OL: Lyon dominated with their heads and had their backs to resist the Parisiennes

At the Parco dei Principi,

On Saturday night, OL won head in the air. But in a good way. None of Lyon’s three goals against PSG – if you count Hegerberg’s second, which was ultimately disallowed – were scored with just a header. And of the only two valid, we don’t know which is the best. Hegerberg’s scoring opening in the lulu after regaining Salma Bacha’s perfectly balanced center from disqualification? Or that of Wendie Renard who looks like an alley-oop on a free kick from Bacha himself at the end of the game?

Parisian coach Didier Ollé-Nicole would have done without such a dilemma but he did not fail to greet, as a good loser, “the surgical efficiency of the Lyonnaises” and this “above average aerial game”. Was the fatal weapon that allowed the Lyonnaises to get out of the Parisian trap and its seething Park, even if we sometimes brushed against spam, all these balloons in the air in the Parisian area in the first period, finally, was it really reasonable?

Endler or the Guardians’ Revenge

Undoubtedly a little bit. On the ground, but less sharp and sometimes haughty, the test with Delphine Cascarino. If she had really wanted to, the Lyonnais would have turned off the city of lights before the break instead of trying to obliterate Votikova for glory, the kind of proud rush that always ends up coming back to her face. Manager Sonia Bompastor knows this and her little passive-aggressive reminder at the press conference is no coincidence (“We can have a two-goal lead in the interval with this opportunity from Delphine. Luckily for the French international, OL had enough to pay the bill on Saturday night, but not by much.

Where Lyonnais laugh, Parisians cry. Because the effectiveness of some is as good as the clumsiness of others. What would have happened if, at the height of Parisian domination in the second half, immediately after the equalizer of the indescribable Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Sakina Karchaoui had better adjusted the lob in front of Christiane Endler? By the way, and since it is fashionable to make fun of goalkeepers’ balls, the XXL match of the Chilean had to close at least two or three mouths. Before the draw he had already distinguished himself on a heavy shot by Dabritz, a masterfully beaten attempt, by Neuer in the text.

What would have happened, too, if the Parisians hadn’t fished so often in the last pass, in the last dribble? There have often been beautiful gestures by Diani and Baltimore, rake, double contacts, body feints, but how many have resulted in concrete situations. A lack of efficiency that the Parisian technician inevitably regrets a little, without overwhelming this group whose attitude he praises, which is not trivial these days.

“In this type of very tight match, efficiency is fundamental and my regrets come from there: the poor defensive efficiency of the first leg, the poor offensive efficiency in today’s second half. I am especially sorry that it did not pass for the girls, who were wonderfully generous. “

The mental strength of Lyon

“We gave it all, Captain Grace Geyoro abounds. We tried to produce games, to start from behind, to create opportunities. But it’s all about the details. When we miss one or two, the opposing team has the opportunity to score and that’s what happened. “

The Lyonnaises congratulate themselves on being able to turn their backs when the pressure of Paris got stronger. Bompastor: “During the second period I really liked the mentality and strength of character of the players to resist the pressure of the Parisiennes and their fans. “For example, everything was really played in the head for OL.

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