Handigang (TF1): a true story for Théo Curin and Alessandra Sublet before the end of career announcement?

This Monday, May 2, 2022, TF1 will broadcast as a bonus Handigan , a fictional story that tells the story of Sam, a 17-year-old high school student in a wheelchair. He grew up alone with Nina, his mother. When Vincenzo (Arthur Legrand), a new student, arrives in high school, Sam rebels.

He becomes aware of all the injustices that surround him and with his group of disabled friends, they will create a gang to denounce the lack of accessibility and consideration they suffer every day. This rebellion is likely to annoy his mother. Handigan it is not based on a true story, but is adapted from a novel of the same name by Dear Zina. The author, whose son has spina bifida, a malformation of the spinal cord, wanted, with this book, to dream of the ideal world imagined for him when he was young.

“I’ve never taken acting lessons”

Sam is played by the Paralympic champion Teo Curin. Nina, his mother, is played by Alessandra Subletting. After this first experience as an actress, the presenter decided to stop television at the end of the season. She now she wants to devote herself to comedy.

In an interview with the weekly TV 7 daysAlessandra Sublet talks about this new experience as an actress: “In the past I was offered roles, but I couldn’t see myself there. Then I met Stéphanie Pillonca, the director of Handigang, and after the test – because I asked to think about it – I understood “.

In relation to her character, Nina, the host explains: “It is not insignificant that Stéphanie offered it to me. Nina is spontaneous, combative, she doesn’t let herself be fooled. It was important, for the first time, not to be in a role too far away from me. I’ve never taken acting lessons..

“Deep down, I feel I have other adventures to live elsewhere”

The young actress adds: “Stéphanie Pillonca set herself a great challenge by recruiting a TV host and a Paralympic champion! Theo is friendly and natural. He lives as if he has no disabilities..

Alessandra Sublet believes “to be in the acceptance phase, even if I have decided to stop the television animation” about seeing you as an actress. She confides: “Deep down, I feel I have other adventures to experience elsewhere. I have to work to be able to go further. My goal is not to shine, but to thrive. “. She explains that she wants it “to give the opportunity to enjoy this profession, the stage, like cinema, or writing, I must have both feet on the ground”.

Furthermore, the presenter of It’s Canteloup already has new projects: “Right now, I’m working on an adaptation of my book, ‘Are You Blues, Baby?”, In which I will play my role, that of a TV host who is smiling at all, and who will experience a tsunami in her life, called baby blues. The subject has only been addressed a few times in the cinema and often the outcome has been dramatic. I wanted to treat it differently, a bit in a comedy. Writing a screenplay intoxicates me, and it is also to be fully involved in these new projects that I am happy to have made the choices “..

The crazy bet by Alessandra Sublet

Alessandra Sublet will stop the television and then leave TF1 at the end of the season. She states: “When the passion is gone, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions …”. The juror of Singer in mask To explain : “I didn’t dream of doing this job, it came to me. I was very lucky “. She adds: “I was a spoiled child, between Love is in the meadow, C à vous, Un soir à la tour Eiffel … I hosted great shows, which were also great challenges”.

Also, the one who debuted as an actress “I’d like to make a film like The Transporter, female, and do (his) stunts”. More : “There is a niche to take, in France, even if I’m not expected! (Laughs) I’m a fan of romantic comedies and action movies – if I can find a new project somewhere between the two, I’ll take it! “.

Alessandra Subletting is located in Handigan this Monday 2 May 2022 at 21:10 on TF1 shortly before an unreleased documentary dedicated to Théo Curin, My difference, my strength.

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