“If her husband is the culprit, he is a great manipulator”

He spoke to all the main witnesses in the case. Ronan Folgoas, journalist of the “Parisien”, led the investigation into the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, née Aussagel, a 33-year-old nurse who was about to leave her husband Cédric to settle with her mistress Jean of her (her name changed). She mysteriously disappeared on the night of December 15-16, 2020, leaving behind her two children, Louis, 6, and Elyah, 18 months. Six months later, in June 2021, her husband Cédric was indicted for “murder by his spouse” and jailed. All requests for his release have been denied. Delphine’s body has never been found, no crime scenes have been identified, no traces of blood found.

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Ronan Folgoas went forward step by step, meeting all the protagonists of the story, from Cédric himself, on several occasions, to the latter’s new girlfriend, Séverine, passing through Jean, Delphine’s new love. He has had access to many documents that make his book of him, “The Jubilee Mystery, Investigation into the Heart of a Disappearance”, captivating to be precise. Even if that mystery remains intact when he closes his works, in February 2022, more than a year after this strange, undoubtedly fatal night.

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“The Jubillar Mystery”, by Ronan Folgoas (StudioFact editions)

Since then, the latest revelations from the appraisals have been rather unfavorable to her husband’s defense: his phone would have been voluntarily turned off when he was told it was a lack of battery; Delphine’s glasses, found broken, would have been under the effect of an external force; finally, her psychiatric report, recently added to the file, describes a man with“huge ego” and without ‘no sense of guilt’

Cédric Jubillar, a personality apart

After several weeks of telephone discussions, Ronan Folgoas met Cédric in April 2021, in the house of probabilities and objectives in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn). Delphine’s husband is not yet indicted, but he is still a suspect. The reporter sits on the sofa thinking about the young woman she spent the last night there watching TV with her son, before disappearing, and where she had slept since the couple was freaking out. It is in the small details that the intimacy of a family is perceived: this American refrigerator or the whirlpool tub that mark the taste for luxury equipment, despite an unfinished house, probably too expensive for the craftsman – plasterer still between two contracts on a fixed-term basis and his wife, who had to insure the finances of the house; a duvet cover in the colors of Olympique de Marseille… Ronan Folgoas writes:

“I don’t feel very comfortable, but Cédric Jubillar has the gift of making the conversation light and fluid. His singing accent, his thoughtfulness, his sense of humor and his liveliness make him a very pleasant host. “

This ease that so much pleased the wise Delphine, then 17, just out of adolescence. Until she gets tired, no doubt, of her boasting about her. Because Cédric is a provocateur who, from his cell, prides himself on being “the most famous boy on the Tarn” and further claimed to have committed “the perfect crime”. In a joking tone, someone will say. For the troubled journalist “If it’s him, then he’s a great manipulator, very strong mentally, very solid. ”

On January 24, 2022, candles and flowers in front of the house of Delphine (portrait) and CédricJubular in Cagnac-les-Mines.  (Photo by FRED SCHEIBER / AFP)
On January 24, 2022, candles and flowers in front of the house of Delphine (portrait) and CédricJubular in Cagnac-les-Mines. (Photo by FRED SCHEIBER / AFP)

Jean, Albi’s lover

It was perhaps the ultimate happiness, and the origin of Delphine’s drama. In May 2021 Ronan Folgoas meets him in the parking lot of his work. He’s raining, Jean (name changed) agrees to talk to him for thirty minutes, the two sitting in his car. Short dark hair cut in a crew cut and, above all, a personality in contrast to that of Cédric: calm, responsible, passionate about classical music … Delphine and him have formed a relationship in the summer of 2020. They fall in love quickly, they are discreet who walk hand in hand along a canal in the Garonne, meet at the hotel and exchange sweet words on Snapchat, because messages are immediately deleted there. They plan to settle down together in the spring of 2021, without rushing things with their respective spouses. They are already talking about marriage and children. “My life is destroyed”, he will immediately tell the reporter. His alibi is solid and the investigators have ruled out any responsibility for him.

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Delphine’s last day

This vacation day, for the young nurse, begins like an ordinary day: taking Louis to school. But the young woman has also decided to take action to take Cédric out of her life. She goes to the bank to have her credit card code changed, because her husband has got into the annoying habit of stealing small sums from her account, or from that of her children, as he suits her. She then she goes to a friend of hers, Anne, to ask her for some advice on how to legally manage the separation. At 1:08 pm, this quiet day changes: Jean’s partner has just sent him a text message. She knows everything about their love story. “ Please don’t embark on this adventure now. I really won’t. Let me take the first few shots before you give me more. Thanks. “ A second message says: “Leave the space free before taking it. “ Delphine replies. The tone is peaceful. Jean’s partner therefore knows. It remains to inform Cedric. The happy ending, the installation of the two lovers, seems very close. That afternoon, little Elyah, 18 months old, took her first steps. She now lives with her older brother with Delphine’s sister, who has been entrusted with her children.

What Louis, 6 years old, saw

It is Tuesday night, there is the finale of “Incredible Talent” on M6 and the child can watch, crouched against the mother, who wears glasses to watch TV. At around 11pm she goes to bed. During a very first audition, the boy will say that he heard his parents talking to each other normally that evening:

“There are mum and dad who didn’t fight. They talked well. And then I went to bed and … they didn’t scream […] I could hear them not screaming. “

Investigators already have a flea in their ear: Cédric claims he went to bed and fell asleep before Delphine and Louis. It was not like this? The boy also says that when his little sister cries at night when his mother is at work, he gets up and warns his father. However, on the night of his mother’s disappearance, he did not hear Elyah cry, when her father spoke of the baby’s screams, which would wake him around 3:45 am ….

During a second audition, it’s a twist: Louis explains that his parents were arguing, that he got up and looked at them through the half-open door that separated the living room from the hallway leading to the bedrooms, and saw his father and her. mother holding each other by the shoulders, near the Christmas tree.

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“I’ve heard bad words. I heard… So, since that’s the way it is, we’re going to part ways. […] I remember they were pushing each other with both arms. ”

his mother would say ” To stop “. Then the little boy made a gesture for his parents to stop and went back to bed for fear of being scolded. He didn’t notice anything anymore.

On June 12, 2021, colleagues and relatives of Delphine Jubillard, who passed away in December 2020, took part in a demonstration in Albi.  (FRED SCHEIBER / AFP)
On June 12, 2021, colleagues and relatives of Delphine Jubillard, who passed away in December 2020, took part in a demonstration in Albi. (FRED SCHEIBER / AFP)

On the evening of the disappearance, at 11:07 pm according to the estimates of the investigators, two neighbors, a mother and her daughter, heard a woman’s cries of anguish. They go out on their terrace right now; their house is 130 meters from that of the Jubilees. They would also hear the dogs barking. The other neighbors didn’t notice anything.

Marco, the confidant fellow prisoner

On June 18, 2021, Cédric Jubillar was arrested. To date he has not been released, all his parole requests have been rejected. He is placed in solitary confinement in Seysses prison due to the media coverage surrounding him. He keeps busy with crosswords, game books, coloring books. Agatha Christie bed. To the other prisoners that he cannot meet but with whom he can argue, he introduces himself as “Jon Snow”, one of the heroes of the “Game of Thrones” saga. He manages to obtain cannabis, by dint of complaining in harassment mode with his fellow inmates, which his narcissism irritates. And he ends up “sympathizing” with “Marco”, a course linked to organized crime.

Recordings, traces of blood … Because suspicions against Cédric Jubillar are growing

Until he confesses to the murder, one day he is “in a state of lack”. Marco hastens to repeat everything to the investigators: “ He reportedly first saw a message from his wife’s lover he was writing with. This is what pissed him off […] Cédric told me he knew where to bury him before the facts […] He was waiting for the right moment to get rid of it. “ He would have mentioned Jubillar “A place already burned” ; said to have used “a white car” and added: “Those idiots, they didn’t even find the knife” before worrying that the body would only be buried “Very shallow depth”. Marco has no interest in lying; he will be released shortly. Cédric would ask him to meet Séverine. The judges let it happen; the meetings will be held in the autumn of 2021.

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Ronan Folgoas will be able to discuss it with the young woman, who gives him her version: “Marco scares me […] He tells me about a burnt place. There I turn very pale and make the connection to the farm that Cédric had told me about and which I had already talked to the investigators about in June. “ The two accomplices approach the scene by car. On 15 December Séverine was placed in police custody for “hiding a body”. “Cédric told me how to erase the fingerprints. Just sand your hands with sandpaper, he tells the police […] He also explained to me that it was easy to hide a body, just give it to pigs who eat everything but teeth. “ It runs free, without any load. Experts struggled to take samples from under Cédric’s fingernails, which he allegedly gnawed to the point of blood. Investigators will find nothing on this farm.

Cédric Jubillar, still deemed innocent, will have to confront Marco on 12 May.

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