Hailey his HIT wife, his chilling confidences!

Hailey has decided to take the lead. Terrified of what happened on March 10, Justin Bieber’s wife decided to tell her story. Obviously the press has already taken up the information available on the subject, the day after the event. But this April 28, 2022, it is therefore Hailey herself who tells what she went through. In addition to the details of her misadventure, she can share her feelings about her with the audience. About her Her fears, her anxieties, her fears, her panic …

Indeed, Objeko he won’t surprise you by telling you that the young woman thought she would stay there. What she felt, she thought was a heart attack. Later, she will learn that it was a mild form of stroke. And she in her testimony does not miss any details of the event, freeing herself from the burden of this episode with her fans. After all, talking is more liberating than one might think. Perhaps she Hailey will avoid being traumatized by this incident now that she has been able to talk to her audience about her.

Hailey reveals the reasons for her emergency hospitalization, in great detail

As Justin Bieber fans soon learned, March 10 was no ordinary morning for Hailey and her husband. They were having breakfast when the young woman began to feel sick. Unable to speak, she can thank God that her husband of hers realized that something was wrong. Hailey explains that for the first time she felt her limbs go numb and her fingers go numb. The entire left side of her body was gradually losing vitality. Justin Bieber asked her if she was okay but Hailey was unable to express herself. She explains that her words were reaching her but she couldn’t find a way to say them aloud. A particularly excruciating sensation. And according to her, her anxiety tended to speed up the process of partial paralysis.

In fact, as she wondered what was happening to her, the left side of her face went limp. Hailey’s husband then immediately asked to contact the emergency services. Fortunately, a person qualified to provide first aid was on site with them. This person immediately took charge of the young woman waiting for help. As she listened to her, this person asked her questions to see if she was bewildered or not. Simple questions like the date of the day, the name of the place where she is, her last name … Also, Hailey explains that she had all her answers in her mind but, how Objeko I told you above, he was not yet able to articulate the slightest word.

The ambulance then arrived to take Hailey to the ER. And even before she happened, she was always feeling better. She made sure she didn’t panic ever since she took care of her. And could this have helped to calm her crisis? However, it was a traumatic experience for her and Justin Bieber.

A moving experience that turns the web upside down

“I was taken to the hospital. They found that I had suffered from a very small blood clot in my brain. Which caused a slight lack of oxygen. “, detailed Hailey. Once assisted by the emergency doctors, the young woman was subjected to series of tests. She could even speak to explain all the feelings she was having. The hospital could then conclude that Justin Bieber’s wife did not suffer a seizure. She had suffered from a “mini-stroke”, a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

But this case didn’t stop there. Hailey had to undergo further tests to understand how she had managed to have a mini stroke at 25. And these doctors pointed to three probable concomitant causes. First, her new method of contraception, which does not suit the fact that she is prone to migraines. She then she suffered from Covid-19 shortly before her her TIA. Finally, she was diagnosed with a pathological condition, the Permeable Foramen Ovale (FOP). Normally, after birth, the foramen ovale is closed by a membrane. When it is permeable, it is therefore a cardiac anomaly. And the permeability of this membrane can greatly promote strokes.

Hailey therefore had to undergo an operation to close this membrane and thus prevent new clots from escaping from the heart to the brain. Everything went well and the young woman can now return to a normal life. Objeko she was even able to see that on her Instagram account she thanks internet users for their many messages following her testimony.


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