what are the health effects?

Humidity is necessary and indispensable in the home as well as in a child’s room. However, beyond a certain level (we speak of a problem of humidity or simply humidity), it can significantly degrade the health of children and other occupants of the room. In this article we will find out what consequences humidity can have on children’s health, what are the causes of this humidity problem and how to solve it.


What are the causes of humidity in the house?

Excess humidity is one of the consequences of a bad room ventilation system. Moisture promotes the growth of mold and bacteria.

Most often we contribute to the increase in the level of humidity in the room through breathing. Breathing creates what can be called “natural moisture”. In contact with the walls, this natural humidity condenses with the cold, thus optimizing the level of humidity in the environment.

The increase of water inside the walls increases the level of humidity in the house. These are mainly waters present in the subsoil. However, humidity favors the development of some chronic diseases in children.

What are the consequences of humidity in living quarters on children’s health?

breathing problems in children exposed to moisture in the home

Children are the most exposed to humidity in the home. This moisture promotes the development of mold, which leads to health problems in children. The report on mold in the building indicates that this exposure causes asthma in children.

Furthermore, Barbara Delmulle’s study report shows that the presence of mycotoxins in a wet room poses a high risk to the health of its occupants. Mycotoxins are substances produced by fungi. They have a very high level of toxicity and are the cause of many forms of infections and allergies.

Overall, in children, humidity is responsible for conditions such as:

• Cough and all related seizures • Lung infections • Asthma • Irritation of mucous membranes and skin • Headaches and sleep disturbances • Sinusitis and rhinitis (can become chronic) Bronchitis and pneumonia (can occur repeatedly)

consequences of humidity on the health of children in the home

Furthermore, humidity is also at the origin of all the defense mechanisms that the body can deploy in the face of intoxication. These include nausea, fever, and allergies of a different nature. While some anti-moisture products may limit the risks, action must be taken as quickly as possible, especially since mold is responsible for some forms of cancer.

What to do in case of humidity in the children’s room?

what to do against humidity in the children's room

There are many solutions that can help you solve the humidity problem in your children’s room easily. Be careful not to empty your home or your little one’s room of its humidity. Air that is too dry is also a source of disease; this can cause chapped lips, dry throat and many other conditions in particular. You just need to maintain a normal and constant humidity level in the bedroom. To achieve this, you can opt for one of the following solutions:

• Clean the room

In unsanitary homes, cleaning the room is usually a good solution or a good start to getting rid of moisture. This eliminates the cause of the moisture and the result can last depending on the case. Similarly, it can be very effective to carry out renovations, also aimed at eliminating the source of the problem.

• Use anti-humidity products

Several anti-humidity products help regulate the humidity level in the children’s room. They are available in different models, each with a specific action. You may need products to ensure the waterproofing of supports and walls, moisture absorbers to capture excess moisture in the baby’s room, anti-green products to eliminate lichen, algae and foams, or sealant coatings, products for the treatment of air, to combat mold, etc.

use a dehumidifier to absorb moisture from the baby's room

• Use dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are small appliances that absorb moisture from the baby’s room. In addition, they maintain the normal level of humidity in the room. This rate varies between 40 and 55% and is sometimes dependent on regions and seasons. These devices will allow you to check the hygrometry in your room or that of your child.

• Contact a professional

If you are unable to solve the moisture problem yourself using the products listed above, it would be wise to contact a professional. The technician will be able to make a thorough diagnosis and provide suitable solutions to eradicate your moisture problem. The solution can always consist in the use of some anti-humidity products as seen above, or even cleaning / restructuring, unless the work will be deemed necessary and carried out by the professional, in the event that it has not been possible to diagnose the problem by yourself or apply the above solutions.

As you may have understood, humidity in a bedroom can degrade the health of children. It is the cause of chronic respiratory diseases in them, but it greatly affects adults as well.

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