NHL: Martin St-Louis is already preparing his return

Martin St-Louis is still without a contract for next year. And it doesn’t seem to stress him in the slightest.

The coach has practically snatched the interim qualification attached to his title himself since his hiring last February indicating, after 82And and the last game of the season, that a simple conversation with its general manager Kent Hughes should settle the matter.

When asked if we could read between the lines that he was basically confirming his return, St-Louis said a little “yes, yes” between two sips of water.

St-Louis even indicated that his wife and their children would remain in the United States next year while he would be in Montreal.

After his team took advantage of the fizz of a final regular-season game played in front of his fans and the Florida Panthers shed their best elements to sign a 10-2 win, St-Louis also added. that once the season is over the routine is over, he would already focus on preparing for next season. The first real of him behind the Habs bench.

“As a player, I could never completely put hockey aside during the off season. The wheel has been spinning all summer in my head. I was thinking about the things I needed to improve and how to make those improvements, “she said.

At the dawn of his first summer as NHL head coach, St-Louis seems convinced that his old habits will take over in the not too distant future.

“We will have meetings with the players in the next few days. We will also have meetings with the staff to prepare for the summer. But I know very well that I will be listening to a lot of hockey in the coming weeks, “agreed the coach before providing further clarification that demonstrates the level of passion St-Louis brings to his new job. transform the Canadiens into a club capable of winning much more than the match of 32And and absolute last place.

“When I tell you I’m going to watch hockey, I have to add that I’m not going to watch it as an amateur if you know what I mean,” St. Louis told me at his press conference.

I don’t know if you understand the same thing as me. But what I understand from this clarification is that he will closely follow many playoff games starting on Monday. Series that promise to be as exciting as possible in both associations. And that far from just watching the games, St-Louis will also take notes on the players who might come and help him achieve his goal of making the Canadian a club capable of returning to the playoffs and doing well there. of a simple act of presence.

Si on ajoute aux succès qu’il a connus depuis son arrivée derrière le banc du Canadien le fait qu’il ait été sélectionné par Jeff Gorton et Kent Hughes qui ont misé gros enoffering the job d’entraîneur-chef de leur nouvelle équipe à a “coach” de hockey mineur, the easy east of croire que les patrons de St-Louis seront très attentifs aux commentaires que leur entraîneur-chef, bientôt libéré de son titre intérimaire, déposera dans les boîtes à suggestions accrochées à la porte de leur office.

Comments that will undoubtedly resemble requests, even requests.

But there’s more: if coach Martin St-Louis sticks to the same routine that superstar Martin St-Louis has set himself and the coach spends the next few months identifying the things he needs to improve and looking for the best ways to make such improvements, the next retreat will be very interesting.

And we will be looking forward to participating as we have been looking forward to the 2021-2022 season of misery to end on Friday.

A season during which the Canadian suffered 60 defeats, but avoided reaching the plateau of 50 defeats in regulation time (22-49-9-2). A part of the season during which the CH led by Martin St-Louis kept the record of 14-20-2-2.

Before working out his attack plan for his first retirement as Canadiens’ head coach, Martin St-Louis will have to work hard in terms of housework and parental involvement to pay off his debts to his wife and children. However, they are likely to hear about hockey from time to time. But hey: he must be part of the usual family conversations …

Price: uncertainty persists

While St-Louis was very explicit about his future at the helm of the Canadiens, he was much less explicit about Carey Price’s future.

He doesn’t know – or doesn’t want to anticipate anything – if Carey Price played his last game in Canadian on Friday. If he played his last game in his career, despite being still under contract for the next four seasons.

He said, however, that this easy win was just as satisfying for his top goalkeeper as it was for the fans to whom the Canadiens owe this kind of cheer to finish a very difficult season during which their favorites are far away for. spoil them.

“I am convinced that this victory is important for him. He wasn’t given any help in the first two games. He has been struggling all year to get back in shape. He solved his problems. Like all champions, Carey sets important performance goals. He is very critical of himself. It was good for him to finish high, “said St-Louis.

Carey Price was supposed to meet the reporters after the game. The fifth since he returned to the pitch, all postponed to Saturday due to the celebrations in progress in the locker room.

Hello Pierre Gervais!

After a day in which Canadiens players showered him with gifts, former Habs and other players who “benefited” from his Olympics or World Cup services with Team Canada praised, Pierre Gervais came to comment on his career as an attendant. to equipment with the Habs. A career that ended on Friday after 35 seasons spent pampering the players who paraded in his “his of him” dressing room.

During these 35 seasons, Gervais has seen players pass by. Some good, some very good, some not so good, some not good at all. But he gave them all the attention they deserved by sharpening the skates as they required, adjusting the pieces of equipment as they wanted, sharing with them the frenzy of victory, the agony of defeat, all like the whims of everyday life.

This is the camaraderie that will be missed by Pierre Gervais, who took the liberty of helping his players after Friday’s game. Helping Carey Price and Shea Weber in particular.

“Carey is an exceptional goalkeeper, but also an exceptional man. He was often the first in the locker room early in the morning with me. We shared a lot together. I could see how hard he has worked in recent years to deal with injuries. I don’t know what the future holds for him. I am not a doctor. I hope he can recover his strength and have some more good seasons. But if it was his last game, it was a fantastic way to finish “, launched by Pierre Gervais.

Nothing to dispel the uncertainty about the future of the champion.

Pierre Gervais was instrumental in the deal that brought Shea Weber to Montreal. After a short night’s sleep in Nashville, where he was attending the annual NHL equipment managers meeting, Gervais was awakened at 6:30 am by a call from his then general manager: Marc Bergevin.

Gervais had joined Weber during the Olympic Games and his d.-g. he wanted to know what he thought of the Predators defender because it was possible to get him back from PK Subban.

“I told him: do it quickly. I told him to send the cards to the League – to confirm the deal – before the Predators ask again. It’s nothing against PK who was a good guy, but Shea Weber is a phenomenon, ”Gervais assured.

While in Montreal, Shea Weber came to the ice center to pay tribute to Pierre Gervais with the rest of his teammates. He will be in Montreal for the next few days. It seems certain that he will pay homage to Guy Lafleur exhibited in state, Sunday and Monday, at the Bell Center, and that he will also be at the funeral celebrated on Tuesday with the majority of his teammates.

Pierre Gervais also praised the courage of all the players he considers to be at times unfairly criticized.

“If you only knew what cars these guys are. Calendars are exhausting, they play despite injuries and sometimes it hurts me to hear criticism about them. “

Glass of champagne in hand, Pierre Gervais described the contribution of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield in the locker room and on the ice as refreshing.

As for the champagne, it looked very nice and very good in the flute that the young retiree was holding, but Gervais took the liberty of adding that it is much better drunk from a Stanley cup. What he was able to do twice during his 35-year career with the Canadian’s organization.

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