Ambitions, workforce, personnel, budget: how will US Issoire approach next season in Federal 1?

With the creation of Nationale 2, sandwiched between Nationale and Fédérale 1, Issoire will evolve next season to the fifth level of French rugby. Recall that, climbing to the highest amateur level the day after the title of French champions of Fédérale 2, the Puydômois appeared in the third level. “It’s not negative, replies Claude Pojolat, president of US Issoire. We remain among the 100 best French teams. It is an evolution of levels. It is up to us to work to consolidate our place in Federal 1. We need to be sustainable at this level. “

prize Federal 1 (accession dam): Issoire could not do more in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (23-9)

The Issoir president can count on Christophe Rodier, his coach, to get the message across to his players. “We need to reposition ourselves as the leader of Federal 1 and more like the little one who has just risen, insists the coach. We will have to prove it through our behavior on the pitch, our rigor. We must be sure of our strength. “

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True to its philosophy, USI will not disrupt its workforce during the off-season. “We need a selected, targeted recruitment, with guys who know how to integrate into the club’s project and who take us on the pitch, summarizes Christophe Rodier. If we have 5-6 guys, it will be successful. “

Federal 1: beaten in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (23-9), Issoire will not reach National 2 (see the game)

The “purple and black” staff wants to “bring turnover to the first and second lines. Behind it would take one or two guys to bring us the speed of movement. “


Once again, things will change. But no revolution. Christophe Rodier (coach) and Mathias Dubost (in charge of forwards) will maintain their prerogatives. They will be joined by a third man who will take over from Mathieu Chabaud as rearguard coach. “Mathieu can no longer follow us for professional reasons”, explains Claude Pojolat. The name of the future technician should be known in the coming weeks.


To allow the club to continue its progress, Issoir leaders are working behind the scenes to increase the budget. “The goal is to get close to one million euros, says Claude Pojolat. We have already worked well with our partners for a few weeks. We will try to keep those who are already with us and try to find new ones. This will allow us to grow, to structure the club even better to give us some margin. “

The other results:
USI Espoirs qualified yesterday for the quarter-finals of the French championship dominating Nîmes, in Millau (21-19). Here instead the final stages for the U16 stop, beaten by Albi (7-13).

Manuel Caillaud

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