.


Separation may have virtue, but it is often marked by lack. We have lived together these last 2 years H24: work, family, projects, our commitments, we read in the caption. A life at 200 km / h. Few people have experienced as much as we have in such a short time.

Is it the fear of disease or our energy? Definitely a mixture of both. Soon our two bodies will embrace again for new adventures, even more crazy and intense. Love each other. But fear not, his other half will be back soon, in mid-April.

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