10 episodes where butters stole the show

Butters Stotch is South Park, the innocent resident of Colorado, a character whose presence has grown significantly since he appeared as a background character in the pilot episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Comedy Central series.

While South Park it has always been, essentially, about Stan, Eric, Kyle and Kenny Menny, but over the years two characters in particular have seen their stars grow dramatically: Randy Marsh and Butters Stotch. The former received the spotlight for an increasingly erratic personality, while the latter rose to prominence for having remained more or less the same. Butters is the kindest and most compassionate kid in South Park Elementary School outside of perhaps Wendy Testaburger, and when he’s put in the middle of dire and bizarre situations, he’s hysterical.

Asspen (season 6, episode 2)

Cartman is at his best playing with Butters. Fans need to look no further than “Asspen,” which begins with Cartman telling Stan, Kyle and Kenny that there’s a trick where if someone puts their hand in the water while they sleep, they urinate. However, Cartman doesn’t get it right, placing Butters’ hand in the glass of water before urinating himself on the sleeping baby.

Butters is the butt of all jokes because 9.9 times out of 10 he doesn’t know his role in the ribs. “Asspen” was the episode that showcased the power of the collaboration between Butters and Cartman: their roles in life are so diametrically opposed that it is impossible not to laugh, especially since the viewer knows that Cartman will receive his reward. . Season 6 is a Reddit favorite because he took Butters out of the game and got him into the gang, which turned out to be much more than a season-long experience in the aftermath of Kenny’s death in Season 5.

Freak Strike (Season 6, Episode 3)

The main focus of the sixth season ended up being like the boys adjusting to Kenny’s loss. Eventually, they mostly come up with patterns, all using Butters’ reluctant participation.

The third episode of the sixth season, “Freak Strike”, is one of the best examples of this. To participate in the television broadcast, Maurizio, the boys stick a fake pair of testicles on Butters’ chin. Soon, other guests on the show will talk to Butters about “lobster boy”, a charlatan who was boiled alive, because he was really just a lobster. The episode contains many lines about Butters trying to avoid a similar fate.

Professor Chaos / The Simpsons Already Did (Season 6, Episodes 6 & 7)

At the start of its run, South Park he tended to avoid both sides (with the big exception of the “Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty S—” bridge between season 1 and season 2). Butters wasn’t the only target of “Professor Chaos” and “The Simpsons Already Did”, but he definitely owned the episodes.

“Professor Mayhem” was, understandably, more about Butters, as he’s his alter ego, but “The Simpsons already did it” committed to something he wouldn’t have done before either. Family Guy Season 10 Skewer Episodes: Imitating the style of another show and the interesting diversion was entirely due to Butters’ imagination.

Raisins (Season 7, Episode 14)

In “Uva”, Burri offers South Park with one of its most philosophical moments.

The vast majority of “Grapes” fiction is devoted to Stan and his pain. But Butters also gets a fair amount of screen time and experiences exactly the same thing. However, his handling of him is incredibly mature: Butters tells Stan that the sadness he is feeling right now is worth it because he indicates that there was once the opposite, making it “a beautiful sadness”.

Good Times With Guns (Season 8, Episode 1)

Probably South ParkThe best year, season 8, was that all boys were given ninja weapons to “play”. But playing with legitimate death toys is dangerous, and Butters finds out the hard way, despite the fact that he’s basically the only guy who hasn’t bought one.

Donning his Professor Chaos costume again, the poor boy gets a ninja star in his eye, and his peers don’t even have the decency to take him to a real doctor, opting for a vet instead.

Video Game Stupid Spoiled Wh *** (Season 8, Episode 12)

The Paris Hilton episode of South Park“Stupid Spoiled Wh *** Video Playset,” is one of many classics from the phenomenal eighth year of the series.

Outside of Hilton, Butters manages to be the main focus of the episode, although there’s also a bit of hysteria about Cartman trying to get invited to the girls’ party with all the other boys in the school, without success. But Butters shares the screen with Hilton, and she usually has him dress up as a bear and browse photo albums of her deceased ex-pets.

Eric Cartman’s death (Season 9, Episode 6)

“Eric Cartman’s Death” focuses mainly on the main character of the episode, but it wouldn’t work as well as if Cartman didn’t ask for the help of Butters, the only guy who wasn’t in the line.

The boys have decided to start ignoring Cartman, hoping his horrible behavior will subside for once, but Cartman only sees him as a ghost. Of course, Cartman starts threatening to haunt Butters unless you help him purify his soul and move on to the afterlife.

Marjorine (season 9, episode 9)

Faking his death in front of the boy’s parents is certainly one of the worst things the gang did to Butters, but “Marjorine” is hilarious nonetheless.

Butters proves once again that he is a character capable of leading an episode in “Marjorine”, but in a different way than all the other guys. Each of them has their moments of sympathy, even Cartman, but none are as heartbreaking as “Marjorine” crying in the bathroom while the other girls at the slumber party listen, especially since it’s obvious that when Butters yells “You don’t know how to do bad is be me! ” she is not quite in her character with her female character attributed to Cartman.

Cartman Sucks (Season 11, Episode 2)

There is no doubt that Cartman did terrible things to Butters, but there has never been a greater violation than in “Cartman Sucks,” the second episode of Season 11.

How many of South ParkThe best episodes of “Cartman Sucks” see the titular character doing something stupid that he finds funny and that almost immediately explodes in his face. In the case of this season 11 episode, take a picture by putting a part of Butters’ body in his mouth. Butters has storyline B, which is less fun but more poignant.

Butters’ Bottom Bi *** (Season 13, Episode 9)

Butters’ nature rarely leads him astray from an ethical position. However, in season 13 “Butters’ Bottom B—” he adopts a criminal lifestyle by enlisting classmates to kiss boys for $ 5. But he gets there “honestly”, not even really understanding what he was doing in the beginning. .

Butters’ innocence while actually serving as a pimp is a hilarious juxtaposition, just like in season 8’s “You Got F’d in the A”, where his tip tap causes the deaths of dozens of people.

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