Lost Ark: Robots react, queues plague the game again

Almost three months after its official release in Europe and America, Lost Ark is experiencing a massive new influx of players, creating aberrant queues on some servers. These, unfortunately, seem very different from those observable at the time of the game’s launch: although so important, they seem to have no end and even take place in absolutely crazy moments. The cause ? A new wave of bots, so “fake players” …

Second wind for Lost Ark?

While it has been safely estimated that Lost Ark seemed to have found a semblance of stability a few weeks ago, the data from the last few days seem to contradict this trend. After reaching the threshold of approximately 426,000 players connected simultaneously (according to SteamDB) on March 31, 2022, the curve rose rapidly … And not a little. Exactly one month after this lower Lost Ark threshold, Smilegate RPG’s MMORPG is showing another increase in player numbers with over 586,000 concurrent players as of April 28th. Great news! Yes and no actually.

While this new influx is probably partly explained by the arrival of the April update and the Spearhead in particular, in recent days players have complained about the return of a threat that, apparently, has never completely disappeared. : the bots. Since the last update, the Archesians report that they sometimes have bewildering queues that should alert many, including Amazon Games.

An abnormal crowd

In recent days, players have reported on forums that queues of over 10,000 players have been observed on some servers, particularly in Central Europe and North America. While viewed favorably at first glance, they are actually much more problematic than initially imagined. The Archesia samples in fact indicate that these are present every day for most of the day, but also … at night!

Worse still, they don’t seem to unlock. Aphrodite, on the forums, estimates that if you find yourself in one of these queues hoping to play, you will experience a wait around three times longer than similar ones that were seen when the game was released in the West. Concretely, for a queue of 10,000 players it would wait between 9 and 10 hours before being able to connect since the basic principle of a bot is that it does not disconnect to go to work or to sleep. An unbearable situation for gamers when they thought they were practically off the hook with these fake queue and player stories.

One of the crucial things about queues in any game is that they never really last all day. So, we know more or less the peak hours of the players (before leaving for work at 7:00, when they leave work at 17:00, on weekends, etc.) and we can adapt our connection times to these are here to suffer as little as possible from these interminable waits. Only with this new wave, it isn’t: the lines appear at anomalous times (around 01:00) and last most of the day. It is therefore impossible to anticipate.

The servers most affected seem to be those with the most basic populations, namely:

  • Auction (Central Europe)
  • Wei (Central Europe)
  • Kadan (Central Europe)
  • Thirain (Central Europe)
  • Azena (North America East)
  • Regulus (Eastern North America)
  • Avesta (North America East)
  • Karta (North America East)
  • Una (Eastern North America)
  • Valtan (Western North America)
  • Rohendel (Western North America)
  • Mari (North America West)
  • Enviska (Western North America)
  • Akkan (Western North America)
  • Bergstrom (Western North America)
  • Shandi (Western North America)
Lost Ark

Result? Not only are players no longer able to play, but they also don’t want to connect in reality anymore, and we understand that: sometimes waiting several hours before being able to play is no fun, especially when you’re hoping to have a nice time on the way back from work or classes. No one seems to be able to escape him this time, and discontent continues to grow.

Location of Amazon games

Although the culprits of these endless lines have not been officially named, players are already pointing the finger at bots as the main culprits. Such an influx of players in the dead of night makes little sense, even on Sunday, and it’s easy to imagine that those responsible for this chaos aren’t very human. While the Lancer will no doubt have rekindled the love of the game for some players, it seems very unlikely that such queues are the consequence of this new class.

For its part, Amazon Games has not communicated on this topic. Shadow_Fox and Maselbart, two Community Managers of Amazon Games, respond regularly when this topic is raised on the forums in order to delay the time in which the publisher finds a solution with Smilegate RPG, but for the moment nothing official seems to have arrived on their side. .

Appreciate the concern. Unfortunately, server fluctuating capacity is one of the ways we are battling lag and instability, however we are working to put some fixes in place to better stabilize the server in our next maintenance. The team is aware and keeps an eye on the health of the grave along with the player’s experience.



A semblance of better should therefore be seen with the next weekly maintenance, scheduled for Thursday 5 May 2022. In the meantime, we must be patient if the server on which your characters are located suffers from such queues …

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