The Seven Lives of Richardson Zephir

Richardson Zéphir had already been twirling his hump with humor for ten years when the general public discovered him on the show last year. Celebrity Big Brother. But, before making the crowd laugh, the 44-year-old comedian nearly met another seven lifetimes that took him from petrochemicals, to improvisation, to entrepreneurship.

“My background is irrelevant! laughs Richardson. Passionate about science in his youth, he thought about entering this branch as an adult.

“I started by studying petrochemistry at the Collège de Maisonneuve, in a program called ‘chemical process technology’. Primarily, it is the study of hydrocarbons, such as natural gas and oil. “

He didn’t believe humor was an option.

“In my head, humor wasn’t possible. I put it on a pedestal. “

The Seven Lives of Richardson Zephir

Photo Jocelyn Michel, byconsulat.c0m, Illustration Johanna Reynaud

Improvisation and terraces

Despite everything, in parallel with his serious studies, Richardson participated very regularly in improvisation matches. She also occupied a large part of his life.

“I started improvising when I was 10,” he says. I have played almost everywhere where there were leagues in French. I played in Montreal, three years in Trois-Rivières and two years in Joliette. I also trained in Quebec and would have held seminars in Saguenay. I also went to Europe 19 times to improvise. “

Also interested in the business world, Richardson will create Terrasses Bonsecours in the Old Port of Montreal in 2004 with three other partners. The adventure was a resounding success. But in 2009 he decided to sell his shares of him to finally try his luck with humor.

“Before that, it didn’t seem like there was really room for up-and-coming comedy,” he says. But around 2009-2010, there are shows that have appeared, like I’m going to my first Just for Laughs gala. The Zoofest festival has also arrived. “

Seal of approval

Richardson Zéphir has performed in almost all editions of Zoofest, from 2009 to 2020. There he also presented three solo exhibitions: I will die first in the movie, Sexy Chocolate And joker.

In 2016, her first twist in humor came with her victory in the grand finale ofI’m going to my first Just for Laughs gala.

“On the other hand, that season was only on the web [les saisons précédentes étaient diffusées sur VOX ou MAtv]. It had no public impact. But with the industry, it has given me a quality seal of approval. “

A few years later, the comedian will sign with Entourage (Mariana Mazza, PA Méthot) and begin work on his first official solo show. The passage of him to Big Brother and his widespread popularity across the province would have given him the momentum needed to boost the tour Zephyr.

Classic stand up

In this first official solo, Richardson talks about the atypical career he had before deciding to enter comedy at the age of 31. Those who hope to see the comedian embody his famous characters [Blackman, Magic Jordan, La Police] they will have to change their minds. As the name suggests, Zephyr it’s a personal show, stand-up only.

“I love the characters, but it’s for another time,” says Richardson. I think for a first show, it would have been a lot to add the characters. There are many people who see me on stage for the first time. I prefer to introduce myself. “

Two gala

Two months after the official release of his solo show, Richardson Zéphir will embark on another grand adventure in July by co-hosting two Just for Laughs galas alongside Eddy King.

“This is great news for me. It’s like an unexpected dream, ”says Richardson, who will also be at ComediHa-Fest! In Quebec this summer.

Will present Richardon Zéphir Zephyr on May 10, at the Olympia in Montreal. It will be on 2 June at the Méchatigan Hall, in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce. Others will be announced shortly. For more information :

“It was a lot of love …”

The Seven Lives of Richardson Zephir

Photo Jocelyn Michel, byconsulat.c0m, Illustration Johanna Reynaud

In Celebrity Big Brother, Richardson Zéphir was “crazy for bullion”. Sacred crush of the first season, the comedian has experienced the positive repercussions that this new love of the public has brought in his career.

For Richardson Zéphir there is undeniably a before and an after Big Brother. Until then known primarily in inner circles of humor lovers, the comedian made a big splash last year by clearly distinguishing himself with his jokes on this popular reality show.

In addition to the great winner Jean-Thomas Jobin, and the revelation Rita Baga, Richardson Zéphir is one of the participants who stood out the most in this first year, in the winter of 2021.

And to think that this adventure has almost been lost!

“It’s December [2020] they asked me to do, he says. It was still late [l’émission commençait le mois suivant]. I hesitated. I almost said no, because reality shows are a bit terrifying to me. But I ended up accepting. And finally, after five minutes in the house, I was thanking heaven for saying yes. “

In tense situations, he never hesitated to make a joke to lighten the mood. His jovial attitude thus made him resist at home until 11And week.

A positive shock

Not knowing how it was perceived by viewers, Richardson Zéphir took a positive shock when it came out, watching all the episodes. The torrent of love from the audience was intense to cash in, he admits.

“It was a lot of love. When you are inside, you have so little idea what is going on. I was just living my life at home. Going out, to receive so much love, I cried almost every day for the first week. I have received thousands of love messages. “

Yes, the famous phrase he spontaneously launched during an episode: “I’m crazy for bars!” “, The comedian is told every day by people on the street. “It’s everyday life! he said with a smile.

In a music video by Sia

You may have already seen David Guetta and Sia’s music video, Titanium, which has over 1.5 billion views. But did you know that Richardson Zéphir plays one of the main roles there?

The clip was shot in 2011 … in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac!

“The director, who I believe came from England, had made a tender here. Several production companies have come forward, “says Richardson.

Auditions were held for all roles.

“I think the day before the clip, the one who was supposed to play my role had retired. The producer was someone I had improvised with on CEGEP. He convinced the director to take me by showing him my Facebook profile photo! It was the early days of Movember. I had a big mustache. The director accepted. On set, he also added scenes for me. “

“It’s a bit surreal”

People often send images of this clip to Richardson asking if he’s the one seen on the SWAT team

“It’s messed up, I know! People have a hard time believing it’s me. It’s a bit surreal. “

In recent years, Richardson Zéphir has participated in some programs, including The blue house And Club Sol. She would like to further develop her acting side.

“I really enjoy playing someone else. In The blue house, the character of Major Zéphir that I am playing makes no sense. Also, working with others becomes like family. ”

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