two teenagers sentenced to 10 years in prison


“It’s not normal, I was expecting something from the law. They will be out in ten years. My daughter was killed. They killed my daughter, they threw her in the water “shouted the victim’s mother in the corridors of the courthouse in Pontoise.

A few minutes earlier, the Pontoise Juvenile Court, not accustomed to examining such serious facts for minors of this age, delivered its decision in a full room.

The defendants, a 16-year-old boy and a girl, were sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment with judicial instructions. They will also have to jointly pay € 180,000 in moral damages to Alisha’s family.

Standing in the box, the two, his straight curly hair, bun and thin glasses, remained silent as the judgment was read.

They initially appeared for “murder”crime involving premeditation, punishable by twenty years of imprisonment with the excuse of minority.

After a four-day trial behind closed doors, the court finally decided to reclassify the facts as “murder of a child under 15”.

The victim “begged” them.

“Sufficiently characterized elements do not appear” demonstrating the will “preparatory acts” given the death of the girl, said the president of the court.

Teenagers, on the other hand, yes “awareness” of the situation e “He could not ignore the manifest state of the victim” who has them “begged”He added.

Sentencing “under the requisitions”

The decision was met with misunderstanding and anger by the plaintiffs and their many supporters who wore crowded white T-shirts with the teenager’s portrait and the slogans #JusticecepourAlisha, #stopharassment and “I am Alisha”.

“It is a decision full of wisdom and also of measure in relation to the facts that have been mentioned. Both were sentenced to ten years, below the requisitions “for his part pointed out Me Frank Berton, the teenager’s lawyer.

Thrown into the Seine

The student died on March 8, 2021 after an ambush by two classmates in Argenteuil, northwest of Paris, according to information reported by the prosecutor Éric Corbaux at the time.

At the foot of the pillars of the viaduct of the A15 motorway that crosses the Seine, the young woman had found a girl of her class, whom he had tracked down.

A few minutes later, a boy had approached the victim to deliver multiple blows, some of them in the face, the magistrate had detailed. The victim was then thrown into the Seine.

The autopsy ended the death by drowning.

adolescent “curiosity”

Nothing predicted this macabre scenario when the three protagonists met at the beginning of the school year in September 2020 at the Cognacq-Jay Vocational School, a private facility in downtown Argenteuil.

Relationships within the third grade trio, however, had deteriorated in the weeks preceding the tragedy, between loves and “banality” teenagers, the prosecutor pointed out.

A month before the incident, Alisha had seen her phone hacked and her underwear photos posted on Snapchat.

To this episode is added the quarrel between the two girls and the anger of the young man, who mulled over the insult of an insult to his deceased father.

Faced with this escalation, the establishment had temporarily excluded the two defendants for harassing the victim.

Clothes covered in blood

After the fact, it was the young man’s mother who, seeing her son return with bloody clothes, warned the carabinieri.

The case had aroused great emotion throughout the country and brought to light the scourge of harassment on social networks.

More than 2,000 people marched in a white march in memory of this tender-faced, raven-haired young girl who, according to her mother, dreamed of herself ” accountant “.

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