Rugby, federal 1. Round of 16 second leg: RC Auch wins and comes out with his head held high against Floirac

the essential
For 3 points and despite the 17-11 victory, RC Auch stops there.

Auch 17-Floirac 11

Half time: 10-3.
Referee : M. Santamaria, assisted by Uruuzmendia and T. Melliet.
For Auch: 2 proofs of Gaignard (32And) and Louotcky (66And), 1 Lives penalty (2And), 2 transformations of Screws (32And) and Perusin (66And).
For Floirac: 1 attempt by Brutus (41And) and 2 Brethes penalties (15And and 45And).
RC AUCH:Screws; Huertas, Gaignard, Lagardère, Talbot; (o) Perusino; (m) Briscadieu; Thierry, Clauzade (c), Debts; Loutocky, Guerois; Menabdishvili, Bosque, Lombard-Buret. Substitutions: Peotta, Janlin, Sarrade, Dardenne, Vandekerkof, Massart, Lafforgue, Halzuet.
Yellow card: Thierry (44And).
CM FLOIRAC: Brothers; Brutus, battle, courted, Guiraud; (o) when wet; (m) Cadou; Novello, Ambourhouet, Julien (c); Riccardo, Giordano; Traore, Lebastard, Ouali. Substitutions: Seillé, Clarac, Batista, Seuru, Blot, Quintana, Gayan, Pomponio. Yellow card: Lebastard (37And).

The A Outputins won 17-11 but lost by 3 points overall. They gave their all in this return match of the round of 16 against Floirac. Defeated by 9 points in the first leg, Auch had to win by 10 points to get a place in the quarter-finals. The Aorsains have tried everything, have thrown all their strength into the tough battle against the strong residents of Bordeaux and have experienced high-level matches.

Thibault Clauzade’s men have nothing to be ashamed of this double confrontation after having had 10 minutes of absence at the end of the match of Floirac and having won the second leg. The boys from the Outputins are frustrated after the 3-point defeat in the two games together (first leg 28-19 and return 11-17).

As RCA captain Thibault Clauzade said: “We are enormously frustrated, we had the cards to score, we just can’t score in our highlights. Today he was within our grasp, frustrated because we had the means to win this afternoon. In money time we are unable to materialize, the final stages are played on the details “.

Mistakes of strategy

Or as Siegfried Vandekerkof points out: “Complicated, we wanted to redeem ourselves, we gave everything, they knew how to score when it was necessary unfortunately”. Or Anthony Lagardère: “We make some strategic mistakes and we lose but we remain unbeaten this season at home. It’s still frustrating because we would have liked to have gone through another round. The team is tired, we have been pulling the rope for a while because the group has not been able to turn much and the fatigue has made itself felt. It was my last game in Auch, I still have a game with the old men against Sud-Afs ”.

Auscitan winger Rémy Huertas added: “Too bad, we go to 3 points, we have 3 chances at the end but we don’t lose the total of the 2 games right now. It’s not much to play for, we’ll settle for National 2 next season and work even harder to exist there ”. Corentin Brutus, CMF winger, admitted: “We knew it was going to be very tough in Auch, undefeated here all season. We had a hard time maintaining a slight lead and qualifying “.

The thread of the game

The first 20 minutes seem like a long observation lap, with neither team running the slightest risk. In this game the foot is used a lot, Vignes (2And) for RCA and Brethes for Floirac have passed a penalty (3-3). After this cooldown, it looks like the Aorsains have to play sideways to make Floiracais run heavy and on a false pace. Auch is on the square of Floriacais, pounding and Gaignard moves away to dive into the Gironde (32And), Vines transforms (10-3).

When the lemons come back, a cold shower for Auch. Floirac returns with other intentions and Corentin Brutus, an excellent guest winger, escapes the defense of the Aorsaine on the sidelines and falls (10-8). Brethes adds 3 points from a penalty (10-11), all to be redone for RCA. Floirac is at the pace of a senator, counting on the power of his forwards and on his defense on the spot. Auch, brave, throws everything into battle but fails to realize the salient moments of him.

After the hour of play, the Aucesin besieged the vineyards of Bordeaux. There is no way to get the slightest bourgeois vintage, you can’t steal the slightest bottle, the floiracaise guard is there. Auch insists, there is the possibility of realizing the enterprise. The Aucesin believe it when Loutocky pulls himself out of a club and plunges into the promised land, Pérusin turns on the sidelines (17-11).

The red and white begin to dream and make themselves known, Floirac folds, often to the limit, but gets away with a little more cunning in the fray. Auch works and wins the scrum that follows one another 5 meters from Bordeaux. Floirac is penalized. RCA takes two penalties in hand, Floirac resists and maintains a 3-point advantage over the two matches.

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