On board the Titanic, the tragic love story of Cissy and a young employee

A Titanic brooch will soon be auctioned in England. It had been offered to the young Roberta Maioni by an employee of the ocean liner she had fallen in love with and who would have saved her life.

It is a simple object but full of a tragic story. British auction house Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd will soon be listing a pin worn by a Titanic employee. The small crest in the shape of a white star – representing the White Star Line, the shipping company to which the ocean liner belonged – was offered by an onboard steward to a young woman he fell in love with during the cruise. The starting price is estimated at around 28,000 euros and could reach up to 72,000 euros.

The story of the two young men is often compared to that of Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s cult film. On 10 April 1912, Roberta Maioni boarded the first class of the dream ship from Southampton. Originally from Norwich, the 21-year-old she works in the service of Lucy Noëlle Martha Dyer-Edwardes, the Countess of Rothes. The maid of the rich British man, Roberta, nicknamed “Cissy” by those close to her, immediately meets the butler in charge of their cabin, with whom she gradually falls in love. But their romance will only last a few days. On April 14, the Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The crew’s lack of preparation for such a situation, when the boat doesn’t have enough lifeboats, turns this cold night into hell. As the passengers try hard to escape the ship, Cissy is saved by her young lover. “He escorted her from her cabin to dinghy number 8 and made sure she was safe,” writes the Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd. website. the young man offers her his badge. “He gave her this pin in the shape of a white star, which he wore on his uniform, to ask her to remember him, while then he turned around,” explains the auction house, which adds that the administrator has not survived the tragedy he has. killed about 1,500 people. Cissy, she will come out, just like the countess she accompanied.

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Cissy survived after getting aboard an inflatable boat like this one, aided by the young steward she was in love with.


Throughout her life, Roberta Maioni made it a duty to honor the memory of the man to whom she owed her life. She “she Told her family about how she survived the Titanic and she talked about this young steward she met on board. She said she fell in love with him and he fell in love with her, “auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told the Daily Mail. The latter adds that Cissy – who died in 1963 – hasn’t given anyone the name of the clerk. Titanic, “maybe because she got married after the tragedy”, “but she kept this little girl. Brooch.” It was about to happen to her. But whatever the reason, it’s an incredibly touching object that has a direct link to the Titanic, ”continues Andrew Aldridge.

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“I still haven’t realized the danger I was in …”

Years after the sinking of the ocean liner, Roberta decided to tell her story aboard the Titanic, in a moving text. She repeatedly approaches the young man she fell in love with, but she also conjures up Captain Edward Smith. She says she spent the early night of April 14 in a music room before returning to her cabin, where she lost her balance after the shock with the iceberg. She remembers being informed of what had just happened but that at the moment there didn’t seem to be any danger. “Then, a few minutes later, the commissioner came back to tell me not to be afraid but to get dressed quickly, put on the life jacket and go on deck”. “Still not realizing the danger I was in, I joked with him about the fun way the jacket was organized. He didn’t answer but smiled very sadly and shook his head. Then I realized that something serious had happened ”.

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What’s after this announcement

What’s after this announcement

Then he talks about the ice everywhere on the ground, the people in panic and the men who are afraid of having to leave the women and children in the canoes. Once away from the ocean liner, she with 35 other people aboard boat number 8, she remembers “the terrible cries of the twelve hundred men, women and children left behind. Then came a terrible silence, even more terrible than the sound that had just occurred before ”. Several hours later, Roberta and her boss were picked up by RMS Carpathia, all the way to New York.

Because the young woman was registered as a Countess, her family only learned weeks later that she had survived, in a letter sent by the White Star Line. “We are happy to inform you that Miss Maioni is among the rescue list, who is undoubtedly her daughter”, she reads. She eventually managed to return to England. In 1919 she married London businessman Cunliffe Bolling. The White Star Line letter is also auctioned. Aldridge House says these records were sold by a private collector, who managed to purchase them from Roberta’s descendants about 20 years ago. In total, the collection surrounding the young waitress is estimated at around 90,000 euros.

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