Tennis: same maintenance goal for US Orléans, CJF Fleury and AS Gien at the Interclubs de tennis

L’Orléanaises will know a little better what to expect this Sunday, May 1st, once they attached themselves to the Belfortaines, in Belfort. “The weakest team, a priori,” anticipates Patrick Hardouin. With ratings ranging from -2/6 to 15/1.

The USO is otherwise better equipped, in particular the sisters Cirotte, Chloé and Astrid (-15). “But Chloe, who is studying in the US, will not be joining us for the past three days“, specifies the leader of Orleans. Adriana Rajkovic (-15) or Elena Malygina (n ° 26) will replace her during her absence; Ana Jikia, the Georgian, and Émilie Thauvin, still there, will complete the four bases.

The calendar
May 1 N2F: Belfort – US Orleans. N3M: Brive-Fleury; Nancy – Gien. N4M: Marly – United States Orleans.
May 8 N2F: US Orleans – Méru. N3M: Fleury-Albert; Gien – La Ferté / Jouarre. N4M: Villebon-USE.
May 15 N2F: Gorron – US Orleans. N3M: Strasbourg-Fleury; Gien Mondeville. N4M: Champagne / Senna – USE.
May 22 N2F: Mondeville – USE. N3M: Fleury – Maison-Alfort; Gien-Grenoble. N4M: Pornichet-USE.
May 29 N2F: USE – Sarcelles. N3M: La Baule-Fleury; Gien-Meudon. N4M: United States Orleans – St-Lô.

“To support oneself, it will be necessary win a second game“, Patrick Hardouin projects. Gorron? Mondeville? With their numbered series, Méru and Sarcelles still seem untouchable.

The group.Elena Malygina (n ° 26, 22 years old, Est.), Chloé Cirotte (-15, 21 years old), Adriana Rajkovic (-15, 26 years old, Cro.), Astrid Cirotte (-15, 19 years old), Ana Jikia ( -2/6, 31 years old, Geo.), Émilie Thauvin (2/6, 40 years old), Élise Sancelme (3/6, 30 years old).

Men’s National Team 3

“There are negative players everywhere, with densities between -2/6 and 1/6 …” Thierry Guilbon believes that “apart from La Baule, a little further down, four or five teams are” in group H Captain Fleuryssois has too much experience, however, not to be wary of appearances. “We have the lists of qualified players, but we don’t know who will play … with us too!”

“Nothing will be easy”

Thierry Guilbon (Captain of CJF Fleury)

Martin Woisets has thus put tennis in the background; studying in the USA, Tim Zeitvogel is only expected in the last game; and retained by the German championship D1 for the over 40s, Marc Leimbach will miss the first day, in Brive. As for Tony Rajaobelina, he will take care of his life in Malaga, Spain. “Nothing will be easy, agrees Thierry Guilbon. We’ll see!” In the sights: maintenance. No more, no less.

The matches are played in four singles and two in doubles. The teams must include a maximum of one non-European foreigner, two Frenchmen playing two singles.

If it will always rely on Paul Forhan (student in Nancy), on the unalterable Frank Moser and Felix Wild, the CJF will now also rely on Valentin Sansonetti, resident of Strasbourg who, in recent months, has played more on stage (from gesticulated lessons) than on short.

The group.Franck Moser (-15, 46, Germany), Marc Leimbach (-4/6, 44, Germany), Felix Wild (-2/6, 27, Germany), Valentin Sansonetti (-2/6, 27 years old), Paul Forhan (2/6, 23 years old), Tony Rajaobelina (3/6, 35 years old), Guillaume Desbrosses (4/6, 36 years old).

Like Fleury, AS Gien will push the doors of Interclubs on Sunday with the aim of keeping their place in the National 3. “We have not inherited the best hen (the B)”, judges Sébastien Vatan, president of the club, regarding the composition of the teams. “You are very optimistic.”

“We too have a great team!”

Sebastian Vatan (President AS Gien)

If Grenoble plays big, with one number, four negatives, two 0’s and two 1/6 (“but will everyone play?”), homogeneity characterizes the other work forces. “But we also have a great team”, positive Sébastien Vatan, who does not exclude anything, “that is fighting for second place or to avoid ending up in the cart. Everything seems possible”.

The first of each group advances to the higher division, plus the best runners-up (4 in N3M, 3 in N4M); fifth and sixth are relegated.

Gien will have a Belgian accent, with Gaëtan De Lovinfosse and Victor Ernaels (-2/6). “Gaëtan, who beat Dominic Thiem at 18, is recovering from an injury. We don’t know where he will be. Victor recently beaten in Egypt, a boy ranked 1,300 in the ATP …” Andréa Tiburzio, future resident of the national university center of Bordeaux, “came to the club by affinity”, will be another of his assets.

The group.Gaëtan De Lovinfosse (-2/6, 31, Bel.), Victor Ernaels (-2/6, 22), Andréa Tiburzio (0, 18), Nathan Freire (0, 26), Florentin Guillemot (1/6, 28 ), Roman Skrinnik (4/6, 36), Issa Dupalan (4/6, 37), Thomas Carré (5/6, 25).

Men’s National Team 4

Although in the list of ten players provided to the French Federation, neither Martinez the Swiss nor Weindl and Zahrat, the Germans (-15), will not play a single game. “On paper, Guillaume d’Orso agrees, we will not be favorites”. Unlike Champagne / Seine and St-Lô, full of negatives.

“The youngest team (21 years on average) we have ever presented”.

Patrick Hardouin (US leader Orleans)

New Orleans and US captain, the Staps student is counting on the “cohesion of the group” to “not fade”. “Apart from Thomas (Rodrigues, who studies in Germany), we all played together in the winter. Victor (Bedu), Matthias (Bigot) and I train together. We are very close“Very young, too.” The youngest team (21 years on average) we have ever presented, “said Patrick Hardouin, from the height of all his experience as a leader.

The group.Thomas Rodrigues (-2/6, 24 years old), Guillaume d’Orso (2/6, 20 years old), Matthias Bigot (3/6, 21 years old), Victor Bedu (4/6, 20 years old), Balthazar Inacio ( 5/6, 20 years).

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