Strike at Lidl in Joigny, two fatal accidents on two wheels, the return of the Sens fair … The main news of the week in Yonne

Sports, economics, politics, news … Here are the main information to remember from this week from 25 April to 1 May 2022 in Yonne.

AJA: A goal in the 88th minute against Dunkirk

The pitch located at the foot of the Abbé-Deschamps stadium grandstand (appendix 2) was named after Bruno Martini, former AJA goalkeeper who passed away in 2020, this Saturday 30 April 2022 at noon, in the presence of the great figures of the club who paid tribute.

Maurice Bardonneau, shadow volunteer, honored by his peers who see him as a “guardian of the AJA”

A busy day for the club as AJA received Dunkirk in style. A match “that fluctuates at the roll of the dice” said Jean-Marc Furlan at the end of the match: Gaëtan Perrin scored the only goal of the match … in the 88th minute! To go further, find the Players Notebook and Deb’AJA Podcast of the Week.

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The Sens fair returns after two years of absence

The 93rd Sens fair was inaugurated on Thursday 28 April 2022 and will continue until Monday 2 May. Canceled in 2020 and 2021, this meeting was eagerly awaited by impatient exhibitors, who were still busy with final preparations the day before. A tradition rooted in the Senon landscape, every year in May, which also brings to mind previous editions.

prize Their rum route goes through the Sens fair

A young Icaunais dies in Tonnerre after a scooter accident in the city center

A man in his twenties died in a car accident riding his scooter in the center of Tonnerre. The incident occurred on Thursday 28 April 2022 shortly before 6:00, rue du Pont.

prize In Sens, alleged garage thief Durand brings back his loot two weeks later

Unemployment in Yonne fell in the first quarter of 2022: -7.7% in one year

According to information published by Pôle emploi and the Regional Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DREETS) on Thursday 28 April 2022, the number of job seekers decreased in Yonne in the first quarter of 2022.

prize “On the hunt for savings”: the inhabitants of Icaun have had to cope with rising prices

Lidl de Joigny employees mobilized for their director, who was fired

They started the picket in front of the Lidl sign in the Petite-Île business area, on the left bank of Joigny, from 8 am on Monday 25 April. The vast majority of the supermarket’s 21 employees protested the dismissal of their site manager Abdelkarim Handichi by his superiors, whom they considered abusive.

Dismissal of the director of Lidl de Joigny: how do the icaunais unions react?

If the solidarity of the team impressed most of the customers, the case finally found a solution on Thursday 28 April. Eventually an agreement was reached between the Lidl group, the Unsa union and Abdelkarim Handichi and put an end to the social movement. The shop’s activity normally resumed on Friday 29 April.

Update on the Covid-19 epidemic

Circulation of Covid-19 continues to slowly decline, in Yonne and Burgundy Franche-Comté, according to the Regional Health Agency. Despite this, in the department, 13 deaths related to the virus are to be deplored between Friday 22 and Friday 29 April 2022. The incidence rate continues to decline in Yonne. There were 1,031 cases per 100,000 inhabitants a week from 11 to 18 April and there were 886 cases in the last period studied by the ARS, from 19 to 25 April.

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A “bad joke” by a municipal police officer would be at the origin of the “marginal challenge” in Auxerre


On April 15, 2022, a photo published by an opposition adviser denounced the alleged “challenge” of the municipal police officers of Auxerre to evict the “marginal” from the city center, gifts to the key. It would be a “bad joke”. According to our information, the internal investigation carried out by the city hall revealed that there was a municipal police officer behind it.

Change in the center of Toucy

Several new shops, a local institution that is about to lower the curtain, a beauty salon that is moving … There are new things that have appeared in the center of Toucy in recent weeks. Non-exhaustive overview of changes in common poyaudine.

Three people injured in a fight in Sens

Three people injured during a brawl on the sidelines of the Sens carnival

Three people were hospitalized after a fight on the sidelines of the funfair, in Sens, on the night between Tuesday 26 April and Wednesday 27 April 2022. After the attack on a fair, the situation would have degenerated in the notes of Place Jean-Jaures . Since then, the presence of the police has been strengthened, while two complaints have been filed.

prize Heroin trafficking: nine out of eleven Icaunais defendants in detention awaiting trial

The legislative campaign is underway

The 2022 legislative elections will take place on Sunday 12 and 19 June, seven weeks after the presidential elections. In Yonne, candidates for the National Assembly must make themselves known from 16 to 20 May at the prefecture. A tight schedule that bodes well for a series of official statements in the days to come. Some have been preparing for weeks, while others are in final negotiations.

In Yonne, Marine Le Pen confirmed her victory in the first round

A motorcyclist loses his life on the A6 in Nitry

A motorcyclist dies in an accident on the A6 near Nitry

A collision between a motorcycle and a car occurred on Monday 25 April 2022, around 3 pm, on the A6 motorway, after the Nitry interchange. A 59-year-old motorcyclist was in cardiorespiratory arrest when the firefighters arrived, he died.

Icoa France SAS, new production-assembly plant for compressed and laminated mattresses in Savigny-sur-Clairis

Icoa France SAS, new production-assembly plant for compressed and laminated mattresses in Savigny-sur-Clairis

The Icaunaise city of Savigny-sur-Clairis has been hosting a mattress manufacturing plant for several months, after the foam manufacturing plant in Crancey (Aube). A market in which the proprietary group intends to thrive. The company Icoa France SAS (this is its name) had been established in Crancey for more than three years. But the Aube site had become “too narrow” to meet the growing demand from its customers: e-commerce start-ups dedicated to this very specific market.

The Lumières de Sens show will not take place this summer 2022

Launched in November 2021, the call to renovate the sound and image show based on the facade of Saint-Étienne de Sens proved unsuccessful. The Lumières de Sens does not light up on Friday and Saturday evenings in summer 2022 at Place de la République.

prize In Sens, alleged garage thief Durand brings back his loot two weeks later

The Festivallon returns this summer and will close with Babylon Circus in Avallon

The Festivallon returns this summer and will close with Babylon Circus in Avallon

For 24 years it has been the meeting point for lovers of live music in the bistros and restaurants of the Avallonnais. Festivallon has just completed its 2022 program. The number of dates or groups offered will be similar to 2021. Find the full program here.

A highly political May 1st in Auxerre

For this Labor Day 2022, the event organized in Auxerre attracted about 350 participants. The meeting was particularly political, before the legislative elections in June. Retirement age and purchasing power were at the heart of the demands.

Why do we offer thrush on May 1st?

The CFDT has chosen not to participate in this event. He wanted to differentiate himself with a gathering at the Dry Tree, wanting to meet the public, not necessarily syndicated.

Smic, social benefits, savings … What changes from 1 May 2022

In Auxerre you can learn to swim like a mermaid

In Auxerre you can learn to swim like a mermaid

For the past seven months, “sirens” (or “swimming sirens”) lessons for adults have been held at the nautical stadium in Auxerre. A regional disciplinary competition will take place on Sunday 1 May 2022. Report in the only course in Burgundy Franche-Comté to read here.

prize Sens fair, legislative elections, Élise Lucet in Tonnerre … The indiscretions of the week


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