What happened to Patrick Leboucher? On Saturday, a new search was organized in Lisieux to find the jogger who disappeared more than six months ago.

Patrick Leboucher has given no sign of life since September 12, 2021. The 66-year-old man had gone jogging around his house in the Lisieux sector. This Saturday, April 30, a new search is organized by the gendarmerie with the support of his relatives.

Several dozen have responded to the appointment this Saturday morning. Before delivering your instructions for the day, Christophe Bail, commander of the Lisieux gendarmerie company, confided to the assembly: “I have a thought for the family, Patrick’s daughters and his partner. I know it’s hard not to know what happened. We will try again to relaunch a dynamic, to relaunch research in a sector that is a little less dynamic than the others.

Almost eight months have passed since Patrick Leboucher passed away. On September 12, 2021, this 66-year-old man left his home around 1:00 pm to jog in the area. This man, with salt and pepper hair, is described as a skilled sportsman with several marathons behind him. “He is a figure of the Lisieux runners“said Serge Faure, one of the organizers of the first urban course in Lisieux last October. A seasoned athlete and quite good in his sneakers according to his relatives.”A priori it is not a voluntary disappearance or a suicide with respect to his personality and his life“, assured Sandrine, Patrick Leboucher’s daughter this fall. The 60-year-old hasn’t given any sign of life since 12 September.

Many jokes have been organized since last September to try to find the 60-year-old. Today’s research focuses on three areas near his home. “The goal is to close the doors, as they say at home“, explains Christophe Bail, the commander of the gendarmerie in charge of operations,”There are compartments of land that have not been fully explored because there were priorities at the time of the search, priorities established according to the testimonies of people who had seen Patrick Leboucher on the day of his disappearance. Now, we are forced to broaden our search perimeter.

The participants in the search operations are divided into three groups. In each of them three soldiers including a sector head with the cartography of the area to be rake. Everyone is given a whistle before walking the field online. “Above all, you don’t touch anything“, commander Christophe Bail launches, before taking off,”If you find clothes, if you find sneakers, if you find something that might have something to do with the case, you don’t touch anything.

Like her sister Christelle, Patrick Leboucher’s daughter participated in numerous hunts to find her father. This camp, which you are inspecting this Saturday, has more of a deja vu air. “It is difficult to always go back to the same place, always look in the same places and find nothing. We always do the same thing and always ask ourselves the same questions. deplores the young woman“But we can’t stop.

Relatives of family, friends, colleagues are also there again. “We had no problem finding the number of people we needed. We know we are well accompanied“, consoles Sandrine, Christelle’s sister,”They are physically present today but we know that they have been with us every day since September.“A precious comfort in these painful times.”The lack, the absence of the person, is the most difficult thing“confides Patrick Leboucher’s daughter,”Then, of course, not knowing what happened, not being able to really cry, is what weighs on every day.” Then, “everything that can be done is important“, despite the tiredness.

Parallel to the field research, “the judicial investigation is ongoing“, recalls Commander Christophe Bail.”The two take place at the same time, we confront our ideas and slowly close the doors“. Almost eight months after the disappearance of Patrick Leboucher, no trace, no clue to enlighten the investigators.” It is confusing “, the soldier confides,”It is still not trivial, even if the unsolved disappearances are there regularly, unfortunately. But in this sector … We are not in the high mountains or overseas. It is still exceptional not to be able to find a person after six months.

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