10 love stories from “enemies of lovers” like Bridgerton to watch

Whether to see Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma go from sworn enemies to lovers during the second season of Bridgerton you liked it, rest assured, there are a myriad of other series and films with a similar love story.

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The viscount who tells Kate “You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my wishes” is nothing new!

The “enemies of lovers” type of romance is a classic in both literature and film, and always has been. With reason! The tension between two people who hate each other lends itself equally well to that between two people who want each other.

Here are 10 movies or series with a love story of enemies for noteworthy lovers Bridgerton season 2.

1. Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice)

Released in 2005, this film is something of a standard for love stories of this kind. Based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, this film follows Elizabeth Bennet, a woman pushed by her family to marry a rich man. When she meets the wealthy Mr. Darcy, her chemistry is clear between the two, but their relationship starts off on her wrong foot when she hears the man speak ill of her. If this reminds you of Bridgerton, it is because the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy inspired the relationship between Anthony and Kate a lot.

2. La La Terra (For the love of Hollywood)

The word enemy might be strong, but one thing is for sure, when Mia and Sebastian first meet, they don’t really get along. The emerging actress and the jazz musician continue to meet throughout the city, forcing them to get to know each other. Their relationship quickly transforms into a love relationship that we see evolving at the same time as Mia’s career.

3. 10 things I hate about you (10 things I hate about youI)

Bianca is the most popular girl in school, but her dad won’t let her go out with a boy unless her bully and rebellious older sister Kat is also invited. A guy who wants to invite Bianca to the prom devises a plan for Patrick, a mysterious newcomer, to seduce Kat. This resists the advances of Patrick who will not let go, and the rest you can guess!

4. Downton Abbey

The British time series follows the Crawley family and their servants. When the Crawley family heir dies in the sinking of the Titanic, a distant cousin, Matthew Crawley, moves to the castle. This immediately makes a bad impression on the eldest of the family, Mary, by mistake. Their strained relationship slowly progresses, until they eventually realize that they complement each other despite their differences.

5. Becoming Jane (jane)

Tom Lefroy, an immature and party-loving young Irishman, is sent by his uncle to distant cousins ​​in hopes that he will acquire some wisdom there. There he meets young Jane Austen who is initially put off by Tom’s bad manners. Little by little, Jane lets herself be conquered by her charm, her originality and her ambition. Inspired by the life of author Jane Austen (again her!), This film tells her true love story with Tom Lefroy.

6. I have never (my first times)

The Netflix series follows Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian teenager in California who returns to school after dropping out of school following the sudden death of her father. An excellent student, Devi is constantly competing with her sworn enemy, Ben. Gradually, they realize that they are similar in ambitions and passions and become friends, eventually realizing that they have feelings for each other.

7. Sex education

Series Sex education contains several incredible love stories, but the perfect example remains that of Eric and Adam. Eric is an openly gay young man who is bullied by the taciturn Adam. The reality is that he goes after Eric because he doesn’t accept his homosexuality. Eventually, they begin an adorable romantic relationship.

8. Once upon a time (Once upon a time)

This fantasy series follows a pretty impressive cast of characters, but at the center of it all is Emma Swan. After a few seasons, her path crosses that of Killian Jones, aka Hook. From their first meeting, Emma doesn’t trust him. They still have to team up and, through their adventures, a passion develops.

9. I before you (Before you)

This romantic drama tells the story of Will, a young man who becomes paraplegic after a terrible accident. His mother hires Louisa, an upbeat and bubbly young woman, to take care of him. Depressed and embittered, Will treats Louisa with contempt. She this she does not lose hope and she does not allow herself to be trampled by Will who, in the end, lets himself be enchanted by Louisa.

10. the Vampire Diaries (The vampire diary)

The popular series contains not one, but several “enemies of lovers” love stories. We think especially of Damon and Elena, but there are others! Matt, who hates vampires, ends up approving of feelings for Rebekah despite him being a member of the original vampire family. It’s the same for Bonnie and Enzo who hated each other before they fell in love. And the list goes on!

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