Morbihan: involved in a fatal brawl with the skateboard, the young man remains in prison

The deadly brawl took place near the halls of Questembert (Morbihan) in October 2018. © Bruno Corpet (Quoique) / Wikimedia commons

The investigative chamber of the Court of Appeal from Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) he refused Friday 29 April 2022 to free one of the alleged authors of the deadly brawl which occurred on 20 October 2018 at the exit of the tobacconist of Les Halles, Questembert (Morbihan).

Tonight in October 2018 the gendarmes had been called by the fire brigade “for a fight” which took place in the halls around 9.15pm. The victim, “drunk” and under the influence of cannabis as revealed by the toxicological analysis, had “come to meet the young people” before being “instructed to leave the bistro” by this same group, in which S .. appeared.

Five convictions to his credit

This young man, then 19, had previously “wanted to defend his friends”. Then, letting oneself be “dominated by adrenaline and nervousness”. He will report to the investigators that “the manager of the tobacco bar encouraged them to kick the victim”, specified the magistrate in charge of summarizing the file, during the hearing of the investigation chamber, this Thursday, April 28, 2022.

Already convicted five times (theft, contempt, drug use, etc.), he admitted to the investigators that he “used a skateboard to hit” while one of his collaborators also hit the victim with his bare hands. The group eventually dispersed, leaving the 28-year-old man on the ground.

Multiple injuries

The “forty-five minutes of resuscitation” operated by the fire brigade will ultimately not allow him to be resuscitated and his death will be recorded shortly before 10pm. He suffered from “multiple injuries,” but in fact it was “severe head trauma with a blunt object” that led to his death, according to doctors.

First placed in custody, S. was then assigned to the residence under an electronic bracelet in this case, then released under judicial control pending trial before the Assize Court. He then worked as a “deliverer” in a “motorcycle transport company” which closed in the summer of 2021.

Arrest in possession of 200 cartons of cigarettes

Still unemployed, he was arrested in January 2022 al Leone d’Angers (Maine and Loire), even though he was “forbidden to leave Morbihan” and was in possession of “200 cartons of contraband cigarettes”. For his acts he was sentenced to daily fines and a customs fine of 5,000 euros, it was specified during the hearing of the investigative chamber of the Rennes Court of Appeal, but mostly he returned to prison.

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A prison that he saw “hardly”, his lawyer had written to the magistrates of Rennes. Her client also “set up support”, “enrolled in courses” and “got a place in the labs,” Me Anne Gastine pointed out.

A hearing before the Court of Assizes

Above all, the young man wants to “arrive with good practice” and not “as a prisoner” before the Morbihan Assize Court, where he will appear with his friend for “violence in a meeting that led to death without any intention of giving it” . “I know I have a very large file waiting for me,” he told the investigative chamber of the Rennes Court of Appeals.

From a professional point of view. He absolutely does not want to pass [sa] life imprisonment ”and wishes to“ work in the markets ”; on the facts of which he is accused, “he took the time to think about all this”.

The Advocate General opposes his release

However, the Advocate General opposed his release, recalling that “the death of a man in extremely violent circumstances” had occurred. It was therefore “preferable to remain in detention”, especially since this crime committed in Lion-d’Angers “is not anecdotal” and is part of a “delinquent reflex that raises questions”.

Finally, the magistrates agreed with the opinion of the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and refused to release him.

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